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Monday, August 21, 2017

Hi everyone! How have you all been?
If you follow me on my Youtube and Instagram, you would maybe know I've been caught up in some personal drama with someone who I was affiliated with and that was a bit of an annoyance to me and I know I made a statement saying I wouldn't make a video adding fuel to the fire but in all honesty and after thinking about what I said, I feel like I'm gonna go ahead and make the video lol. Like it's all about my personal experience and I don't like to sound like a victim but I have some stuff to say and how no girl should ever have to deal with what I dealt with.
Anyways, sorry about that odd introduction! Today's post is going to be a review on some lenses I picked up while I was in Korea. There are so many lens stores in Korea. I saw multiple on the same block and I was pretty amazed at how affordable they were. The ones I will be talking about are from Lenstown and they're from the Juicy lens series.

First one I have are the Juicy Coconut Brown lenses. 
I was pretty confused about the color of these lenses. They're called brown but they look rainbow-ish to me off the eyes. Even wearing them, they're a weird color. I have no idea why it's called Coconut because in no way does it resemble a coconut. 
Left: no lens//Right: w/ lens

Design: imageimageimage/5  
The effect of these lenses are very subtle. They're definitely a step-up from my normal super dark eyes. Out in the day light, the color can shift depending on the lighting. My friend couldn't tell what color my eyes were because it looked grey, blue, and green. I do like that about these lenses but it definitely does not look like what the stock pictures make it seem. Also because I have dark brown eyes, I can't really see how these lenses would work for people who don't have brown eyes. I would have preferred to see more of a rainbow effect rather than just different shades of grey.

Comfort: imageimageimageimageimage/5
These lenses are monthly so they're thinner than your typical yearly lenses which makes them super comfortable!

Enlargement: image/
These lenses are definitely not meant for enlargement.

Overall: imageimageimage/5
I'm slightly disappointed that these lenses didn't give me the effect I saw in the pictures but they're still a nice pair of lenses for a very subtle look. They're still nicer than my normal eyes so I might make these my everyday pair of lenses for a natural look.

Next are the Juicy Apple Green lenses:

Design: imageimageimageimage/5
Now I definitely prefer the Apple Green over the Coconut Brown. Is the rainbow effect more prominent on the green? Not really but I still really like the design. The design doesn't look natural but it's not really super blatantly obvious that these lenses are unnatural. Also, I think it's a great tone of green and because of that "rainbow" effect, it can sometimes look blue.

Comfort: imageimageimageimageimage/5
Just like the Coconut Brown, these are monthly and super comfortable!

Enlargement: imageimage/5
These don't really enlarge my eyes but at least they don't make my eyes look smaller.

Overall: imageimageimageimage/5
I definitely prefer these over the Coconut Brown lenses and will wear these more for when I wear brighter makeup. These are probably my favorite green lenses at the moment.

I really wish I picked up the Pink version of these lenses. I probably would have preferred those over the Coconut Brown. If you are in Korea, take advantage of the 1+1 deal and pick up the Green and Pink lenses! Just skip out on the Brown ones because they really don't do anything.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I have lots of new makeup I'm trying out. I'm even trying out a whole new style since I'm sort of getting over the Korean makeup style. Ever since coming back from Korea, I want to change my whole look now since I was kind of disappointed in how homogenous everyone in Korea is. In Japan, everyone had a unique style. Korea is just blah.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Have a great week!


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