Review | Tosowoong Pink Essence Tone-Up Candy Cushion

Monday, September 05, 2016

Hi everyone!  How have you all been?
Today's review is going to be on the Tosowoong Pink Essence Tone-Up Candy Cushion ($28) which was kindly sent to me to review from Cupidrop, a New York based online Korean skincare and makeup shop. Right now they're having a Labor Day sale so use the code LAZYDAY to get 20% off!
Product description:
Moisturizing & brightening cushion compact that works as a makeup booster with added skin benefits. Apply throughout the day to instantly brighten and/or as quick pick-me-ups.

Pink Essence Tone-Up cushion offers sun protection of SPF50+/PA+++ to shield the skin against harmful UV rays.

Not recommended for those with dark skin tones.
The packaging is simple yet sturdy. I love the minimalist design (though I wouldn't complain if it was over-the-top packaging). The puff included is pretty good quality. I've washed it several times so far and it's holding up great.
You can see the lollipop-like swirl design in the cushion. Not only does it look like candy but it also smells like it too! More of a strawberry ice cream scent. image Usually I'd be really cautious about makeup, especially face makeup, that have a scent to it but this hasn't caused any bad skin reactions on me.
As shown in the product info image, this cushion is 45% liquid foundation to provide a little bit of coverage and 55% rose essence to moisturize the skin.
Left: Bare face // Right: w/ cushion
As you can tell from the before & after photos, this cushion really brightens the skin. It doesn't really offer much coverage which isn't what it's advertised to do. It states it's a "makeup booster" which I find to be true. It reminds me more of a CC or Color Correcting product to boost the skin from dullness. 
I love to use this just as my foundation for a very easy "no makeup" makeup look as it's very lightweight so it lets my skin breathe. It also lasts pretty well throughout the day when I just use it by itself.
You can watch this product in action in my "no makeup" makeup GRWM video here: image

The finish of this product is dewy but not overly dewy like my Laneige cushion. I do have more of a combo skin type now where I get super oily on my T-zone throughout the day so I have to blot my face a lot especially when I wear certain cushions but this cushion doesn't make my skin super oily.

You can also use this product to touch-up your makeup throughout the day which I have tried and it works well for that purpose. I don't usually touch-up my makeup because usually my foundation lasts pretty well but I have always found it difficult to touch-up my sunscreen without ruining my makeup. This cushion is an absolute lifesaver as it helps my face makeup look fresh all day while also providing SPF protection throughout the day in one easy step. Just make sure that you bring a facial mist as well and use it before touching up with the Pink Tone-Up cushion or else it will look cakey even though this cushion is moisturizing.

- Brightens / Color corrects
- Applies evenly
- Dewy finish without making me oilier throughout the day
- Moisturizing
- Lightweight
- Smells like strawberry ice cream (doesn't irritate my skin)
- SPF50+/PA+++ to help protect the skin from harmful UV rays
- Makes touching up the face easier (make sure to have a facial mist on hand though)
- Love to use this as my "no makeup" foundation

- Only for lighter skin tones
- Haven't seen a refill for sale

Overall, I absolutely love this cushion. I never really understood the concept of essence cushions before but now that I've tried this cushion, I can never go back to my regular makeup routine without it!  This is an extremely handy product either for touching up or for a light color corrector for a no-fuss natural makeup look. Of course if you're not into a light coverage natural face, this product won't be for you but if you're like me and like to go a couple of days heavy foundation-free, this is the product for you.
I just hope Cupidrop will sell a refill on their site soon so I can have plenty on hand.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Also, big thank you to Cupidrop for letting me test out this awesome cushion! I've always been intrigued to try out Tosowoong products since one of my blogger friends, Jessie from Bijou Heart is always reviewing Tosowoong products. Now I know why she likes the brand so much.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great week! Take advantage of some of the great Labor Day deals going on right now!


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  1. Is it weird that I adore the packaging?! The pink swirl reminds me of those big swirly candies! I like how this product moisturizes and brightens up your skin >w< since it is lightweight, it won't feel heavy on your skin c: Thanks for a great review c:
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. It looks like a lollipop! You're welcome Jessie! <3

  2. It's really cute but the coverage isn't for me. Btw saw your recent video on YouTube. It was so cute!! You should definitely do more looks that inspires you :)

    1. Yeah definitely if you want more coverage, this won't be the product for you. And thank you Christine! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I'm always wanting to try all these different looks so I'll have to do some more makeup looks in the future :3