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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hi everyone! How have you all been?
I've been decent. I feel gross since I've started eating tons of junk food again, which I shouldn't since I was doing so well with my healthy diet so I'll probably have to restart on that. Other than that, I've been good.
Today's review is sorta late as it's on two products I've been testing out extensively for the past couple of months. If you guys don't know, 3 Concept Eyes is one of my favourite brands ever just because I love the fashion brand Stylenanda. So when they released the White Milk line it was definitely something I was interested in since I personally don't like getting tan which is difficult to prevent since I live in Southern California where it's sunny all the time.

Beware, this post is going to be LONG

First, I tried out the first product that came from this line: the White Milk Cream image

As you can tell, this cream definitely has an instant brightening and whitening look! imageIt's everything I was asking for in a whitening cream. It sort of gives me the same effect as the Tosowoong Pink Essence Cushion I reviewed previously so I'm assuming the White Milk Cushion is going to perform similarly.
The cream texture is thick and smells like cacao which is one of the ingredients in this product. 
This isn't as hydrating as I was hoping it would be as I found it to make some of my dry flakes around my face become a bit more obvious. image When I first applied it, I noticed that if you don't take the time to blend it well you will be able to see streaks so my tip for applying this is to pat it and then rub it into the skin for a while to get the best application.
Because it's not as hydrating as I was hoping it would be, I don't use this as my sole moisturizing product for night time. I always use a different moisturizer first and then apply the While Milk Cream after as the last step. Even when I do apply it at night, I wake up with my complexion looking bright so nothing has smeared off onto my pillow.
My favourite use for this product is the same as the Tosowoong cushion where I only wear this with no foundation just to give my skin a break from face products. I also like to use this on my neck and chest area (even on my hands and arms) to make my face match the rest of my body so I don't have a weird white face since my face is actually a lot lighter than the rest of my body.
As for it actually whitening my skin, I do think my skin has been gradually getting lighter. I have used this on my arms where they got really tan over the summer and it looks a lot lighter now than before.

- Instant whitening and brightening
- A little goes a long way
- Even out uneven skintone
- Perfect for when I don't want to wear foundation
- Whitens skin after around 3 days
- Lasts all day

- May look streaky if not properly blended
- Not as moisturizing as I was hoping

All in all, I do like what this is doing for my skin. If you're looking for a product like the April Skin Magic Snow Cream but also want your skin to whiten over time, this cream is the product for you.

The next product from this line is the imageWhite Milk Pack to Foam which was sent to me by

This product is supposed to be a mask pack and cleanser all in one. How it works is that when you apply it dry to the skin, it works as a mask that clears out the pores. Then once you rinse it with water, it foams and works as a cleanser.
Here's a video showing how it works:

I personally didn't find it to work that well as a foaming cleanser. It didn't foam up well when I applied water to it which was a little disappointing but it still worked well as a cleanser. Both as a pack and cleanser, my skin felt very smooth and clean and my pores looked and felt cleaner.
This is sort of the opposite of the White Milk Cream where a little goes a long way. For this Pack to Foam, I do have to squeeze out quite a bit of product to spread it out onto the face so I feel like I'm using this up quickly especially when I use it as a pack.

- Works well as both a pack and cleanser
- Pores feel and look cleaner after each use
- Best for people with oily skin or problematic pores
- Skin feels so smooth
- Doesn't dry out my skin

- Uses up a lot of product
- Doesn't foam up well

I do enjoy this product as well. Even though it didn't foam up as well as I hoped it would, it still is a great product that I recommend to anyone who is having trouble with their pores (like me!).

So far, I've tried only half of the 3CE White Milk line and so far it's a success! I personally don't have any interest in the other two products from this line but possibly in the future I might try it out.
I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful!
Have a great weekend!


Disclaimer: The White Milk Cream was purchased with my own money whereas the White Milk Pack to Foam was provided for review purposes by BBcosmetic. All opinions are my own. Keeping it real.

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  1. the packaging looks so cute~!! *u* i'm not sure how well the product will work on me but i'm definitely willing to try because of the packaging lol


    1. The packaging is really cute! I love the minimalistic design :3

  2. How much is the MILK CREAM?
    And how can i avail your product?