Anime Expo 2016 | My Experience + Haul

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hi everyone! image How have you all been?
I've been doing pretty well! Great, in fact. The past week I've reconnected with old friends and life's just been really good these days. It's been a great summer so far. Contributing to a great summer was the fact that I attended Anime Expo this year! If you guys don't know, I watch quite a bit of anime shows but I never really had interest in attending these conventions because, to be honest, I thought it would be filled with neckbeards but I'm here to inform you all that there weren't a lot. I don't even think I saw many.
I tried to vlog but I totally forgot to record and vlogging in public is so new and awkward to me that I just couldn't so that's why I'm writing a post!

I saw so many interesting costumes! My favourite ones were the Jiraiya I saw at a food truck and a full body Tyranitar costume. image I wish I saw more Pokemon cosplays though. I think the most popular cosplay I saw was D.Va from Overwatch which I think I should start playing since supposedly it's a really good game.
My cosplay wasn't that fancy. I just ordered a basic school girl costume off of Aliexpress and I actually saw a few people with the same outfit. If I ever decide to go next time, maybe I should dress up as a specific character but I don't know who.
Even though I wasn't a specific character, people still asked for my picture which was weird for me at first but it's pretty common at these conventions. It's so funny though because a guy asked my friend (who was dressed in a gym bloomer outfit) and I what we were and we were like, "Stereotypical school girls" and he was like "More like stereotypical cuties". *barf*image
Another great moment was going into the dealer's room and seeing Punimelt and Fangrrlz. I already purchased from Punimelt before and have always admired Fangrrlz's designs. I regret not buying more but I spent so much on cute stuff in one day!
The highlight of my day was meeting one of my favourite Youtubers/bloggers, Sachie!imageShe was having a meetup so of course I had to go. I was excited to see her in person and was even more excited when she recognized me! She's super chill and pretty in person so you guys should definitely check her out if you haven't heard of her yet. She makes awesome cosplays and fun videos and also is a great beauty blogger. Sachie if you're reading this, thanks for being so nice and taking the time to read my blog!image

So now the haul! I bought quite a bit of pins since they were so cute! A few of these pins I bought for my sister and friends. I'll link the artists I know for sure I purchased these from but I can't remember the artist for the Pikachu in a Charizard costume.

holy sh*t my frames are so crooked and off fml
I also purchased this adorable Doraemon t-shirt from Fangrrlz since I love Doraemon and Fangrrlz's designs. I wish I bought more but I can always order some more online, but Canada Post is on strike so I don't know when that'll end :)))

I only went to Anime Expo for one day (Saturday) and I think one day is enough for me. It was so crowded and the traffic is insane so it was a good decision that I took the Metro and Ubered but I'll tell you right now that when I was going home with my friend, my Uber app decided to not work and my phone was about to die so we missed two Metro stops and it was getting dark. Luckily, we ran into someone we knew from high school and he gave us a ride to Union Station so we were saved!
I'm not sure if I'll go again next year but I definitely had a fantastic time and it was a great experience so I recommend you guys going if you have any interest in it. I'll probably try to go to Comic-Con next year and that's an even bigger convention so it'll probably be even crazier!

Have you guys been to any conventions? How was your experience? Let me know!
Have a great rest of the week guys!


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  1. THOSE PINS!!!!!! SO CUTE!!! I want them all! I'm quite the pin collector so seeing those makes me super happy. At the cons I've been to there are usually the same artists so I've seen most pins available there already ;3; I wish punimelt and fangrrl came here too.
    Also, those shirts. Omg. I love your Doraemon shirt.
    I really wish I could go to Anime Expo someday! I've only been to conventions in the Netherlands, but they are nowhere as big. Hopefully I can get to experience one of those big American cons one day :D
    I love Sachie tooo!

    1. I'm sure you can order the pins online :3 They are super cute! I went crazy at AX but luckily I controlled myself but I kinda wish I bought more.
      Anime Expo was insanely huge and crazy! I would have preferred going to a smaller convention but it was a nice experience. :)

  2. Ahh it was lovely meeting you!! :D Sorry you had to wait in line omg I felt so bad!!
    The two girls who run Fangrrlz are super lovely, one of them is actually a really good friend of mine, and they put a lot of hard work into their designs! The Canada Post strike was delayed so hopefully it shouldnt take too much longer to get to you!

    1. It was no problem at all! The line was worth the wait. :D
      I can tell how much hard work goes into the Fangrrlz clothes! You're so lucky you're friends with them! I chatted with one of the workers/owner?? and she was lovely! I'm definitely ordering lots of more clothes from them. :)
      Thanks so much again Sachie for taking the time to chat and being so nice!