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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hi everyone! How have you all been?image
I've been doing well these days. I'm done with my finals so I'm done with my first year of college.image I will say that I'm not satisfied with how I did on one of my finals and I'm sure I did pretty terrible on it but eheh, I guess there's always next time! Another update is that I finished my 12 week workout program that helped me lose a lot of weight so I will be writing a post about that soon.

Anyways, today's review is going to be on the ARITAUM All Day Make Up Fixer spray that I ordered from Beauty Box Korea a while ago. I purchased this as I was unhappy with how my makeup looked after two hours and was looking into buying other fixer sprays from brands like Urban Decay, L'Oreal, Ben Nye, and others but decided to opt with the Korean brands as I'm very biased these days  when it comes to Korean vs. Western brands (lowkey).
I didn't really hear much about the ARITAUM spray so I just decided to give it a shot and see how it would work as I never really tried a fixer spray prior to this one.

What ARITAUM claims:
"Film barrier created as soon as applied to perfectly maintain makeup throughout the day.
Creates shiny glittering skin by forming moist coating film for dry skin due to makeups.
For skin care, can be used as mist and toner for skin soothing, moisturizing effect.
For makeup, can be used as fixer at the final stage."
If you can read the ingredients
I'm pleased that the spray sprays (lol) the mist very finely and it's not like a huge squirt. I believe I get a pretty even application all over the face. I usually spray four times on my face going from the right forehead, to the left, then to the bottom right of my chin, to my left.

The finish of this mist does give a hydrated look which is great because I use a lot of powder these days as the weather is getting warmer so I'm bound to get sweatier. So if your makeup is looking a bit too powdery or cakey, this mist will help get rid of that look.image

You can watch this product in action in this video:

In the video I stated how I didn't see much of a difference in the longevity of my makeup when using this spray and I still don't.image

I will say my foundation does look better than what it usually does when I don't use a fixer spray but my foundation did fade away around my nose and forehead where I tend to get oily (as you can see in the pic). My cheeks still look fine but I never had a problem before with the makeup not lasting on my cheeks so it was barely an improvement from not using a fixer spray.
In person, my concealer looks better in the before picture. After a few hours, my concealer did fade which made my dark circle plenty more visible.

- Makes my makeup look more moist and dewy
- Gets rid of the dry, cakey look
- Sprays evenly and fine

- Doesn't make my makeup last that much longer

Even though there is only one con, that con is pretty much the only thing I wanted it to not do. I still like how this fixer makes my makeup look less powdery and gives it a more fresh finish but if it won't help with the longevity of my makeup, then meh. I'll still continue to use up this spray but I'm going to have to look elsewhere to make my makeup last longer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it very helpful. If you have any products or tricks to make your makeup last longer, please let me know! I'm desperate especially since it's summer time!
Have a great week you guys!


Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. Keep it real.

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  1. Wonder if this has alcohol in it. I've been looking for an ingredient list everywhere but it doesn't seem to be up on the Internet yet.

    1. From what I can read on the ingredient list on the bottle, I don't see that it has alcohol in it.

  2. I haven't paid enough attention to this product even though I own it but according to reviews I've read, Urban Decay all night spray is the best on the market. ;) hope that helps. Sorry my personal experience isn't helpful. U should pay more attention. I guess my makeup is pretty good & seems to stay in place without it too so .. Who knows :p

    1. I* SHOULD PAY MORE ATTENTION. NOT U* sorry that was a typo