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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hi everyone! image How have you all been?
I've been doing very well actually even though this weekend I had very, very odd experiences with boys. If you follow me on Twitter, you kinda get what I'm talking about.imageOther than that, I've been great! So far I've lost 14 pounds and feel healthier and happier than ever (future post about that will be coming up soon).
Anyways, today's post is going to be a review on Berrisom's SOS! My Lip Patch. This was kindly provided to me by BBcosmetic.

BBcosmetic is a brand image online retail shop for Korean cosmetics with free shipping and you guys know how much I love my free shipping. They have a great selection right now with great prices so I recommend you guys take a look!
They were also nice enough to give you guys a discount code! Use C62966RT6CH for 10% off your order (code expires at the end of July 2016 EDIT: coupon code has been renewed to expire at the end of August!).

I've seen these lip patches before from other brands such as Etude House, Tony Moly, and more but I was thinking that since Berrisom is so well known for their Oops My Lip Tint Packs that their other lip products would be just as good. Plus it seems as though these lip patches have pretty good reviews  compared to the others so I decided to give it a try.
Product description:

SOS! My Lip Patch is the lip patch to provide the instant nourishment and hydration to the lips. By containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, and peptide, it creates the rich, volume lips. When you have dry lips covered with dead skin cells, this is the perfect solution for you. The big size mouth shaped patch can cover the dry skin around the mouth in addition to the lips.

Hydro-gel type mask pack can stick to your mouth with the cooling sensation. The hydro-gel patch delivers the active ingredients contained in the mask pack while creating the rich volume to the lips.

First thing I noticed which was sort of a red flag for me in the beginning was Methylparaben being in the ingredients but the more I did research, the more I realized that parabens in small amounts are not a huge health risk. image Since methylparaben is towards the end of the ingredients list, it shouldn't be too much of a concern.
Each box comes with five patches individually packed and sealed. The actual patch itself is, as described, a hydro-gel type mask which locks in the moisture and sticks onto the skin better. There is a slight peach/cherry scent to the patch which I find to be nice and not overwhelming at all.
It's a thin patch so it stayed on my lips and didn't move at all. The instructions say to wear it for 20-30 minutes but I had a really bad cold so I needed to cough really badly so I wore it for a little under 20 minutes. I desperately needed this patch as my lips were in a dry and cracked state for the entire week for some reason even though I've been reapplying lip balms and drinking water the entire time so I'm not sure why my lips were so dry. Maybe it was because of my cold?
The before picture is not really a good representation of how dry my lips actually were because they were MUCH worse but you can still see a pretty good difference before and after the lip patch. Miraculously, my dead skin is gone without having to exfoliate. It said that it would create volume in my lips but I don't really notice my lips looking any more plump except the lines on my lips aren't as deep. My first impression of this at first wasn't blown away by this because initially I was just like "meh, I can get the same results from exfoliating and using a lip balm" but later throughout the day when I applied my regular makeup, I saw a difference.
My makeup after a 7.5 hour long shift!
Usually when I wear matte lipsticks and sometimes even lip tints, my lips later become shriveled up because it's pretty drying on my lips and the color starts to collect in the creases of my lips. After using the lip patch, I applied my matte lipstick before work and after a 7.5 hour long shift, my lips didn't look shriveled up at all. They still looked decently smooth!image

- Fun to use
- Patch stays on the lips so you can do other things while having this patch on
- Matte lipsticks look much better on my lips after using this patch!!
- Decently affordable ($6.50 for 5 sheets on BBcosmetic, elsewhere is $15.50 for 5??)
- Made my lips softer, smoother, and supple
- "Got rid" of dead skin
- Great to prep & prime your lips before applying your lip colour
- Contains skin benefiting ingredients: collagen, peptide, and hyaluronic acid
- Hint of peach/cherry scent (not strong at all, quite pleasant)

- Didn't notice my lips looking any plumper

While I have a ton of pros than cons, I don't see this as something that's a God send that you need to have, but I have to admit it is a pretty fun product to use and it did help me out with my dry and cracked lips dilemma. If you are interested in trying out lip patches, I highly recommend the Berrisom SOS ones as it seems the other brands' lip patches have pretty bad reviews. Even though I wasn't initially that impressed by it, seeing what it does to my lips especially when I wear lipstick made me really like this product. image If you have extremely dry lips, give this a shot and see if it'll help.
I hope you guys enjoyed this review! A big thank you to BBcosmetic for letting me try this product out! There is one more product from BBcosmetic that I am trying out right now but won't be able to write a review for a while. Can you guys guess from the picture what it is?
Also some "news" I guess is that I made an official Instagram for this blog where I'll post more  about beauty and other stuff on since I don't post anything beauty related on my personal Instagram. Hope you guys give that a follow!
Anyways, I hope you guys have a fantastic week! Talk to you soon!


Disclaimer: This was sponsored by BB Cosmetic. The product was sent to me for free for review purposes but all opinions are still my own. Keeping it real.

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  1. I always find Korean beauty so intriguing, we have nothing like this product here in the UK and I kind of wish we did as it sounds great! The packaging is super cute too <3 also congrats on the weight loss, 14 pounds is amazing! xx

    1. That's why I love Korean beauty so much! The trend is making its way into the west so possibly there will be lots of Korean influences in the west like how there are western brands making cushions now.
      And thank you! <3

  2. Whoa that's quite a noticeable difference! I tried The Face Shop's bebe lip mask and the jelly feels so weird haha... Korean is really the best at making weird skincare and makeup products!

    1. Sachie!!! Huge fan of yours! :D But yeah, Koreans make some really strange but effective stuff! Like using donkey milk and snail goo for skincare. Sounds weird but works really well!