Review | Daiso Blending Puff aka Poop Puff 똥퍼프

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hi everyone!  How have you all been? 
I've been in a terrible mood lately but these days I've been feeling a lot better. To all the people who helped me, thank you! You know who you are. 

Anyways, today's review is going to be on the popular Daiso blending puff a.k.a the poop puff (똥퍼프). I honestly had never heard about this until I saw Pony show this in a video and you guys might know how much I admire Pony and her makeup. I tried to look for this sponge all over my local Daiso stores in Southern California but it appears that this isn't available in the States so I'm assuming this is a Korea exclusive product. I know Daiso is Japanese but I'm not sure if this sponge is even sold in Japan. If you know for sure, let me know!
Luckily, I was able to purchase it from Beauty Box Korea (less than $2!) and so far, it's the only place where I can find it other than the Korean Daiso site.

Now I'll be upfront about it that I have no experience with any other sponge. I've never used a makeup sponge in my life except for the puffs that come with cushions but I've never really been a huge fan of that method of application. It didn't really apply foundation the way I liked and with my dry skin, it seemed to have just made the cushion look a little too patchy and dry. With that being said, I unfortunately cannot compare this sponge with other popular sponges like the Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge so I'm sorry about that. If any of you have guys have experience to compare the sponges, please let us know in the comments!

I couldn't find an English version of the description for this product so I'm gonna try my best to translate the Korean one.

  1. Use the round part of the sponge to use on your forehead and other wide parts of the face.
  2. Use the pointed part of the sponge on small areas that require more care like the eyes, nose, mouth area.
  3. Use the curved part of the sponge for appropriate parts of the face
To be honest, I don't know what the third one means.image I guess it's saying you can use the middle curve part but I don't really use that part of the sponge for anything. I just use that area to hold the sponge.

I'll let you guys know already that I am in love with this sponge.image Before, the only method of foundation application for me has been just using a brush to buff in my foundation and while that is still a good application, I find that the finish this sponge gives me is exactly what I want and looks a lot better in a fresh way.
The sponge absorbs water and expands very quickly. You can still use it dry but wetting the sponge will help prevent the sponge from absorbing foundation and gives a dewier and fresher finish on the skin. It also makes the sponge a lot softer in texture. It's really gentle on the skin and won't irritate it at all which I have to say is perfect for my skin because sometimes when I have eczema flareups on my face, using a brush, no matter how soft it is, will still irritate those areas. A sponge is just patting over that area and since it's very soft, it won't irritate your skin at all.
As I was saying before, this sponge gives me a great finish with my foundations especially with cushion foundations. I feel as though I get an even better coverage from the cushion using the poop puff than the puff that comes with the cushion. The poop puff provides me a streak-free and extremely quick application and makes my foundation process extremely easy.
I also have been a huge fan of how this puff blends out my liquid concealer. My concealer process is using the Pixi Correction Concentrate first which is a thick cream that is actually sort of dry so when I apply another liquid concealer on top of that, it always looked dry or cakey. Now I can't use the poop puff with the Pixi Correction Concentrate because it doesn't blend well because of how thick and sticky the texture of the corrector is so I still use a finger to blend that out. When I use the poop puff to blend out my liquid concealer, it doesn't look cakey at all while still covering up my eyes. The damp sponge definitely helps provide a more moisturizing application rather than using a dry finger or brush.

With makeup sponges, it is really important to clean it after every single use. There is no excuse to not clean it right after because it's really easy for these sponges to grow mold if you don't clean them well. Luckily this sponge is really easy to clean. I rinse the sponge with warm water and clean it with baby shampoo which is my regular method to clean my brushes and it washes the sponge from all the foundation and concealer stains. So far, I haven't gotten any breakouts so I believe I've been cleaning the sponge well. I've washed this sponge many times as I've been using this almost everyday and this sponge is still holding up well and looking like how I first got it so for a $2, it's pretty good quality.

- Blends foundation and concealer quickly and easily
- Application never looks streaky or cakey
- Small tip works great for the smaller areas on the face
- Extremely affordable! A lot cheaper than the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques sponge
- Easy to clean
- Makes my dry concealers look flawless and hydrated
- Quite durable for a $2 sponge
- Soft texture so it's very gentle on the skin

- Only available on one website (but I love Beauty Box Korea so it's not so bad)
- Must clean after every use! Sort of a hassle but better than having a moldy sponge
- Only for liquid foundation. Doesn't blend out really thick face products well

This has been another success review post. The hype about this product is true (though I never really heard of the hype prior to buying this lol) so if you do decide to try this out, I suggest purchasing an extra one just in case. It's only $2 so it won't hurt that much.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Lots of other posts will be coming soon now that I have classes only two days a week now. I have too much free time!
Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Lily! I currently use the Beauty Blender and I really like, but I will have to try this because I do not have $30 to drop every few months!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Yes! I hope you love this as much as I do! After using this, I honestly feel no need to purchase the Beauty Blender but I sort of want to just to see if it's actually worth the money...

  2. $2 for such beauty blender?now ayy this can't be more good a good deal
    i want to purchase it but it seem that only daiso korea got it.
    for such a price, the packaging seems very good too!


    1. Definitely try! They're the only online shop that has it so far. And yeah I haven't seen a sponge with this quality for such low of a price. I saw an ELF sponge that was $6 but I haven't tried it since I have no need to since the Daiso puff is so good :3

  3. Does this absorb a lot of product