March 2016 Beauty Favorites

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Hi everyone! image How have you all been?
It's finally April which means it's officially Spring for me. It takes me a while to realize that the seasons have changed until the temperature becomes drastically different and here in California it's 80 degrees this week (ugh).
Anyways, I don't think I've done a monthly favorites in a while but I have lots of new beauty products that I don't really have time to review individually so a monthly favorite would be a great way to introduce these new products I've been loving.

If you've read my last post, you won't be too surprised to see this on my favorites list. I've seriously been loving the Missha M Magic Moisture cushion and it doesn't hurt that it has a cute LINE design. I won't go too in-depth since I did that in my review post but just know that this gives a natural medium coverage on the face. It's so inexpensive and reminds me a lot of the IOPE Air Cushion (I think IOPE sued Missha because they're copying IOPE?image), but it's not the perfect dupe for it. I think the IOPE is a bit superior which is why I'll be switching to that for the summer time. The Missha Moisture cushion was really good for my dry skin during the colder weather.
The Daiso Poop Puff is probably the number one product on this list. This has been a bit of a game changer in my makeup routine. When it's damp, this really gives me a great and even dewier finish to my foundation. I love using this with my cushion foundations and concealer. I haven't used any brushes this month for my foundation because of this. I'll definitely be doing a full review post on this puff. I've never tried the Beauty Blender sponge so I can't compare this with it nor have I tried the Real Techniques one, but I'm sure this is just as good as those. And guess what? This is $2! This is why I won't really bother to try the others because why should I when I'm already so in love with this when it's only $2? image
Possibly a month or two ago I placed my first Colourpop order and purchased an eyeshadow and two lippie stix. I love the lippie stix I got which I'll show in a future post probably but I really love this Super Shock Shadow in Puppy Love. It's a light peach with pink and gold shimmeres. The best thing about this certain shade is that all the proceeds go to charity to an animal shelter or rescue (I can't really remember). The only thing that's unfortunate is that now they're not selling this shade anymore but this has really made me want more Colourpop shadows. I've heard a lot about the odd cream texture they have so I was intrigued to try it. These really do have a creamy texture. I don't know how they make this. They have a really long lasting power as well. I've worn this for hours without fading! Probably up to 6-7 since I don't wear makeup all day but this is easily the longest lasting eyeshadow I have in my collection. I can't wait to make some more Colourpop orders in the future.
I've always been a fan of SinfulColors' less than $2 nail polish line since it's so cheap yet very good and now they have a "gel" polish line called SinfulShine with Gel Tech. It's a two step system with the polish colour as step 1 and the top coat as step 2 and I highly recommend getting the two step system. If you can't, I recommend the top coat more. It really smoothens out the streaks of the nail colour and gives a nice shine finish. These polishes last so long on my nails without chipping and kinda rivals OPI in my opinion. The only thing is that I don't like the brush so much on these and prefer the Wet N Wild Megalast nail polish brushes (still love those polishes as well) but for how cheap and good it is, I don't really mind that much.
I finally got my first MAC lipstick and of course it has to be the infamous Ruby Woo. I actually got this off of Depop brand new for a little discounted from the regular price (I could have sworn MAC lipsticks were $14 last time I checked?) so I'm glad I got a deal. I was never really interested in lipsticks especially MAC ones but recently I've been all about lipsticks and haven't really used that many lip tints like I usually do. The colour is really good though it reminds me of Colourpop's Bossy Lippie Stix but the formula is a lot better. It is the retro matte formula which is pretty dry but I can live with it as it's the least transferring lipstick I have. I love mixing this lipstick with a pinky nude colour to give me a less loud look on my lips. I hope I can wear this more during the warmer days.
I've finally got my first Skinfood product! All these years and I've never had a full Skinfood product other than the samples I've tried. I got the Rice Wash Off Mask and it's just so good. Basically it's everything that the My Beauty Diary Gommage Peeling Mask wasn't for me. This Skinfood mask actually smells really good, doesn't irritate my skin, gently exfoliates, doesn't break me out, makes my skin feel so nice, and did I mention it doesn't smell like ass? I like to switch this mask with my sheet masks every other week since sometimes I don't have time to wear a sheet mask for 30 minutes (yes I wear sheet masks for 30 minutes) and this is just a lot quicker to get done.

I've tried lots of different products in March, some terrible and some really good but these were definitely the highlights of the month. I think next time I'll include the unfavorites since I've tried some REALLY bad products but right now I have a French exam to study for and absolutely no other time to write a blog post. Sorry this is such a rush but I have to study! Thanks for taking the time to read, you guys!


Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money except for the Sinfulshine Gel Tech polishes which was provided as a PR sample but all opinions are honest. Keeping it real since forever!

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  1. It's definitely getting hotter in SoCal and i'm kinda not excited at all. Everyone's been raving about the daiso puff so maybe I'll give it a try. Hopefully it's as good as the beauty blender, because I rather not keep paying $20 for a sponge (๑′°︿°๑).

    1. Today was so freaking hot and now this weekend it's supposed to be raining lol I hate this weather.
      It really doesn't hurt to try! It's a little less than $2 so it won't hurt your wallet but I guarantee that it's really good. I can't compare to the Beauty Blender since I've never tried but my favourite makeup artist Pony loves the Daiso poop puff and I always love all of her recommendations so I trust her a lot!

  2. You joined the colourpop bandwagon too?! I haven't brought from them, but the shade you got looks so pretty! I've always wanted to try the Rice Mask from Skin Food but I recently got COSRX Rice sleeping mask so I don't have a need for it OTL

    TOSOWOONG Dual Shaking Lip Tint Review @ bijou-heart

    1. Haha I decided to try to purchase some more western brands and Colourpop has been on my wishlist for a while. Let me know how the COSRX mask is! I only have one COSRX product so far (pimple patches) and I'm in love! I'm probably gonna get more from the brand since I've been hearing so many good things about them.

  3. The line design of that bb cushion is so cute I want!!! Also that Ruby Woo shade is super chic and gorgeous :D

    Check out my BLOG: ♥ lazypandah blog (✪㉨✪) ♥

    1. It is! No wonder Ruby Woo is the most popular shade from Mac :)