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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hi everyone!  How have you all been?
In my past few posts, I've mentioned that I was on a no-buy for the entire month of March up until April 5th and I've actually succeeded! I'm pretty proud of myself and the way I celebrated was by.....buying more makeup. Now I don't think I have a spending problem. I think I handle my makeup spending pretty well and only buy things I'm running out of/need and I also do sell and get rid of a good amount so I'm just making up for that! Anyways, I have justified reasons for buying the stuff I did purchase. Anyways, onto the haul!

First I want to start off with some Korean makeup I purchased from Beauty Box Korea. Now I've already done a haul post from them before and if you remember that, I spoke very highly of them. So far, this is my top recommendation for purchasing Korean makeup online.  They are pretty new but are consistently updating their selections in their shop and you can request products for them to sell onto their forums.
Anyways, I didn't purchase a lot this time since I wanted to avoid spending a lot on shipping (I think I'm pretty cheap when it comes to shipping prices lol) but I also didn't need a whole bunch of stuff so I guess that was a good thing. There will definitely be more purchases in the future from BBK.

First is the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream. This isn't actually for me but for my mom since she's been needing a new eye cream and she usually buys the expensive Shiseido skincare because the Shiseido ladies have talked her into thinking expensive skincare is the best skincare.image I've heard good things about the Mizon eye cream so I decided to get that for her to try. She hasn't tried it a whole lot yet but she says it's pretty good. It's actually quite a large size and pretty heavy.

Next, you've probably heard a lot about this product. I finally purchased the popular Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder that everyone's been talking about. I don't powder too much but I thought this would come in handy in the summer time where I tend to get a bit oilier. The packaging is a lot smaller than I thought but I guess it's pretty handy to travel with. Plus it's cheap.

I haven't been satisfied with how my makeup has been lasting, especially with the warmer weather coming so I was looking at some setting sprays like the Urban Decay one but it was a bit pricey for my liking. I haven't heard much about the ARITAUM All Day Make Up Fixer spray but thought it would be interesting to try. That's something I'll definitely have a review on for sure.

Last thing I purchased was actually an IOPE Air Cushion XP Refill in the shade No. 23. I have the cushion case for the IOPE RX Natural cushion which I really liked but decided to try the original version to see if there's any difference. Right now I'm actually a No. 21 shade but 23 suits me better in the summer and so far I have no cushions in No. 23. I'll also do a review on this in the future!image
I've also been shopping at my drugstores lately and have picked up a few items. To be honest, I'll never stop buying makeup at the drugstores. I love it so much! image While Korean makeup is my number one, drugstore makeup is a close second.

At Walgreens, I picked up some Wet N Wild products. First, I finally found the Powder Brush from their vegan line. I have no idea why it's so difficult to find the entire brush line in stock at my Walgreens. For around two months, every time I went to Walgreens, they were cleaned out of the vegan brushes. Luckily, yesterday I finally found it. I have already had a few shedding when I took it out of the packaging so I'm hoping it won't shed anymore. I haven't had any shedding on my flat top brush from them so not sure what's going on there.
The other Wet N Wild product I purchased is the Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. This is also a pretty popular item as well because this particular shade is not really a bronzer but a subtle highlight. I've heard that it's similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders but I can't speak from experience since I have never used the Hourglass powders but if people say so, then that's good enough for me! I love saving a few extra bucks.

Next is something I actually picked up a while ago before my March no-buy. I decided to pick up the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer in 10 Ivory. I'm actually really liking this concealer but for me, I have the best finish when I blend it out with my Daiso Poop Puff. I think it looks a little too dry when I just use my fingers to blend it out. I always found that Maybelline concealers look a little too dry and cakey under my eyes but using a sponge has really helped with that. 

Last thing from the drugstore is a little bit funny. I've decided to pick up the ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer in Brightening Lavender because one day it said it was on sale for $3 (which was actually only for the clear primer which I didn't know at the time but I told the cashier it said it was $3 and he believed me lol whoops). It's actually a pretty good primer. I got the lavender shade to make my skin look brighter. It really smooths onto the skin easily and has a silky finish. The only thing I hate about this is the value of the product. I decided to open it up and the packaging is so misleading. It makes it appear that you're getting a good amount of primer but you're actually getting not a lot! So $6 may seem like a steal but I feel like you're actually getting duped for your money.image
Left to Right: elf primer, maybelline concealer, wet n wild "bronzer"

These next few products are a bit of a random mix. Some are Korean makeup but aren't from BBK and Colourpop isn't technically drugstore even though they're cheap so let's just call this the leftover category. Lots of pretty lippies in this one.

I'll get the non-lippie out of the way. I went to the local The Face Shop store since I was trying to apply for a job there but they weren't hiring at the moment but I decided to buy a random item since I didn't know how to approach the cashier in any other way (I'm so awkward) so I bought the Lovely ME:EX Color My Eyebrow mascara. I don't need to colour my eyebrows but I thought this would be nice to hold my brows in place and I actually do really like it and my brows last a lot longer. But now I have front bangs that cover my eyebrows so I guess my brows don't need to look the best anymore.

My most exciting purchase is my first 3 Concept Eyes makeup product. If you don't know 3CE, it's the makeup line from Stylenanda, a pretty popular Korean fashion brand. There are lots of things I want to try from that brand but I really wanted to get the Matte Lip Color in #908 Warm&Sweet which is an orange brown matte lipstick. I ordered this lipstick along with the other lip pencil I'm going to show soon with Korean Buddy. When I got it, the weather was a little warm so the lipstick fell out of the packaging!!image I fixed it with a lighter but it's not aligned correctly so I have to fix it a lot. I'm so sad though but the packaging shouldn't matter too much as long as the product is good. I really love this lipstick colour and wish I got this earlier to wear during the fall/winter time.
The other lip product I ordered with Korean Buddy is the Woodbury Perfect Ultra HD Lip Pencil in Sugar Rose. This is a product I have never heard of before but I bought this because this really pretty girl I follow on Instagram was wearing this and it looked really pretty on her that I really wanted to try it out. Supposedly this is known as a cheap dupe for the NARS lip pencils which I have to say is pretty true since I have the matte lip pencil I got as a Sephora birthday gift and they really are similar in formula.

The last two lip products are from Colourpop and are their popular Lippie Stix in their matte formula. I picked up the colours in Bossy, a blue matte red, and Dazed, a matte berry red which I think they discontinued now since I don't see it on their website anymore. I have to say that Bossy looks like a colour dupe of MAC's Ruby Woo but the finish is definitely night and day. Ruby Woo is very dry and drags across the lips but lasts a long time while Bossy is a creamier matte that goes on smoother but doesn't last as long as Ruby Woo.
Left to Right: 3CE, Woodbury, Bossy, Dazed
That's pretty much it then! I think I should go on another no-buy because I really don't need anymore makeup and have gotten all the stuff I needed. Maybe I'll go on another one till the end of May? We'll see...
I hope you guys enjoyed this haul. If you want a full review of any of the products mentioned, let me know and I'll be testing away!
Have a great rest of the week guys. Stay safe.


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  1. I love drugstore brands too! My favorite are maybelline and revlon *O* NYX has recently become my new favorite as well <3 I love seeing your compilation of hauls x;
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Thank you Jessie! <3 I love Maybelline and NYX as well! To be honest I haven't tried much from Revlon since it's one of the pricier drugstore products but I have tried the Colorstay Whipped foundation and I loved it! I should try more Revlon in the future.

  2. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to shipping as well lol!

    1. I can spend $100 on items but when shipping is $5+, I'm out ><

  3. Aaaah I love your hauls and how descriptive you are!!

    1. Thank you! I always thought I talked too much when it comes to hauls but I'm glad you like it :3