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Friday, March 04, 2016

Hi everyone! How have you all been? image
Today I'm going to be reviewing a new palette for Etude House's spring 2016 collection, the  imagePlay Color Eyes Juice Bar palette. I'm pretty excited to try this out. As soon as I saw the colours online I was really excited since I'm a fan of orange toned eyeshadows and I thought maybe for the spring and summer a brighter orange would be more appropriate.

I (well, technically my boyfriend heh) ordered this straight from the Etude House website when it was around $19 for a limited time. Now it's $26 but you can find it on sites like BeautyBoxKorea for $19 or on TesterKorea for around $16. I probably would recommend BBK because the shipping from them is faster but still really cheap if you choose the cheaper method.

The palette's outside packaging is really minimalistic but still cute with the glass of juice and oranges emblem on the front. The palette is sleek and slim with a length of 6 inches, width of 2 inches, and height of 0.25 inches so very travel friendly and won't take up a lot of room even though it's still a 10 shadow palette.
Once I opened the palette, I noticed some of the eyeshadow pans were loose and looked like they were gonna come off but they haven't come off so far. I'm pretty sure eventually I'm gonna have to glue them back in but so far so good.
Natural daylight

Each shade comes with a name that is listed on a clear removable plastic sheet. The shades are listed in Korean but I could have sworn I've seen the names on the Etude House site in English but I'll try my best to translate the names.

From left to right: Raw Cacao (pearl finished deep black brown), Grapefruit Tart (matte peachy coral), Soft Peach (a satin pinky beige), Orange Peel (shimmery chocolate brown), Muscle Mania (lol what?? - glittery tawny brown), Orange Bianco (satin terra cotta shade), Fever Orange (shimmery red orange with gold flecks), Kissing Me Kissing Gourami (sounds like an shoujo anime - pearl peach with gold flecks), New Recipe (matte light peach), and something something Bubble Bath (pearl champagne gold).

These shades are really pretty and the brighter peach and orange shades are quite pigmented and bright. The Orange Bianco shade surprised me the most because it appeared to be a darker medium brown in the pan but swatched and applied on the lid, it's a terra cotta shade.
If you get kind of turned off by the bright shades, there's really only two bright shades. If you cover up Grapefruit Tart and Fever Orange, the rest of the palette looks like a great natural brown palette.

Swatched, these shades look quite pigmented but applied on the lids, they're not super pigmented but buildable. A lot of Korean eyeshadows are not super pigmented and have a sheerer texture but they're not bad. The only disappointing shades are a couple of the lighter shades like New Recipe and Soft Peach as they applied too sheer for my liking. All the shades are nicely textured but the mattes are a bit drier but apply evenly on the lids.
A lot of these shades have a better payoff with fingers or sponge tip applicators. Some shades like the lighter shades and the glitter shade, Muscle Mania, do not pick up well with a brush. Luckily, the palette includes two double-ended sponge applicators. Don't throw them away! They're very useful!

- Great range of shade colours and finishes. Just a good balance
- Sleek and simple packaging which means travel friendly!
- The sheer texture of the shadows (for me, it's easier to work with!)
- A great value depending on where you purchase it from
- 3 new shadows exclusive to this palette; the other 7 shades are available in singles
- Easy to blend
- Little to no fallout with a brush (no fall out with fingers)
- Some shades have good pigmentation and easy to apply

- Few shades apply very poorly with a brush so fingers or sponge tip is recommended especially the glitter shade
- Matte shades have a bit of a dry texture but still apply well

Overall, I'm very pleased with this palette! The colours are beautiful, especially the bright orange so I'll be using that a lot from this palette. This is my first larger eyeshadow palette from a Korean brand and it's pretty much everything I can ask for as it has the shades I'm comfortable with using and then some.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Sorry for the lack of recent blog posts since I started school again and have been having an off sleep schedule so I don't have much time for anything except school. I hope it'll change very soon so I can write more posts.
Thank you guys for taking the time to read and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I saw this on their website omg <3 I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not because I already have 2 palettes, but the colors are just so pretty here! One of the breaking factors was how some colors are super sheer and doesn't pick up well on a brush / finger :(

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Not all but some! But yeah that's a con for lots of people. It's still a really beautiful palette :) I think you can maybe just pick up a few of the colours that you like as individual singles and that'll work.

  2. The colors look really cute and great for s/s! It looks really uplifting :)

    1. It is! I can't wait to wear these more. :) Right now it randomly got gloomy so it doesn't quite match with the weather at the moment.

  3. Really beautiful palette! Definitely great for spring and summer.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. It is! Thanks for stopping by, Jasmine :3

  4. Omg, the colours are so beautiful!!! *_* These are my favorite kind of shades. I'm currently on a no-buy mission (need to save up haha) but I want it so bad :(((

    1. I know how you feel! I tried going on a no-buy. I lasted for like a week haha ><

  5. Etude House has really been releasing really nice eyeshadow palettes lately
    Please check out if you're interested in receiving Korean beauty products for free through our weekly campaigns. We are currently doing CC cushions, but there are many more to come!

  6. Love this tropical theme by Etude House :P
    They never fail on package design. As for the
    tones and shades: very nice c: especially
    the matte ones Xx Ice Pandora

    1. Etude House has to be one of my favourites when it comes to packaging, maybe even number one! And yes, I'm seeing a huge trend this season for orange and peach tone eyeshadow so this palette is going to be perfect for that. :)