Review | Missha x LINE Friends M Magic Moisture Cushion

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hi everyone! image image How have you all been?
Today's post is going to be a review on the newest addition to my evergrowing cushion collection: Missha's M Magic Moisture Cushion in the cute limited edition LINE packaging. I bought this with Korean Buddy if you saw my haul post but now it's available on most online Korean beauty shops but a lot have them sold out.
I've been testing this out extensively for the past month to make sure I made up my mind on this cushion since the weather kept fluctuating so I got somewhat different wearing on this due to my skin not being super consistent since it would be sweaty and oily one day and super dry the other. But now I've made up my mind!
The moisture version of the cushion has the Sally packaging whereas the regular version has Brown.
This set comes with the cushion, a really cute Sally puff, and two refills so I'm pretty much well stocked for the next year possibly. The best thing about this is that it was only around $11 which is extremely affordable considering that they include TWO refills!
The only thing that I don't think they include are refills for the LINE puff but they do sell that separately.
I feel like Missha's foundation coloring is a little bit lighter compared to the regular Korean foundation color system but this No.21 shade still suits me well.image
left: bare face // right: with cushion
my brows are a mess
As you can see, this has such a beautiful and natural finish on the skin. It sort of reminds me of the finish I get with the IOPE Air RX Natural cushion. I used a brush to apply the cushion on my face in the pictures above. I've recently been using the Daiso Poop Puff to apply this and that gave me a fuller coverage and dewier finish on the skin! The puff the cushion comes with does a good job as well to apply this cushion but it doesn't apply as well as evenly so my preferred method these days have been with the Daiso Poop puff!
This also has a surprisingly good wear time too. If you apply with a brush, it applies it a bit thinner so I found that around my nose it would wear off throughout the day but if you apply it with a puff, it won't wear off so quickly. Even when I've been sweating, it still looks very good and fresh on my face. Of course when the weather gets much hotter here in SoCal, I'm probably gonna have to switch out from the moisture version so I might purchase the regular version which I hear is a satin/semi-matte finish.

- Natural and dewy finish. Does not look cakey at all!
- Medium buildable coverage (especially high coverage with a Beauty Blender or Daiso poop puff)
- Comes in a regular and moisture version so it's suitable for all skin types
- Moisture works great if you have dry skin like me
- SPF 50+/PA+++
- Did you know Missha doesn't test on animals?!
- Extremely affordable yet high quality. The cushion by itself is as low as $7 and a refill is $4
- Travel friendly (as all cushions are)
- Cute LINE packaging!
- This particular set includes 2 refills

image Not-so-likes:
- The coloring is a little off. Not so much with No.21 but I hear the No.27 from this cushion is really off so be aware of that!
- The moisture version won't do me well in the summer time but that's why there's a non-moisture version, right?

So far, I love this a lot more than my A'PIEU Air-fit BB cushion (but I haven't applied the A'PIEU one with the Daiso puff yet) and love it just as much as my old IOPE RX cushion which I need to get a refill of. This will be my everyday foundation until it gets too hot to wear a dewy finish foundation. I'll definitely be picking up the regular one for the summer time so I'll possibly be doing a comparison review in the future. I'm still on my no-buy until April 5th so it'll be a while till I can pick that up.image

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! So far, this has been the best product I've tried this year. Will that hold up for the rest of the year? We'll see!
Thanks for taking the time to read! Talk to you soon.



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  1. The cushion applicator is so adorable!

    I haven't tried Missha's cushions before. I remember trying their normal BB Creams and #21 always showed up gray on my skin. But the shade looks very natural on you!

    1. Yeah I've had the same experience! I kinda never wanted to try another Missha foundation/BB cream since I was somewhat traumatized by how grey it was but luckily this cushion foundation is a normal shade. :)

  2. Hi Lily! I've heard that the regular Magic Cushion doesn't adhere well to the skin. Did you have any such problem with this one?

    1. Hi Chrissie! I've never had any problems with that for me. I do prime my face before usage with a sort of moisturizing primer and possibly I can see why it wouldn't adhere well if you use the included puff. I think wetting the puff with a facial mist like Fix+ or using a damp Beauty Blender-like sponge would give a better application since it's been going well with me. Or possibly bring in a different puff. I really like the ones by IOPE.

    2. Oh I see that it could be a problem with the puff! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Not to be creepy, but man I envy your skin! It looks so healthy and luminous! As for the cushion, I've been noticing a lot of Korean cushions lean peachy. The packaging is so cute though! I'm one of those people who's easily pulled in by packaging haha. I never thought about applying cushion makeup with another sponge or brush though - maybe I'll try that out now that I know it can make for better coverage. Cheers :-)

    1. Same here! I would have skipped out on this if it wasn't for the packaging since I didn't have that great of luck from Missha before. Luckily it turned out good.
      And thank you! I definitely feel a bit lucky that my skin is decent though I do try my best to keep it in the best shape. ^^

  4. Great review! I'm so torn between the two shades, I'm MAC NC20 and everything oxidises on my skin. I have a Missha BB cream in No.23 and its completely grey on me!

    1. The Missha BB creams are so crazy grey, but the BB cushions are pretty good. I would suggest maybe a No.23 for the summer time.