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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hi everyone!image How have you all been?
It's been a busy past couple of weeks but now I can gladly say that my winter quarter is finally over! Now I oddly have my spring break right now. Pretty convenient since absolutely NO ONE ELSE has spring break so I have nothing to do.
Anyways, today's post is going to a be a long awaited review on the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher I ordered from TesterKorea (haul post here). I've been trying and testing this out a lot for the past month and now I finally have my final thoughts on this.

So here's what this product is:
"A soft, ultra-hydrating, natural looking blush in an easy-application tube with a puff applicator.
"This refreshing blush hydrates while brightening your skin's natural tone with soft color. The tube allows you to simply dab the product onto your face for a radiant look."

Not pictured is the extra cushion applicator refill that is inside the box so when your cushion is getting too dirty, you can replace it. You can also wash the cushion so that'll last you a bit longer.

TCFS products have been on my wishlist forever and with this being on TesterKorea for around $3, I had to get it! Seriously for $3, this is a great deal. They also have a different listing for the same product for around $12 which I'm not sure what the difference is but it's still cheaper than what Sephora is selling this product for: $23!image So if I were you and were interested in ordering Korean cosmetics, save your money and order it online.

Anyways, the colour I purchased was #3 Lava Martini which is a rosy pink shade. There are two other shades as well that is a more bright pink and a peachy orange.
As you can tell from the swatch, it's a sheer and thin consistency which makes it look soft and natural on the skin which are one of the claims. The finish is shiny because of how liquidy the formula is. If you want a matte finish, using a setting powder is recommended.
It's definitely buildable though so if you prefer a more pigmented blush, you can still achieve that look but it may be a bit difficult.
I was looking online and some other reviewers are saying that the Lava Martini shade comes out the most sheer and it a bit more difficult to apply because it doesn't come out from the cushion that well compared to the other shades. I don't have the other shades to compare it to but I do find myself having to press harder to get the shade the come out. I also squeeze the tube more and that allows more product the come out.
Sometimes I have a bit of difficulty having the colour show up on my cheek that I just take off the cushion applicator and have the cream blusher come out in droplets and apply that onto my cheek with a brush to get the colour to show up more.

The way I apply this is by squeezing the tube and patting it on with the cushion and then get a separate brush like a duo-fibre to blend it out since I find that it can look a bit splotchy with just patting it on the face so blending it out with a brush is my preferred method. You can use your fingers as well.
Colour wouldn't show up on my camera so I had to use my phone ^^"
The wear time of this blush really varies on how and how much you apply. If you apply a sheer amount, I feel like it absorbs into the skin that is disappears in a short amount of time. If you want the colour to last long, you're going to have to apply a good amount of it but luckily it won't look too crazy due to the natural finish it has.
Also, I recommend apply this BEFORE powder. It will not last that well on top of powder and remove your powder so having a powder set on top of it will make it last longer.

- Natural looking finish
- Buildable colour
- Luminous sheen
- Has good lasting power with powder set on top
- Affordable depending on where you purchase it
- Lava Martini is a fresh and brightening shade for the face (really flattering for yellow toned skins)
- No parabens or pththalates which is sometimes rare to find in Korean beauty products
- Cute and unique design of the packaging
- 20ml of product
- Has rose oil and lily extract in the ingredients which benefits the skin

- Can look splotchy if not blended out properly
- NEEDS a powder for it to last
- Difficult application. You have to press hard and squeeze for colour to apply
- I'm not sure if the colour payoff will show up well on deeper skin tones

I do like this product but the application process kinda bums me out but I don't mind changing the steps in my routine or adding some other steps to make this work. I don't use blush that often so this will last me a while but once I run out of it, I don't think I'd repurchase since it's not super amazing to me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful! With lots of Korean brands like TCFS arriving at Sephora, I'd thought it help you make some decisions whether or not to purchase it, but again, I don't think buying it from Sephora will be the best because of the markup price so I'd recommend purchasing it from TesterKorea or some other online shops in Korea that have it for a lot cheaper.
I hope you guys have a great weekend and happy Valentine's day!image


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  1. I have been using the same blush for the past few! I was looking at this for awhile because I really like the idea of natural, not-so messy applicator. I have brown skin, so I think I will have to pass this up >.< Great Review!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Same! I didn't change my blush collection and just used Milani's Luminoso for like 3 years. Now that I've tried other colours, I can see a difference.
      Yeah I'm not so sure about how it'll show on medium to deep skin tones. They have these at Sephora so you can swatch these!

  2. Thanks for the honest review. I will skip this. The packaging is very cute.

    1. Totally understand! And yeah, it is super cute! Probably the main reason why I bought this ^^"