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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hi everyone! imageHow have you all been?
I know I just posted a blog post three days ago but I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible because I'm so excited to share this with you! If you haven't heard, Wet N Wild, a really affordable drugstore brand, has released a new collection of vegan brushes. I used to remember looking at Wet N Wild brushes and thinking how awful and terrible quality they looked but it seems like they upped their game! I've been looking everywhere for the full collection but it's been sold out from the drugstores near me but I did manage to get my hands on the flat top brush. I've been testing it out for the past few days and I'm just so happy with it I needed to share it right away.
So I found this at Walgreens for $2.99!image So it's one cent cheaper than the ELF Studio line brushes. About 87% (yes I did the math) of the face brushes are $2.99 while the contour brush is 99 cents! The eye brushes go for 99 cents too so these brushes are so incredibly cheap with super cute simple white  packaging with a splash of pink and if you don't know, I LOVE pink!

As I was saying, I did pick up the flat top brush and I'm a fan of using flat top brushes for my foundation. I think it helps buff the foundation in and give a natural finish. I do own the Sigma F80 and ELF powder brush so I'll be comparing those brushes with this one. But first, the specifics!

Wet N Wild's claims:

This all-purpose brush is expertly designed with a flat top head and densely-packed bristles to pick up any formula--from liquid to powder. With an ergonomic handle for perfect grip, this brush can do no wrong.

So pretty steep claims there! But does it live up to the expectations? Spoiler: yes it does.image
dirty brush ಥ_ಥ
This brush is super soft, possibly even softer than my IT Cosmetics brushes and they're really soft! It's really incredibly how soft this brush it, especially for the price. It's higher quality than ELF brushes but still cheaper! I don't know how Wet N Wild did it.
The softness of the bristles make it great for powder application too which is great so you can use this for all kinds of purposes.
The "densely-packed" is true to an extent but there still is enough mobility to the bristles (you can see in the gif below). It's not as dense or stiff as my Sigma F80 brush which I didn't like as much because I found the F80 to sort of tug and drag my skin when I used it to blend out foundation.
I used this to apply my cushion foundation, regular liquid foundation, and powder and it did a fantastic job applying all of those. The way I apply my cushion foundations with these brushes are just patting it into the cushion, and stipple the product on my face evenly and then buff it in. I prefer doing it this way over using the puff because it gives off a more natural and dewier finish while the puff usually made my face look heavier and matte. Even after using liquid products on this brush, it didn't clump up or wet the brush so I could use the same brush to apply powder afterwards which I like to do sometimes when I'm in a rush and too lazy to get a separate powder brush.

I did experience a few shedding but no shedding when I was using it on my face. It was always just when I was playing with the brush and touching it because of how soft it is.
As I said, I'm gonna compare the WNW brush to the Sigma and ELF brush in similar styles. I like all three brushes but I would have to say I prefer the WNW one more now and not just because the packaging is cuter.
The WNW has the most mobility compared to the others but in terms of size, it's closer to the Sigma but definitely not in terms of how they apply. The Sigma was always too dense and stiff to be used for powder I found and only used it for liquid foundation. Also the density of the brush made it annoying to clean. The ELF brush is a good multitasking brush like the WNW because there is more mobility in the bristles but the wide surface area of the ELF was always a bit difficult to get into the tougher areas like around the nose and such and it isn't as well made as I experienced lots of shedding and the ferrule coming off.
I wouldn't say the WNW is in between the two other brushes but I would say it does what the other two brushes couldn't do for me. Over Sigma, WNW is easy to clean, not stiff, great for powder, and cheap. Over ELF, WNW is smaller in size, better quality, and doesn't clump up after using liquid foundation so you can continue to use it with powder.

- Multi-purpose brush! Does a great job with liquid and powder products
- Super affordable ($2.99)
- Buffs out makeup with ease
- Smaller surface so it can get into tougher areas better than other flat top brushes
- Incredibly soft and gentle. The softest brush in my collection
- Simple packaging with pink! (I love pink so much)
- Easy to clean
- Synthetic so cruelty free! Also vegan but tbh I don't know what that means and what the difference is between cruelty free

- Experienced a few shedding
- Not as dense as I hoped
- Brush handle is cheap but so is the price so not a super big complaint

Honestly, I'm a huge fan of this brush. I might have to go look for more and buy backups of this brush so I don't have to wash it so many times when I use it. I hope I can find the rest of the collection as well since I want to try the powder brush and maybe a few eyeshadow brushes even though I don't wear eyeshadow that much.
For the price, it really doesn't hurt to try it out but, of course, if you already have a lot of brushes, especially luxury brushes, it's nothing totally different but if you are starting out with makeup or haven't tried out a flat top brush, this is great addition to your collection and a great brush to start off with if you're unsure how to apply foundation.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and hopefully love this brush as much as I do if you do end up trying it out!
Have a great weekend, you guys!


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  1. I always love Wet and Wild's products because of their price and quality <3 I never picked up any of their brushes but I only own two makeup brushes by Bubzbeauty! I was surprised when you said your prefer this over Sigma because Sigma was always a favorite brand by beauty bloggers, but reading your reasons, it made sense! The packaging of WNW was also pretty!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Most of my brush collection consists of Sigma brushes because I have two brush kits from them and to be honest, they really aren't my favourite brushes! I think it's a favourite brand by beauty bloggers because of the sponsorships and stuff. Some of the brushes like the Sigmax collection are great but I see that Sigma has become more expensive now and I prefer a lot of brushes from the drugstores like Real Techniques now.
      You should definitely check out WNW brushes! I think you would like them. :3