MIXXMIX Haul + Review

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hi everyone! How have you all been?image
I've been doing alright. School's taking its toll on me and I'm kinda getting burnt out from all the work but it's starting to ease through. I was getting so stressed from all the work I was getting crazy and talking about dropping out but that's not gonna happen!image I wish I had more time to draw though.
Anyways, today's post is gonna be about fashion which is something I haven't really talked about in a long time. I guess I sort of pushed fashion away and was really caught up on makeup and skincare that I haven't bought any new clothes in months! There really wasn't anything at the mall catching my eye. Then a friend of mine told me about an online Korean fashion shop called Mixxmix and how it's similar to our styles (my friend and I have similar styles) so I checked it out and fell in love! I would say it's sort of similar to American Apparel but better and more affordable.
I made an order of $50+ to get the free shipping but they've switched to DHL because USPS prices went up so I'm not exactly sure what the speed of shipping is now but my order arrived 15 days later which isn't bad for shipping from Korea.

So here's what I ordered:
I won't be modelling these items for you guys today unfortunately. Right now, I'm just not super confident with my body to show you guys how they look but I'll insert the images of the Mixxmix models wearing them.
First thing is the ribbed knit high neck top and I ordered the "khaki" colour but it's definitely more of a forest green. On the model it looks a little loose and if you are thin then this would be a little loose on you but I'm a bit meatier so it's a little tight but not extremely tight on me. When I put my arms up it will ride up. I'm gonna wear this with high rise or high waisted jeans probably to prevent it from riding up. But for $14, this is a great purchase. The quality is very good, a lot better than Forever 21 and H&M quality.
I'm a huge fan of baseball tees but I don't think I can pull of the shorter sleeve baseball tees but I thought the colour of this was so cute I needed it! This is the raglan t-shirt by 365BASIC and I would say it's a pretty popular item from Mixxmix since I see it a lot on Instagram. I would say the quality of this shirt is really comparable to American Apparel but a lot cheaper than AA. I probably need to go jean shopping because I see myself wearing this with light washed jeans and I currently have none. Looks like I have to go shopping again...
Next thing I ordered is the ribbed neck long sleeve top in black. This is an interesting top. I think it's necessary to tuck it in because if I don't tuck it in, I look like a priest or something LOL. It's just really baggy but a thick crewneck sweater material but it doesn't have the tight sleeve end or bottom so it's just an odd shape on it's own.
Last thing I bought was this stripe accent baggy knit sweater. This is probably the thing I've worn the most out of everything I bought. I really like this sweater!image It's pretty simple though. The sleeves don't reach my wrist so it's not really ideal on it's own if it's a bit chilly outside but the winter in California is like 68-72 degrees so I can wear it on its own. At the moment, these are out of stock but I'm sure they'll get restocked soon.

So that's all I bought! Would I purchase from Mixxmix again? Of course! I'm pretty happy with all my purchases. They're definitely a lot better quality than F21, H&M, and, of course, those Chinese wholesale shops. It's on par with American Apparel but so much cheaper so I highly recommend checking this shop out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Sorry about not trying on the clothes. Maybe that's why I don't do a whole bunch of fashion posts since I hate modelling clothes. Hopefully in the future when I'm more confident on how I look and lose weight (I am following the Blogilates calendar and am almost finished with my first month) I can do some more fashion and outfit posts.
Thanks for taking the time to read! I'll talk to you guys later!


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  1. Oh Lily! Thank you so much for doing this haul post *V* I've been wanting to purchase some knit sweaters and dresses, and I have been considering Romwe or F21, but I will check out Mixxmix for sure now *O* I also dislike modeling / reviewing clothes, because I find it hard to take decent photos properly OTL

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Jessieee where have you beeeen? I miss your posts!
      And you're very welcome! I totally prefer Mixxmix over Romwe and F21 anyday. And yeah, modelling is so hard! It's also awkward when I have no one to take a pic of me so I have to struggle to get a decent picture but it's also awkward for me to have someone take a pic of me so awk-awk situation for me either way. Fashion posts are gonna be a rare occasion for my blog. ^^"

  2. Thanks for the recommendation :) I'm not confident in my body either. Definitely don't feel pressured to model with the clothes

    1. You're welcome! Love to share good stores with everyone ^^