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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hi everyone! How have you all been?image

It's been a real crazy week so far.. If you guys haven't heard the news, there was another mass shooting in the US yesterday. This one's different for me because it was in San Bernardino which is really close to home and is actually where my mom works. In fact, she was only a few blocks away to where the shooting took place so I was going crazy making sure my mom was okay. Luckily, she was at a different city at the time but her workplace was on lockdown and now she has a couple of days off because the county closed for a couple days to investigate. It's really crazy because my mom said she thinks the shooter looks really familiar...
Anyways, I'm happy mom is safe. My dad too because he was actually in the area as well so I'm really happy both my parents are safe. Things really need to be done about all the shootings that's been happening so much in this country.. I don't even feel safe to go out in public anymore!

Sorry about the depressing intro! Anyways, today's post is gonna be a review on some circle lenses! It's been a while since I've done a circle lens review, hasn't it?
Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
1 year wear
I received the Venus Eye Bright Red from Pinky Paradise a little while ago. I was really hoping to get this in time for Halloween but unfortunately, I didn't get it in time (obviously) but it's okay! I'll probably still take pictures or do some anime cosplay makeup with this even though I don't cosplay.
Phone selfiee
Comfort: imageimageimageimage / 5
These aren't uncomfortable at all! Granted, these aren't the MOST comfortable lenses I've ever worn. Putting them on, it did hurt a little bit so I had to take it out but afterwards, it was easy and I didn't feel them that much on my eyes.

Design: imageimageimageimage / 5
I really like the design of these! I had some other red lenses (Vassen Cloud Nine Red) and I liked those too but I think the Venus ones look a lot more wearable than the Cloud Nines. The colour of the Venus ones aren't as vibrant as the Cloud Nines but like I said, it's more wearable. If you really wanted a vibrant red colour, the Venus still are noticeably red but probably only in outdoor light or if you look really close. Indoors, the colour looks more reddish brown than a bright red so that might be a turn off for some people.

Enlargement: imageimage / 5
These are definitely bigger than my natural eyes but it's not that noticeable which is great for me because I have small eyes and anything bigger than 14.5mm is just too big for my eyes. I don't care much for making my eyes look huge anyways. If you want a bit more enlargement, try out the Vassen Dolly Plus Reds since I saw Sachie wear them and they look nice!

Overall: imageimageimageimage / 5
I really like these lenses! Though I probably won't wear these ones out that much because they're red but I really like these for darker eye makeup! It's probably not natural at all but it really makes your eye makeup look "sexy" (meh, I feel awkward using that word). I'll try to find every reason to wear these!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! If you're interested in buying anything from Pinky Paradise, the Black Friday deals are STILL going on for the next 6 days so take advantage of that!
Hope you guys have a great week! I'm really happy to be able to blog a lot! I'm a lot more comfortable typing that filming videos these days. That being said, I'll be announcing something probably on Sunday regarding my Youtube channel. I'm sure you can already guess what I'm gonna say.

I'll talk to you guys later!

Disclaimer: Lenses were provided by Pinky Paradise for review. Everything is my honest opinions! Keeping it real.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear your mom is safe D: its terrible to hear about all the unfortunate events lately.

    The red lenses looks so good on you! I like how you did your makeup, it gives a sort of mysterious and vampire vibe to it :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Thank you Jessie! I saw the makeup on Pinterest and had to recreate it since I thought it would go well with the red lenses. :) I'm not much of an eyeshadow kinda person but the lenses make me wanna wear more eyeshadow!