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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hi everyone! How have you all been?image
A week or so ago, I finally received my RoseRoseShop package in the mail. It took about 20 days to get here! It was my first purchase from the store. I only bought one thing since I wasn't really interested in anything else at the time (regrets because I now have more things I want to order) and that one thing is this Doraemon edition Air-Fit Cushion by A'PIEU.
I was gonna order this from Jolse but it was sold out! But then I saw it on RRS for a lot cheaper! Even with the shipping costs, it was still cheaper than Jolse which has free shipping!
I'll admit, I pretty much only snagged this up because of the Doraemon packaging. What can I say? I LOVE DORAEMON! This is my first time trying anything from A'PIEU so I was very intrigued to try.
The set includes the cushion case, the cushion and puff inside, and a refill set and puff! For almost $6 and cute packaging, this is a steal! They also came out with a Holiday version which I'm so upset that I didn't get! Might have to buy that one as well...

So I basically didn't read any reviews or the claims this product has because this was such an impulse buy. The description of this product says it's supposed to be moisturizing so glad I got lucky because I have pretty dry skin especially in the winter time!

Before I used this, I noticed how different the puff feels. I've used cushions from Etude House and IOPE and their puffs feel more foamy, kinda like a memory foam. The A'PIEU puff has a sort of velvet feel to it and it's not as porous as the Etude House or IOPE puff. Either puff gets the job done. I kinda prefer the Etude House one because it just pats the product better. Or maybe it's because the two formulas are different?

A quick tip I have for you guys who don't like using dirty puffs is using a dense flat top brush instead! I just pat the flat top brush on my face, kinda like a stippling motion and you get the same effect as the puff but you can clean the brush! I also used a buffing brush like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and you get the same effect when buffing it in but if you want to mimic the feel of a puff, a flat top dense brush will get the job done!
Yeaaah the shade doesn't look like it's a match for my skin LOL
I'll be honest that I took the after picture after an hour or two when I came back from the mall because I forgot to take a picture so it's not freshly applied. But I'll tell you now, the makeup did not change at all and it still looks the same after an hour and I was kinda sweaty because it was oddly 80 degrees yesterday in December! Gotta love California weather...not!

Anyways, the finish of this cushion gives a dewy, slightly tacky finish so a setting powder is a must! It has a light/medium coverage but it is very buildable because of how lightweight this is! It's like you're not wearing anything hence the name having "air" in it. I prefer wearing it light because it's not a perfect shade match for me right now so I only apply it lightly towards the center of my face.
Like I said before, I have really dry skin. This doesn't accentuate my dry skin and it's moisturizing throughout the day, I don't have to worry about my skin feeling or appearing dry. I don't really need to use a hydrating mist throughout the day with this product on.
I think this cushion is very suitable for people who have normal to dry skin. I wouldn't say this is suitable for people with oily skin but I think if you are interested in this product and you have oily skin, having a powder with you or blotting sheets are recommended.

The wear time of this is great! I usually only wear makeup for at most 7 hours and this still looks fresh on my face till then without touching up. My eyeliner on the other hand...

- Lightweight feel
- Light to Medium coverage
- Buildable
- SPF 50!!
- The price! It's sooo inexpensive
- Dewy finish
- Moisturizing so it's perfect for my dry skin
- Looks fresh all day for me and not cakey at all
- Cutest packaging!
- Lightly scented (I think sensitive skins can still use this product)
- Travel friendly packaging (but all cushions are travel friendly)
- Refills included

- Not a huge fan of the A'PIEU puff
- Using a puff is not so hygienic so use a flat top or buffing brush instead! 

So as you can see, I really love this product! I know in my last cushion review on the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion I gave it a good review but that was my first cushion review so I wasn't really comparing it to anything. I must say, I prefer the A'PIEU cushion a lot more that the Etude House one. The A'PIEU one is a lot more moisturizing and less obvious on the face than the Etude House cushion.
I highly recommend you guys giving this cushion a try!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful. I'll talk to you guys again real soon.


Disclaimer: This was all purchased by me and not a sponsored review. Everything is my honest opinions. Keep it 100.

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  1. I have the innisfree bb cushion and I heard that you can wash your puff so you can re-use it! I really like the cute packaging from apieu <3
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. I've cleaned by Etude House puff before but I feel like I never could get a deep clean. I just felt like I was only cleaning the surface!
      The Innisfree cushions are on my list of things to get! Looks like I have to check your review on it :3

  2. this is interesting =)

  3. I've been eyeing this product for ages but I've got so many cushions opened already. Thanks for recommending it! It looks lovely on you btw.

    1. Thanks Chrissie! And thanks for stopping by :D