Sunday, November 01, 2015

Hey everyone! Long time no see!
I need to get in the habit of blogging again as I really enjoy blogging and I have plenty of time now that I only have classes twice a week but for some reason I haven't been blogging. I'll definitely get into blogging again. Maybe once I revamp my blog with a new design I'll want to do it more! (seriously this blog hasn't gotten a new design in 2 years I think!)

Today's blog post is gonna be a random fashion inspiration post. If you guys follow my Tumblr, you can clearly see that I'm into minimalistic fashion. In fact, I have a new DIY video coming up on my channel based on minimalistic fashion. Maybe it's because I follow a lot of Korean fashion blogs and Korean models on Instagram but I just really like the style of it! I've never been one who likes loud patterns and colours. I don't even think I look good in loud patterns. I've even gotten rid of all the colours in my closet and only wear black, white, and grey!

Here are some things I'm eyeing at the moment:
banana milk tee
art school socks
american apparel denim backpack
bandaid socks
sushi tee
adidas originals los angeles (this is actually my pic hehe i got these!)

uzumaki windbreaker
"i want to be a beauty girl/handsome boy" sweater (lowkey want the handsome boy one)
day & night tee

That's pretty much it! For more minimalistic fashion inspiration, you can check out my tumblr!
Most of the items shown here can be purchased on Milk Club! So far, this shop has the best prices for these kinds of clothes. I'm hoping to order soon!

Thanks guys! Gonna post more soon!!


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