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Monday, July 20, 2015

Mine is the "Size up" version
Hey everyone! How have you all been?image
Today's post is going to be a fun one: I'm going to review the Chubby Jelly Tint Pack by Secret Kiss. I don't know if you've heard but Korea is pretty big on lip tints and are always coming out with the newest technology for all kinds of makeup. I watched a video a while ago about these new products called lip tattoos, and no they're not those weirdly patterned ones that were big a long time ago (why were they anyways?). These are gels that you squeeze onto your lips and wait for it to dry and then you peel them off and you supposedly get left with a long-wearing tint. Interested yet? Let's see how it all worked out...
LOOOOL These pictures are so misleading
There are three shades available but I chose the Cherry Red colour since I'm always on the lookout for a good red tint. I ordered mine from where there was a deal for a "size up" version for $6.65 USD but they didn't have the normal size one so I'm not exactly sure how much that would be.

Packaging of course just looks like a normal squeeze tube lip gloss but the difference is in the consistency which is quite thick. At first I thought there could have been a better way to apply the product but honestly since it's quite thick so a brush wouldn't do well for this.

Bare lips with balm
Waiting for the gel to dry 5-10 minutes (really messy application lol)
Peeling off the gel
Finished look (I know there's nasty stuff left on my lips ^^")
First thing I have to mention is that it's kinda difficult to apply. You can see in my picture how messy my top lip application was. The bottom lip in my opinion wasn't so bad. You can really see in the end result that if you don't apply it evenly, you won't get an even application as you can see in the final picture there was a streak that was left untinted. I ended up putting on a second layer to even it out a bit.

Secondly, it left my lips extremely dry! It was so dry to the point that when I was looking for any loose pieces I forgot to peel off, I was peeling my skin! In other reviews I read of this product, they didn't mention anything about leaving their lips dry so I don't understand why my lips were so dry afterwards. It was fixed with some lip balm left over so I guess it wasn't such a big deal.
Two layers of lip tint + lip balm tint that made it a bit pink (IT Cosmetics Lip Flush in Je ne sais quoi)
The peel LOL
I'll tell you though, I was really impressed by the wear time. I have a whole bunch of lip tints that don't even last me two hours. I eat a lot so there are barely any lip tints that last through that but this one went through 6 hours of wear and although it faded, it definitely has been the longest wearing lip product I have ever tried. Granted I don't try a lot of new makeup products so maybe you have something in your collection that lasts longer.

Many people complained how you're using a whole bunch of product but honestly for me, that wasn't much of an issue. Possibly because I got a "size up" version but I think you're using just as much as any squeeze tube lip gloss.

If you'd like to see this product in "action", I was wearing it in my haul video. That's how it looks with two layers.

- Affordable
- Pigmented
- Longest wearing tint in my collection
- Fun product to try out (possibly a gift item?)

- Difficult to apply perfectly
- Left my lips SUPER dry. Will definitely need a balm
- If you don't apply it evenly, it'll show
- Can't really use your lips during the waiting time (5-10 minutes)

Although the cons are kinda big, I'm still gonna use this product. I actually kinda like it! Mostly because it's the longest wearing tint I have in my collection. Of course if you know of any lip tints that last for a long time, let me know! I'd love to try it!

In the mean time, more reviews will be coming soon. I have quite a bit of lip products to review!

Hope you guys have a great week! Will talk to you soon!


Disclaimer: This lip product was purchased with my own money. Nothing was sponsored and everything is my own opinion. You got it??????? lol sorry

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  1. the color is absolutely gorgeous! but the application process and wait time and drying f lips is a huge downside for me

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

  2. These colours are so pretty and it's great that they're so long lasting as well. Thank you for sharing!^^

  3. Seems like Asian Beauty products never cease to surprise me! I've always wanted to try some asian brand lip tints. Thanks for the cool post!

    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award! :) Here's the link to my post if you wanna check it out!:

  4. The color is super pretty~! It's a really interesting product <33