Korean Makeup Haul from BeautyNetKorea

Thursday, July 02, 2015

(Makeup didn't come arrived like pictured. Everything was bubble wrapped)
Hey everyone!  Long time no see!
I'm finally able to get back into blogging and recording videos now that I have a new camera! I sold my old DSLR and ordered a Canon EOS M3 all the way from Japan so look forward to more videos and blog posts!
Anyways, I've been wanting to order some more Korean makeup so I was looking around and decided to try ordering from BeautyNetKorea as the prices were really good and also they have free shipping and you know international shipping is crazy freaking expensive.

Ordering was pretty easy. They have a decent selection but not the widest range as other websites that sell Korean makeup but it's good enough for me. Like I said before, they have things really discounted on their site and I think it's the best prices online and you can't beat that. Plus, if you are a member on the site you can get some exclusive deals like 1+1 deals where it's basically like BOGO.
These are all the samples that were included and there's a lot! They included three Tony Moly Banana Hand Milks, two Regencia Homme Multi Fluids, two Tony Moly Intense Care Sleeping Packs, two Panda's Dream hand creams, and one Panda's Dream eye patch. I think the more you order, the more samples you get and I spent more than $55 on makeup.
All the products shown here are things I'm sending to a beauty Youtuber who recently got married and who I'm a huge fan of! So I won't be able to review these products on my blog in the future. I won't say the name just yet but here are some clues: she met her husband when they were performing Aladdin, she loves Disney, her husband makes travel vlogs, and they're the cutest couple ever.
So I wanted to get some Korean makeup for her to try out and review possibly so first thing's first, I got her an Etude House Princess Happy Ending nail kit in Jasmine from Aladdin and of course I needed to get this for her because she played Jasmine and her husband played Aladdin and I thought it would be super cute. They also had one in Belle, Snow White and Cinderella which were all cute and I wanted to get all of them but, lol, I'm not loaded so I only stuck with one.

I also bought Etude House's Dreaming Swan lipstick in PK023 and, I swear to God, these lipsticks were sold out on every other website so that's why I ordered from BeautyNetKorea as they were the only ones who had this lipstick in stock.

Next cute little item I decided to buy just because it's super cute and it was on sale is The Face Shop's Lovely Mix hand cream in Fruity Floral. I don't know how that's gonna smell but I hope it's good.
These ones are for me. I FINALLY ordered Tony Moly's Petite Bunny Gloss Bars. I did the 1+1 deal with these and got #9 Neon Red (which looks more pink to me) and #4 Juicy Cherry. I don't know why it took me so damn long to get these. I initially was gonna keep one and send another one to the Youtube person but I realized in her videos she mentioned she doesn't like how those glossy lip tint pencils appear on her lips so I was like "Crap" and decided to keep them both. I might actually save one for a giveaway as I'm decently close to 5,000 subscribers on Youtube so we'll see. 
This is something I'm VERY excited to try out. It's the Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint (Size Up) in Cherry Red. If you aren't familiar with these kinds of products, it's a gel that you squeeze onto your lips and it dries up to a peel off mask-like consistency and when you peel it off you get a really pigmented tint that's supposedly long-wearing. We'll see how that goes in my review in the future.
Next thing I ordered is a refill of the Etude House's Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I forgot to get the Moist version but we'll see the difference between the two. I already have a full review on this product you can check out here.
Last thing I got is a five piece sample set of Banila Co.'s Clean It Zero balm that's super popular and has great reviews on and I wanted to test it out myself. I'll be sending some to the Youtuber as well and I might save one for a future giveaway as well.

This is probably the largest Korean makeup haul I've ever done and it certainly won't be my last. I think I'm going to continue ordering from BeautyNetKorea as my first time experience is really good! And you can't really beat those prices.

I'll be trying out some of these products in the next few weeks so look forward to new review posts on these!

Have a great Friday and a safe fourth of July weekend if you're American!

Disclaimer: Everything featured on this post was ordered with my own money and not provided by the company for free so this is clearly not a sponsored post.

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  1. wow :D that all look great.
    And the packages look so sweet. =)


  2. That is really nice of you to send a package to a YouTuber for a wedding gift! I really want to try that tint jelly, you should definitely do a review ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. I definitely will! That'll be my next post. I've tried it already and I'm loving it so far!

  3. Wow so many samples! The packaging of the Tony Moly glosses are so cute, still haven't gotten around to ordering Korean makeup yet but I really want to they're just so adorable!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. I literally can't get over how adorable and pink everything is! AHH!!