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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hi everyone! How have you guys been?
I'm coming back again for another review on a brush that I've been dying to try which is the Real Techniques Sculpting brush (retails for around $10). This was released around the same time as the Bold Metals collection so this brush was kinda overshadowed by them but I'm here to tell you how amazing this brush it!
This brush is a new addition to the affordable Real Techniques line of brushes that you can find at Ulta and supposedly Walmart now. Like all Real Technique brushes, this is a very soft synthetic brush and incredibly dense!
As you can tell, this brush is mainly used for contouring to bring out your facial features. This brush has a very low angle which makes it kinda stiff and fit perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks. At first I was afraid of how the angle is not as pronounced as many of my other angled brushes but that doesn't cause a hindrance for contouring. In fact, it makes it a lot better because of how slight the angle is making each and every bristle dense when in other brushes where the angle is a lot steeper, the longer bristles are not dense.
The brush is a perfect size where I can do some light contouring around the nose and I have a pretty small nose. If I can eliminate as many steps as possible, I'll do it and this brush does it all.
From left to right: Paris Presents Angled brush (Walmart), RT Sculpting brush, RT Expert Face brush
The brush I used for contouring/shading prior to getting the Real Techniques brush was my trusty Paris Presents angled brush which has been my favourite brush for years and I know I've mentioned before on my blog about how much I love this brush. Now that brush has finally been tossed aside (okay, maybe I'll use it for blush) and now the Sculpting brush is my holy grail! As I mentioned before, the angle not being as steep as others on the RT brush makes it place contour colours a lot more evenly distributed than brushes with a steeper angle as the density is pretty even on each side while on the Paris Presents brush, it's pretty flimsy on the long side. And with the RT brush being so dense, it blends a lot faster and you have greater control than the Paris Presents brush. Because of the density, the RT brush doesn't lose it's shape while on the Paris Presents, it loses it's shape after one use.
Left: Paris Presents // Right: RT
Now when I first looked at the Sculpting brush, I, of course, needed to compare it to the only other Real Techniques brush I had which is the Expert Face brush. I already have a full review on the Expert Face brush but here's a quick comparison of the two:
Left: Sculpting // Right: Expert Face
The thickness of the two are pretty similar but the Sculpting brush can be a bit thinner at times. The Sculpting brush is a lot more dense, softer, and slightly wider than the Expert Face brush. And of course the Sculpting brush has an angle while the Expert Face brush has a dome shape.
Performance wise, they both can contour but the Sculpting brush is a lot easier for contouring while the Expert Face brush needed a bit more time and patience to get the contouring done. 

I don't know if I mentioned but the great thing about the Sculpting brush is that it can be used for multiple uses just like the Expert Face brush because of it being synthetic. You can use it for either powder or cream contours, foundation (blends like a dream!), blush (not really preferred as it's kinda too dense), etc. 

- Great price ($10 which is reasonable for the quality)
- Suuuuuper soft
- Dense
- Keeps it's shape
- Multi-purpose (use for both cream and powder products)
- Applies contour shade evenly
- Blends quick
- Synthetic (cruelty-free!)
- Low degree angle causing an even distribution of density across the brush
- No shedding
- Cleans well
- Doesn't get wet or clumps bristles together after using liquid products so you can use this brush for your entire makeup look
- Pretty pink packaging!
- Decreases time spent on face makeup for me

- Bulky handle kinda makes it hard to store but whatever. This brush is still perfection

Basically this brush is another success for Real Techniques and a brush I'm glad I bought. If you contour your face a lot or if you're looking for a brush to add to your collection, this is something I recommend highly! Of course it's not a necessity but it really does make my face makeup process a lot quicker as I used to spend quite a while doing my contouring.

That's pretty much it! I'm glad this brush worked out for me and I hope it works out for you guys if you decide to try it out! Leave me some recommendations for any other Real Technique brushes if you guys have tried more as I'm really interested in getting some more brushes from them.

Have a great weekend guys!

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