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Monday, March 09, 2015

Hi everyone! How have you all been?image
Yes, yes, it's been a very long time since my last blog post. imageI need to start getting in the habit of blogging more since I have a lot of things to say but alas, here comes the excuses once again: I have none. The only real excuse I have to say is that I've been sleeping way too much lately and watching a lot of Running Man, which I must say is the greatest variety show ever.

Anyways, I recently went to Target going to repurchase my favourite mascara Maybelline's Full N Soft but there was one mascara that always caught my eye and I always picked up but always put back. That being L'oreal's Miss Manga mascara. Just the packaging with the ugly pandas (for real, I've seen elementary kids draw cuter pandas than that) and anime-ish eyes always grabbed my attention but I never had the courage to venture off to try a different mascara after I had such great luck with the Full N Soft and the only other L'oreal mascara I tried was the Million Lashes and that mascara was terrible. Well finally I purchased the Miss Manga mascara (in waterproof of course) just because I noticed that it was like 30 cents cheaper than the Full N Soft (gosh I'm a cheapskate) so here's my review!
What it claims:

  • Up to 12x lash volume in a flash (lol k)
  • Clump-free
  • Flake-free
  • Smudge-free

Opening up the mascara, I already had bad first impressions of it looking at the brush. Now I like the traditional bristle mascaras but this one has an odd shape as it's cone shaped and has that stupid flexible thing which I have no idea what purpose it brings. The mascara had a lot of the product built up on the tip of the brush because of the cone shape so I had to clean quite a bit off.
Left: no mascara // Right: w/ mascara
lol messy application
My camera never does a great job of picking up my lashes but hopefully this is good enough. As you can see, there's not much for me to work with. My natural lashes are terrible as they go straight down and are wimpy as hell.
After applying one coat of the mascara, my lashes were already longer and thicker. But also crunchy and clumpy. The reason why I love my Full N Soft so much was it still felt like normal lashes hence the name "FULL and SOFT". The Miss Manga made my lashes feel brittle and hard which I know lots of mascaras do have that feeling but after using three tubes of Full N Soft for a year and a half, I forgot that brittle feeling of my lashes.
I love how the first thing the Miss Manga mascara claims is that it's clump-free because the first thing I noticed was how clumpy my lashes looked. I'm not a hater of the clumpy look (as long as it doesn't look like I applied on 72 coats of mascara) but I'm a fan of the feathered, separated, natural lashes look. I'll just make sure to clean the brush more next time I use this.
LOL my lashes still suck
Throughout the day, I didn't get any panda eyes (how ironic) so there was no need for wiping my eyes off. And usually with mascara it sorta fades on me and doesn't look as great as it did the first time I apply it but by the time I came back from a long day, my lashes still were looking almost as good as when I first applied it!

Then here comes when I removed my makeup: this was a pain to remove. I was perfectly fine with using my Neutrogena wipes to remove all of my makeup including mascara when I was using the Full N Soft but with this, that wouldn't work. I had to use multiple removers to fully take this mascara off and I lost a couple lashes along the way. That was a big no for me as I barely have any lashes to begin with.

- Long and thicker lashes
- Cheap ($6.99 at Target)
- No smudging
- Holds a curl
- Lasts for a long time

- Clumpy
- Makes my lashes crunchy and brittle
- Difficult to remove
- Have to clean up the tip of the brush
- What the hell is that flexor brush supposed to do

In the end, it's a decent mascara and I know many people will like this mascara but it's definitely not something I prefer. I'll use it up and all but I don't think I'll repurchase. I'll just go back to my trusty Full N Soft. And if L'oreal ever reads this review, hire me to redesign that panda because that thing is hideous.

Thanks for reading! Hope you found this review helpful. Have a great week!

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