How TOMS Screwed Up

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hey guys! How have you been?image
So now it's 2015 which is crazy already and sounds weird to say because it just sounds gross in my opinion even though I'm class of 2015. So it's the start of the new year and I thought I'd tell you a funny story about my online purchase from TOMS that occurred this week.

I thought I'd spoil myself because I've been awfully good last year by getting some new shoes. Now I've never purchased from TOMS even though I've been eyeing a lot of their stuff since my middle school years, especially their Chestnut Paseos for women so I purchased myself some last Sunday and got me some free 2-day shipping. As I waited patiently for my shoes to come in, they arrived as they said they would on Tuesday. I immediately ripped open the box, admired the cute rustic and recycled look they had going on and to my surprise, this was in the box.
I apologize for the blurry photo
Now does that look like anything like the shoes from above??image Not even the colour is close! I really don't understand how they messed that up since these shoes are not even in the same category for shoe types.
But at least they got my shoe size right, am I right?image

Well anyways, I right away contacted TOMS in any way I could have, even tweeting at them.

Which they replied to days later...

I found the fastest way of getting answers from them was from their live chat. So I told them about how I got the completely wrong order and they told me how they were sorry and they would immediately send me the right shoes I ordered and a shipping label to return the shoes that I didn't order. So yesterday I got the shoes I actually ordered.

I like how they look thought I don't like how the leather feels but I can't wait to match them with my clothes.

Funny thing is, I never received a shipping label from them so I guess I can't return the shoes they sent me by mistake. Hey, I got free shoes! The wedges aren't my style and my feet slip out of them since I'm actually a 6.5 so I'm giving them to my sister. She says they're comfortable!
Moral of this story, if you want TOMS to get you free shoes, make sure they screw up your order. Some pluses did come with this mess up. I got two TOMS stickers! Now this post isn't any way bagging on TOMS. I'm happy with my purchase and will probably buy more shoes from them sometime later and the customer service was super nice. (Shout out to Nathaniel P.! You're the real MVP!) So yeah, that's my little "Story Time with Lily" and hope you guys enjoyed this post. More posts will be coming soon.
Any updates, I'm in the process of designing new Pokemon stickers so look forward to that this year!image And I'm also finished with college applications so I'm freeeeee~~ until my semester finals...

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let's start of this year well.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Laila! I'm glad I got them since I've been getting lots of compliments on them. :)

  2. Haha, that's happened to me with a few other online stores before. Sometimes you just gotta waste a bit of time and be patient to get some free things :P

  3. I can top that story! I was ordering some shoes on Gmarket a month ago and I actually received TWO left shoes. That's right. How does THAT even happen I ask you?! They had buckles on the outer side so it wasn't even hard to see if you had a pair or not. I then realized somewhere in Korea girl was sitting with two right shoes LOL. I got left and right shoe in the end but I was just sitting there like HOW. I'm glad you got your shoes! I love the chestnut color :)

    1. Thanks Sam! LOL how the hell does that happen?? I don't understand how shops mess up on that stuff. Just open the box and take a look. -_-

  4. HAHAHA Yay free shoes! But good thing they were so prompt and cooperative. I was expecting some horror story about terrible customer service.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames