Bikini Body Guide Diary | The Start of My Journey

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hello everyone! How are you guys?
Let's chat about something we should all be doing and caring about: fitness. I honestly haven't been very fit lately. Last summer, I worked out like crazy because I wanted to lose fat and tone up. It worked and I lost 10 pounds but then the school year started and I had "no time" to exercise as much and I became lazier and lazier by the second. Because I make Youtube videos, I looked back at my old videos and noticed how my face was a lot slimmer during the summer and it made me extremely unhappy with myself because I let myself gain so much when I was in the progress of getting my dream body.
Now since it's the new year, I have some sort of motivation to work out more. I began to work out again last week but I wasn't enjoying my workout plan. My friend told me about this #thekaylamovement that was going around on Instagram and I had no idea what it was. At first I thought it was some protest going on so I didn't really care much for it initially but what I found were some of the most insane results from this 12 week workout program called the Bikini Body Guide (BBG).
BBG is an eBook which you have to purchase for almost $70. I'll tell you right now, I torrented it so I didn't pay a dime. BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME I'll admit I'm incredibly frugal and hate spending money but the opportunity was right there so I took the chance. Also, I paid around $250 for college applications so I really couldn't afford to spend more money. Sorry Kayla!

So the eBook is filled with different exercises you do for each day for a 12 week span.

Let the before and after pictures do all the talking for you:
It's crazy! Now my goal isn't really to get a full on six pack. All I really want are toned abs with that indent line that goes down the middle so hopefully this program helps me achieve that.

The main purpose of this post is to announce that I am starting this program because I have a bad habit of starting something and never finishing it so maybe if I tell hundreds of people over the internet that I'm doing this it'll put some pressure on myself to deliver the results to you guys. Also, I will be documenting each week of exercise to show you guys my progress and to motivate me more.

Now I already started Week 1 today and my experience so far? I want to die.
Taken right after finishing the first workout. Look at my stupid face lol
Looking at the exercises for each week I said "This looks so easy." It's not.
I've done a lot of exercises programs (30 Day Shred, Body Revolution, etc) and I can already tell you, this is the most difficult one yet. Mostly because for the knee lifts I don't have access to the gym anymore so I don't have the right equipment so I used a dining chair and it's too high so my legs were already tired after 6 reps. I'm weak!
Also, burpees are the spawn of Satan. I have decent leg strength since I used to run but I have absolutely no arm strength. The amount of push-ups I can do correctly are about three. Sad, I know. The exercises go pretty fast. I can do two repetitions of one circuit before the seven minutes are up.

Hopefully I can come back next week to document the end of week 1 and can continue on to do so until I'm completely done with the program.
Go on this journey with me! We can all suffer together.

Thanks for taking the time to read guys! Hope you have a great week! I'll be back shortly for reviews and, of course, my BBG Diary series.

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  1. You go girl! All the best in getting that dream body! I really want to lose fat in my face but the only way of doing that is by losing weight overall except I have the stamina of a baby and my face is exactly like yours after one workout. Even the really easy ones leave me feeling like I want to die. And then I give up lol. I need motivation too D:

  2. OMG I just randomly came back to blogger to see this Lily! I'm so happy for you and you know what? I'm also doing #thekaylamovement so you aren't alone! I'm doing it for the fun and torture because I'm just that lame BUT I'm extremely excited to see where you'll be and how your progress will turn out!

  3. Oh man, I should really start this too. Can't wait to see the progress on your blog.
    After reading this I'm probably gonna end up getting the book too but I hope I actually start it cause I can be lazy as hell and have the excuse of "I'll just start tomorrow." Gotta start NOW! Have that beach bod by dat summer time fine time LOL

    Good luck, girl!