{REVIEW} I-Fax Gray + Pure Brown Circle Lenses

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hi guys! How are you doing? 
Just a quick post to go with my Youtube video on these two circle lenses I got from Klenspop.
If you would like a full review, check out my video! The video will show you how to open and clean your lenses as well but to be honest, I tried to go with this oldies infomercial style but GOD recording my voice was annoying and my voice sounded weird as hell.
I-Fax Grey

Pure Brown

Also, small update, I am completely sold out of my Pokemon Stickers which were available on my Etsy shop. But don't worry since I now have my Sailor Moon stickers available!
You can purchase them HERE.I don't think I'll continue with my Storenvy shop just because it's hard to maintain one store on two different platforms and most of my sales come from Etsy since more people go on there.

Hope you liked this post! Sorry about not updating so much but I'm really close with being complete with all my college applications so I will make a comeback eventually! I miss blogging so much.Maybe since I'm on winter break now I can blog some stuff but I'm going to the mountains next Wednesday so I don't know... Also, I'm starting to catch up on Legend of Korra since I haven't been keeping up for the past month and I JUST FOUND OUT THAT KORRASAMI IS A THING OMG!!!!
Anyways, have a nice weekend guys!

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  1. I like both lenses on you! The first pair have to be my favourite though :D

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  2. I really like the blue ones on you, but the other one looks very nice too! The stickers are very cute!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  3. THOSE SAILOR MOOON STICKERS!!! they're sooooooo cuteeeee!