Suck My Ass Julep

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hey guys. How have you been? I've been great.... up until a few hours ago!!!!
This might be a long post filled with anger and curse words. In the name of Scar from Lion King: Be prepaaaaaaared!

So on the first of September I watched a lot of subscription box openings on Youtube since I had nothing else to do and I needed something to distract me from getting my homework done. I came across a Julep box opening and the Youtuber mentioned how Julep was having a special on how you could get a box for free and you just had to pay for shipping and handling which is only $2.99. Me being a cheapskate and haven't bought new nail polishes in a year I thought this was a good deal! So I quickly made an account and purchased this deal. My box came a week and a half later and I thought the colours were decent. I received three polishes and a skin serum (I guess Julep is trying to expand on skin care and other makeup). I was genuinely happy to receive my order even though the purple colour was ugly) so I tried everything right when I got it. I put a base coat and top coat and was set for my cute new manicure.
What I received
The next day I noticed my nail polish chipping! I've never experience nail polishes chipping that incredibly fast especially for polishes that are leaned more on the higher end (each polish is regularly $14) so I was extremely disappointed in the horrible quality of these polishes so I took it all off and never touched them again. I was planning on doing a review for them later.

Fast forward to today, the 27th of September when I was checking my bank account and saw that I had less money than I had when I last deposited my paycheck! Me being a pretty frugal person I knew something was wrong. I looked to see why I had less money scared that someone was using my card and saw that fucking Julep charged $24.99 for a fucking Maven box that I never ordered! Never have I subscribed to their monthly subscription and never did they say that they would automatically charge me again for their next box and NEVER did I receive an order confirmation from them saying that I was charged for this. I was only planning on taking advantage for the $2.99 deal they had going on! I would never subscribe to those subscription things since I had horrible experiences last time so I was furious to see they did something like this.

First thing I did was call Julep themselves to tell them about the prder. I called at around 4:30PM and I could never get in contact with their office. I looked and the business hours on Saturdays are 9AM-5PM so what the fucking fuck are they doing in their office besides helping their customers? Fucking themselves with the money they scammed out of everyone? What in the fuck!!! I get in hold of the DMV better than their shady ass customer service.

I went on my account and tried to remove my card from their account but they make it impossible to. They keep your credit card information forever! What kinda bullshit is that? Isn't that illegal?

Then I emailed my bank and reported Julep for unauthorized purchase and requested a refund even though Julep doesn't allow refunds lol. My bank emailed me back saying that I will receive my refund back in hopefully one business day. Thank god for my bank since obviously the Julep customer service isn't gonna do shit about what happened and don't give a shit either.

Researching other customer reviews this is not the first time this happened! This has been a recurring thing and people are saying even though they cancelled their subscription they are still getting charged!
If you take a look at the Better Business Bureau, Julep has so many shitty reviews and people are complaining how the customer service is not responding to anyone.

Once I get a hold of the customer service you best believe shit is going down. Usually I'm a total ass kisser when it comes to customer service but I'm not even gonna try to play with them. Y'all know how angry I get so I'm not gonna sugar up what I have to say.

If I get any updates I'll definitely inform you guys.

I wouldn't risk it since they keep your credit card information. If they don't cancel my supposed subscription I will fly to Seattle myself until I get my answers. jk no money but I won't stop till I get this stupid account cancelled.

Hopefully my bad experience helps you guys out and prevents you from making bad choices like me.
Have a good weekend guys.

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  1. Holy shit what kind of business is this. People like that really don't have a heart for their customers. It's great that people now are able to complain and warn others before they order from this company too. I've never experienced something like this but I'm glad you warned everyone about it. I really hope you get your money back and don't get charged again.

  2. Wow i'm pretty sure it's illegal to take money for something you didn't sign up for :| what a terrible service! Hoping you can get your money back :C

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. OMG I cannot believe how DUMB YOU ARE!! READ the fine print. Julep is one of the best brands hands down. You're too much of a moron to comprehend that. (Maybe you should probably finish your HOMEWORK before you waste time online, but whatever.) SECONDLY, you didn't even mention what brand base and top coat you used with it. Not all polishes are very compatible, you need to understand. It's extremely ignorant and you gave up too soon. The fact you didn't share the brands you paired with Julep tells me it's obvious they were cheap. And they were old formulas too, you haven't bought polish in over a year. What do you even know?! Shame on you for slandering a great company that sent you freebies. As a Julep Maven member myself I KNOW the sign-up process and how the monthly billing is explained obviously. YOU DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION!! Not only that, you missed all the emails during the window where you pick your box or SKIP the month. YES, YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO SKIP! Nothing illegal about Julep's process, and the company gives a lot to CHARITY as well. You are WAY too dumb to blog.

  4. One more thing, I have dealt with many customer service calls and Julep has the BEST customer service team hands down!! I NEVER have to wait on hold and they are the nicest and most helpful! I guarantee they would've done anything to make you happy if you called anytime during the day when they were OPEN and explained your ignorance. Yes, even though it WAS YOUR BAD they would have tried to help. Just so you know MOST companies don't run customer service 24/7. Dial down the bitch.