Anime Halloween Teaser

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hey guys! How have you all been?

So this is a little teaser post showing a few of the looks I have planned for my upcoming Halloween tutorials I will have on my Youtube channel. Of course these are just trials, NOT the finished look so don't worry about how crappy they look right now. They'll hopefully be better!
For the Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow makeup I used a NYX Jumbo Pencil in White to cover my face but I did just purchase the Ben Nye Clown White Makeup off of Amazon so hopefully that looks better and less streakier than what I used.
You can tell how fake the eyes are LOL! I used my drawing program to make my eyes yellow since I don't have the correct lenses yet. In my previous post I talked about all the lenses I was hoping to buy but I found most of them on Pinky Paradise for soooo much cheaper! I'm probably going to purchase the lenses from Pinky Paradise since they have a free shipping deal going on at the moment.

These lenses would be perfect for the Sasuke makeup.
Princess Pinky Cosplay CPS1
But for more practical looks that would work for any cosplay with red eyes, getting just plain red circle lenses would be nice like these:
Vassen Dolly Plus Red
As for the Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow look, I can black out my entire eyes but yellow lenses would work.
Princess Pinky Cosplay Yellow Werewolf 

I'm super excited about filming the tutorials! It's going to be pretty vigorous to get done. Choosing the right music, the right lighting, getting all the costumes, wigs, and products, etc. Hopefully it comes out the way I hope it will!

Thanks for reading guys! I'll see you later.

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  1. Wow, the second look is so sick. Even if it's not the full look, it still looks on point. Your really good at doing crazy looks! I so want to try it out for Halloween (if I have time to since October is exam month).

  2. WAW really !! I LOVE YOR MAKE UP. It's fantastic , congratulations for your post