Review: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey guys! imageLong time no post! I'm not gonna babble on about my excuses so I'll just get right on to the review. I got this brush a while back on my birthday when I was at the mall with my friends and we went to Ulta because my friend wanted to get an eyeliner and I walked past the Real Techniques brushes by the infamous Pixiwoo ladies and remembered all the hype about them. Me being a huge brush hoarder, I needed to at least get one and I knew I would regret not buying it.  I opted for the expert face brush since I like these buffing kinda brushes for foundation and the other brushes didn't really suit my needs. Is it worth all that hype though? Well let's see!

When I was at Ulta, I didn't realize how small the brush is. In Youtube videos, this brush looked a bit bigger but it's pretty small! Not talking about the handle, that thing is bulky as hell. The brush head is pretty small and doesn't cover a whole lot of surface area. I believe the small head makes it ideal for any kinda work on the face ranging from foundation to contouring. At first I thought the small head would bother me and it did at first but now I'm used to it.
Although the brush head is pretty small, it's still densely packed making it impossible for foundation streaks. I actually don't really like using this brush for liquid foundation just because I feel like it sucks up too much of my liquid foundation but I've been wearing more powder foundation and it's perfect for that! But here's the cool thing about when I use this with liquid foundation. You know when you use a brush for liquid foundation and your brush bristles start to splay and stick together because it gets that liquidy product in it? This brush doesn't do that at all! I remember being able to do my entire face with this brush! Probably not good for my face to use one brush for my entire face but I had to see it for myself! I did my whole foundation, blended out my liquid concealer, powdered, and bronzed my face with this one brush. If I ever do those 5 Minute Makeup videos I'll probably use this brush since it's perfect for that!
This brush is decently soft. I remember how makeup "gurus" on Youtube would rave about how soft this brush is and it's like a baby's butt but it's not. I felt softer brushes and this Real Techniques doesn't compare. I believe ELF and Ecotools are way softer than Real Techniques but hey! At least it doesn't scratch my face!
I haven't experienced any hairs shedding and I've washed this brush quite a few times. This brush is so weird because when I wash this brush, it almost feels completely dry once I'm done washing it. It's like this brush doesn't absorb water at all. Or am I crazy?????
Compared to one of my all time favourite foundation brushes: Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki, I prefer the Expert Face Brush for powder while I'll always stick with liquid for the Sigma one. But the Expert Face Brush is great because since it's smaller and domed shape it gets around my nose easier than the Flat Top. Maybe it's because my nose is almost nonexistent. They both blend great but the Sigma absorbs foundation less than the Expert Face Brush. Of course the Sigma brush is more than double the price of the Expert Face so if you can't afford the Sigma one, the Expert Face brush is the way to go.

The only thing that bothers me is the handle. It's made so it can stand up on it's own which is nice but for me, I hold my brush handles on the end and that's the bulkiest side of the brush handle so it's like holding on to a cup to do my makeup. I had to change the way I hold brushes so I won't get cramps in hand while doing makeup so it was an easy fix.

- Decently affordable ($9) If you get it at Ulta, there's usually a lot of sales going on so you can probably get it for a lot cheaper!
- Densely packed for seamless blend
- Cute orange (usually I hate orange but this works)
- Soft (but not ER-MER-GEHRD soft)
- No shedding!
- Although it covers a small surface area, it gets the job done fast!
- Doesn't get wet after liquid foundation
- Multi-purpose! I used this brush for my entire face!
- Synthetic so 100% cruelty free!
- Dome shaped so it gets around hard to reach areas better

- Absorbs liquid foundations so you have to use more
- Bulky handle

So more likes than dislikes. If you need a new foundation brush in your life, maybe you should give this one a try! I feel like since I'm using powder foundation more I'm going more towards this brush than my Sigma which is weird because I've been using my Sigma more than a year!
So anyways, new updates in my life: I've been watching Bleach this entire week. I'm on episode 86 but I'm no where near close! I'm getting a new phone I think on Saturday and it's going to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3! I really do not want the Note since it's too big and I wanted the S5 because it can actually fit in my pocket but my whole family is getting the Note for free so I have to. I'm trying not to complain but that phone is too big! I know my friends are gonna laugh at me because I always complain how only businessmen should have a Note since maybe they need it more. Oh lord.... At least it looks nice and it's better than my old Samsung Galaxy S2.
ALSO!!!!!! I'll probably be making a separate post and video later on but I'm starting a little shop to sell stickers (and hopefully charms later on) that I designed myself. Right now the stickers I got professionally printed are ready for pick-up so I should be opening the store maybe at the end of August? I'll update you guys later! I think it's going to be fun since I've always wanted to make my own stickers.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I'm planning on posting a new post next week and if I don't, yell at me! I need to update this blog more often! Thanks for sticking with me!

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