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Sunday, August 31, 2014

So quick little announcement...
I opened up a shop! This one is where I'm going to sell my stickers that I designed myself. In the future I would like to sell acrylic charms as well but I have to wait till I gather some funds from the shop to make that possible.
So the shop is called Meowcaron (meow from cat + macaron the tasty dessert treat omg I'm so clever hehe). At the moment I only have my Pokemon stickers up but I am working on other stickers like Hunter X Hunter since it's my favorite anime and I might design some Super Smash Bros. stickers since the new game is almost here! I also want to do custom order stickers but I have to wait till I find a good way to do that since I do get my stickers professionally printed and I can only order a large stock at a time so custom orders won't be possible that way.
Also my stickers are not kiss cut meaning they aren't pre cut stickers so you're going to have to cut them yourself. I recommend using an exacto knife or nail scissors. I would sell them pre cut but they're really expensive to get done and I'm not confident with my cutting skills (as you can see the stickers I cut out).

So give my shop a look if you're interested. :) I really want to get more designs up since it's so exciting to see your work printed. It makes it super official hehe.
Thanks for your time!

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    ❤Lovely Anne❤

  2. I would definitely buy something, the stickers are adorable!! That cubone omg ;;

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. Yay so you did it anyways! Telling from your tweets I thought you gave up. About the shop: I don't think you should write custom orders are okay and "how to make custom orders, there should be a X" etc and then customers cannot find these things - I think it could frustrate possible customers so as long as you're not able to do it because you need to print in bulk, I wouldn't advertise it ;) That being sad, I looooove your stickers. Can you please make more :D I wish they were clear/plastic though as they willsurvive so much longer than paper-based ones, it's sad they cost so much more in production. I hope your shop goes well! :)

  4. UGH these are so cute!~ Congratulations on the store, Lily!~ (Hi I'm korean too ahahaha)

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  5. Hey, you have a really nice Blog with interesting Stuff on it! :)
    Do you want to follow each other via GFC? If yes please let me know and i follow back :*

    Greetings & Kisses from Germany