KLENSPOP Circle Lenses Review + Pics!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Hi everyone! Long time no post!
This is just a quickie post. I have had no time to do many posts and videos lately but more will be coming soon! I recently got a package from the great people at KLENSPOP.com for me to review more of their great circle lenses.
I have a Youtube video reviewing everything they sent me but this post is mainly for close up pictures.

C.C. Gray - link here
Magic Eye Heva - link here
EXY 3 Color Green - link here
Eye-N Sweety Brown (my fav!) - link here
Here are some full face selfies with some of the lenses.

So yeah! This post is pretty much for extra pictures. Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
Have a great week guys! Now I gotta go catch up on Hunter X Hunter. :)

Lily Hong

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  1. These lens look so nice on you Lily! I wish I had a bunch of circle lenses to try >.< They look pretty natural and ah~ you're so pretty! Thanks for the picture posts!

    Love, Aimee
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  2. you look so pretty with the lenses! youre right about the brown lens it is indeed very nice, looks good on you. i also loved the tri color green. and those sunnies are so cool! :)


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Yeah, design wise, the green ones are my favourite. :)

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