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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hey guys! How have you all been?image
This week is the last week before the school year ends so I will have tons of more time to blog and make more videos. Also, I just took the SATs again yesterday so I'm pretty much done with testing too (until I have to study and take the ACTs lol).
In the mean time, here are some new products I got from, an online Korean store that sells Korean makeup, brushes, tools, lashes, and more! All for a great price, comparable to drugstore prices! I got some makeup products and brushes to try out for a review for you guys.

First thing I got was the Belleme gel eyeliner in Choco Brown. All of the Belleme makeup has cute packaging! I love the simple and youthful drawings on the boxes. So cute packaging is a plus for me! It sells for $8 but there's a set called the Define Perfection Combo that sells for the same price but also includes an eyeliner brush. This is around the same price as my trusty Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner so I'd like to see how comparable it is. Hopefully the Belleme one is better. Reading the customer reviews, this sounds like a great products so I can't wait to try it out!
Next is the U Can Cover Concealer (currently on sale for $3.49!) and I got it in the shade Light. Packaging is super cute again and reminds me of the Benefit Boing concealer packaging. Again, this has great reviews on the website so this product looks promising. I haven't used many cream concealers, the only one being the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette which I found a bit drying, so hopefully this is very creamy!
Last makeup product (kinda) is the 24/7 I Need Moisture lip balm stick. This is the only one I've actually tried and it says it goes on clear and deepens to a pink colour. It hasn't turned into a deeper colour on me but maybe I didn't try it on long enough? Or maybe it's because I already have really pigmented lips. Texture of the lip balm is very moisturizing and not too thick. And the packaging is super cute as well, heh. Always a plus. 
Last thing I received is the Bubinga Toray Large Powder Brush. On, all Bubinga brushes are half off! This brush is HUUGE. I probably should have went with the medium or small because I kinda don't know what I'm going to use this brush for because of it's odd shape. The bristles seems synthetic (which I love!) and super soft and dense. Maybe I can use this for powder foundation? 

The whole order was $25 and for the amount of products I got, that's a great deal! I can't wait to try out all the products from Abbamart. Everything looks promising and if everything turns out great, I'm definitely gonna purchase more stuff! Stay tuned for a review of all these products (might be a video or blog post).

 Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! Seriously, check out Abbamart. Lots of products are on sale and all the products are already priced at a decent price.
Well anyways, gonna go study for finals lol.
Lily Hong

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  1. Packaging is really cute! Reminds me of topshop and Stylenanda.

    1. I see it! Topshop and Stylenanda packaging is super cute. Definetly need to try their makeup soon :)

  2. Let me know if and how the concealer works! I love cream concealers and since I will be in Korea too would be good to know what is a must-buy :D If you have any other recommends from Korea I'd be more than happy to hear :) Hope you find more time to blog, yay! :D

    1. You`re going to Korea? So lucky! I need to go back to the motherland soon and get a whole bunch of makeup.
      I don`t remember a bunch about Korea so I don`t have a lot to recommend :/ Hope you share with us your trip!

  3. omfg this packaging is freaking dangerous...

    definitely placing an order asap ;-;
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yeah no problem! I know you'll love their products since I'm already in love :)

  4. Such cute packagings indeed, I'm always sold if something is cute looking. Definitely do a review on the gel liner, really want to see if it's worth buying it. I'm definitely going to check that site. All the products you've bought look super adorable and I want them all c:

    blog | the pastel daisy

    1. Will definitely be posting reviews for all the products here this week!