Belleme U Can Cover Concealer Review { Only $4! }

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey everyone! image
As seen in my last blog post, I received a lot of things from an online shop called There are two different Abbamart sites, one being which is the official Korean website and being the English version being based in the U.S. I wanted to finish all my Abbamart reviews this week since there is a special going on right now till June 22. Standard shipping within the U.S is $1! International shipping is $6. Anyways, onto the review!

Today's review is on the Belleme U Can Cover Concealer (more pictures on the Korean website). I'm always on the lookout for new concealers and I'm still on the search for a great one that I can consider as my "holy grail." What really intrigued me about this one is not just the incredibly cute packaging but the price point! imageCurrently, it's on sale for $4 but even the regular price is decent ($5)! It's a lot cheaper than most drugstore concealers these days.
It comes in only two shades (light and medium) and judging from review posts I've seen online, the shades aren't that drastically different. To be honest, I could get away with either shade. So sorry for my ladies with darker skin! Also, these concealers are really yellow toned but I think that works well for the dark circles since the yellow tone counteracts with the dark circles.

imageUsually, I'm more into liquid concealers just because how easy it is to apply and I like the doe foot applicator and the only other cream pot concealer I've used is the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette which I wasn't too fond of because of how dry and cakey it appeared on my undereyes so I didn't know what to expect with the Belleme concealer.
As you can see from the pictures, it does a good job of minimizing the look of my undereye circles! I didn't apply a whole bunch (in my opinion) yet it concealed my dark circles and made me look very refreshed and wide awake! image
The texture of this concealer isn't thick and it blends effortlessly. The thin texture makes this look natural and not cakey at all. The thinness of the formula also helps it last a lot longer on the skin. This is probably the longest lasting concealer I've ever tried since a lot of my concealers (and the rest of my makeup) pretty much melts off my face after two hours. This doesn't do that!
I've tried applying this concealer with both a brush and fingers and I have to say, I like applying it with a brush but blending with my fingers. I don't want to constantly dip my fingers in the pot since it would be unhygienic but blending with a brush constantly drags my skin so I don't like that. Plus, the warmth of my fingers helps this blend a lot easier.
I'm kinda worried about this concealer settling in fine lines. It doesn't happen to me since I don't apply a whole bunch but if you are the ones to apply a lot of concealer, it probably will settle into your fine lines. A trick you can do if you do have problems with concealers creasing and settling into fine lines is to apply eyeshadow base on your under eyes. I've been doing this for the past week and it's really helped my concealer last longer and not setting into some of my creases under my eyes!
- Incredibly affordable!
- Cute packaging is always a plus
- Conceals dark circles and blemishes
- Blends easily
- Texture is not too thick
- Lasts a long time!
- Great coverage
- Size is great for travelling
- Often on a great sale!
- Not enough shades (only two colours!)
- Can settle into lines

I really recommend this product! I would pay way more than $4 for this concealer. I would pay $14 for this concealer! For the price, this product is a steal. I hope you give this a try! And try out my little trick to get long lasting a creaseless concealer!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! My summer finally started so many posts will be coming soon this week. I've already uploaded so many videos on my Youtube channel because of all the time I have. I might do a birthday wishlist post if I have enough time since my birthday is next Monday! It's funny because I already think I'm 17 years old...but I'm not. Also, I'm planning on changing my blog design. I kinda want a more cute look so I'm trying to learn how to create my own layout. It's gonna be difficult but I have the whole summer to learn how to do it so it'll eventually happen. imageAlso, I have plenty of time for art commissions so if you want me to draw something, commission me!

See ya!

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  2. Oh wow! For a $4 concealer this looks super promising. I've never actually heard of Belleme, but I'm willing to investigate this brand now. Although I'm not a huge fan of cream concealers and prefer liquid, I might consider buying this~ Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee
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