EXY 3 Color Brown Lens Review + Video {KLENSPOP}

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hi everyone! How have you all been lately?image
Today's review is going to be corresponding with my latest Youtube video on a pair of lenses I have received from klenspop.com. The lenses I have are the EXY 3 Color lenses in Brown.
The online shop is based in Korea and shipped from Korea. The customer service is super nice so that's a huge plus! I cannot stress how important it is for shops to have good customer service because bad customer service is such a turn off and most likely if you have bad customer service I will never purchase from you again.
Everything came very fast, especially for overseas shipping. Everything was bubble wrapped to the extreme which is great because you have to be careful with the glass vials that the circle lenses come in. I believe every single pair of lenses you purchase from klenspop comes with a cute lens case with tweezers and a mirror and eye drops. If you remember my previous klenspop review, you will know how much these eye drops are a life saver and give an extra boost of hydration to the lenses so I carry these around with me all the time when my eyes start to feel dry. I also particularly like how the vials come in cute little personalized boxes!
For a closer look at the lenses, here is my video.
imageAs you can tell in the video, these lenses don't really have a lot of an enlarging effect nor do they have a lot of opaqueness which are huge downsides since I really look for lenses that give me a lighter brown look to my eyes since I hate how dark my eye colour is! Nevertheless, they give more dimension to my eyes and look slightly lighter. I do like how natural these look but they don't give too much of a different look than my real eyes. They're almost like the Acuve lenses that don't give much effect to your eyes.
Comfort level wise, these are the most comfortable lenses I have tried. They almost feel like regular clear contact lenses and I wore them for 5 hours one day and I didn't feel them at all! They don't feel thick at all and I feel like I could wear these as regular contacts since they don't look unnatural.

- Feel like clear contact lenses! Super comfortable!
- Gives more dimension
- Beautiful design
- Natural looking
- Makes my eyes look brighter

- Barely any color difference
- Almost TOO natural where barely anyone notices I'm wearing lenses
- No enlarging qualities

Overall, I think these lenses are okay. It's something I am actually able to wear on a day-to-day basis but if you're looking for lenses that will give you that ULJJANG look to your eyes, these will not be the ones for you. I'm interested in the other colors that these lenses come with since I do like the design these have so maybe those will be a better fit for me!
As for the store, KLENSPOP is a great store and has a good amount of different kinds of lenses ranging from super inexpensive to pretty pricey. So give them a look!


Thanks for reading! I hope to talk to you guys later!

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  1. Ah~ This lens are so pretty and natural on you! I've tried some lens from klenspop, and i really like their lenses! I actually like super natural lenses >.< Hehe, thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee
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