REVIEW: Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Neutralizing Powder Primer

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hey everyone!image How have you been?
Spring has come (unless you're in the southern equator) and the weather will start warming up soon, especially in Southern California where I reside so my skin will start to get oily as hell! I'm still on the hunt for a decent powder that can set my makeup to keep it from melting off. So far, no luck.
Recently, I won a giveaway from Mally Beauty's Youtube channel for their Guide to Gorgeous collection and in it included this Perfect Prep Neutralizing Powder Primer. You heard that right. A powder PRIMER. I was very interested to see how this would work out because I never tried anything like this. Does it work? LET'S FIND OUT.

The overall packaging of the powder has a pink metallic snake skin design which is Mally's signature look in her products. It has a decent sized mirror but the packaging is made of cardboard and has a fixed opening stance. It only opens at a 90 degree angle which isn't so bad but it gets kinda annoying for me. I don't know, maybe I'm being a little prick.
I got the powder and other things in a set and it included this double ended face brush but I believe if you buy just the powder primer it still comes with the brush. The brush is decently soft and I believe it's made out of synthetic fibers. I love the pink metal design but sometimes when using the brush, it sheds. The size is kinda small to be a powder brush and a bit dense. I prefer to apply the product with a fluffy powder brush so I use the double ended brush for foundation sometimes and the smaller end for cream concealer.

You're supposed to apply this before applying your foundation since it's obviously a primer but I also wanted to know if you could use it to set your foundation as well and Mally said herself that you can use this for that function too.
The powders only come in four shades: fair, light/medium, tan, and rich. I chose the fair shade and it fits me perfectly. Feeling the product, it's like a silky creamy texture which I was happy about. The other thing I noticed was that it has shimmers! WHY WHY WHYYY WOULD YOU EVER PUT ANY SHIMMER IN A FACE PRODUCT THAT'S NOT BLUSH?? So obviously the shimmers in the powder was a turn off for me. I was afraid that the shimmer might accentuate my pores and lately I've been struggling with clogged and huge pores so I didn't want that to be any more noticeable that it is already!

Blended out w/ flash
As you can see, the shimmer is noticeable. Indoors you won't be able to tell but in bright sunlight and in flash photography, your face will look illuminated which might be a good thing. I don't notice it enlarging my pores and the primer leaves a soft silky finish to my skin!  My foundation applied smoothly and evenly and then I set it with the primer. First look at it, my face looked good and I was happy with the finish.
Fast forward 20 minutes later, my skin was shiny as hell! I don't experience an oily face until at least 4 hours later so I don't know why my skin got so oily so quick! You would think that a POWDER primer would keep your face matte for a long time. Nooooooo. At the moment, my skin is more normal with an oily T-zone when it's hot. The weather when I tried this product out wasn't even hot. It was around 50-60 degrees so there was no reason for my skin to get so oily.

- Cute packaging
- Silky smooth texture
- Smooth finish to the skin
- Makes foundation look amazing
- Includes a brush

- Shimmery face product? Why would you ever??
- Leaves my normal skin oily as heck!!!!
- Shimmers are noticeable in the light
- Brush that's included sheds on face

In conclusion, it is a good product but I don't recommend to people with normal and oily skin. If you have dry skin, you might have better luck with it. I looked up reviews of this product and it seems like the dry skin girls especially loved this which I find kind of ironic. Maybe when my skin is especially dry again it'll work better for me. I'll keep you guys updated if that ever happens!

Thanks for taking the time to read and for sticking with me! I don't know if you guys could tell from my recent previous posts but I personally haven't had the motivation to write anymore. I don't get the same enjoyment of writing a blog post anymore but I don't want to give up on this blog because I've met so many nice people from my blog! Hopefully I will get the motivation to write and have that same enthusiasm I had a year ago. 

Anyways, thanks again guys and I'll talk to you later!


Disclaimer: The following product(s) were not sponsored, I rightfully won them in a giveaway ayyyyy.

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