Monday, December 09, 2013

Hey everyone!
These are some more fashion inspirations for this upcoming season and the store with the spotlight today is !
Aupie is an online store that features many cute styles, styles that you would see on other popular online stores like Romwe and Chicnova but with better service! They're always constantly coming in with new items in their store and have a good selection of tops, bottoms and accessories! 

I created some outfits with the items from Aupie and have also listed some of my favourite items from them!
pathwork colorblock pullover / hollow lace knitting pullover / big flower knit pullover / gradient cotton sweet pullover / mickey mouse pullover / black acrylic cardigan / yellow colorblock pullover  white hollow pocket pullover

You can never go wrong with knit sweaters! If you guys know me, you will know how much of a unhealthy obsession I have with knits and I can never stop buying knit sweaters ever. I even have some that look exactly the same! When I say unhealthy, I mean unhealthy.
fur collar padded coat / short sleeve lace dress 
A cute outfit to make a dressy dress (lol wat) fit into casual wear. This is an outfit I've been wearing for the longest time ever. I constantly wore a green parka and lace dress in the spring time and to bring that outfit into fall/winter wear, you just replace a green parka with a thicker parka with some fur lining on the hood, black knee socks, a pom-pom beanie, and some combat boots and you're good to go! 
batman sleeve fringe cardigan / beauty pattern print t-shirt / deep blue slim fit jeans
This outfit is probably something I would wear doing some errands and stuff without wearing the usual sweatpants/yoga pants and a hoodie and some flip flops. Oh no no..... Do you realize how many times I did that thinking "Eh, it's not like I'll see anyone I know or anyone cute while some In N Out" and look what happens.. My In N Out decided to hire the hottest freaking workers ever and I could tell they were looking at how disgusting I looked LOL!

I hope guys enjoyed my picks from The clothes are kinda pricey in my opinion but they still have some affordable stuff like the jewelry!

I'll sign off here but here is a little playlist I created for you guys to listen to if you need some new music or whatever. Bye guys! Have a great Monday (yeah right. Mondays are the worst).

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  1. I love your outfit compilations, pretty much what I wear all the time :D I am still looking for that perfect green parka.. (It has to be really thick because Germany gets sooooooooooooo cold!)
    As for I never heard of this store but what bugs me is that they use pictures from stores like ASOS etc. as their own so I would be hesitate to buy anything from them since it could be an overprices ripoff :/