REVIEW | NYX Xtreme Shine Lip Cream in Dolly Girl

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello everyone! It's finally time for another makeup review!
A couple of weeks ago, I went to Target on the search for a bright fuchsia lip color. It's very rare for me to buy lip products since I usually NEVER wear lip products but lately I have been purchasing more lip products just because why not? NYX is now available at Target (yay!) so I looked at their selections. I am in love with their Matte Lip Creams so I decided to give the Xtreme Shine Lip Creams a try.
"It's like nothing you've ever experiences before!" LOL
Just like the Matte Lip Creams, the Xtreme Shine has a doe foot applicator. It sometimes come with a bit of excess on the applicator but you actually need all that excess to cover up the whole lip.
The Xtreme Shine Lip Creams come in 11 colours, most of them in natural colours. Dolly Girl is a bright fuchsia colour with a blue undertone.
As you can tell, the colour is very pigmented! And the shine is actually good! Indoors, the shine doesn't show up as much but in lighting it looks like you're wearing a gloss.

When I first tried it, I noticed the STANK. This thing smells like plastic, like nasty ass plastic. I only notice it when I apply it. After it's been on the lips, the smell goes away but if you guys are sensitive to smell, oh god, don't buy it. I usually do not care for the scent but this product made me gag when I first smelled it.

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BAM! This colour is very bright and loud! Very different from my really safe, muted colours in my lip collection. I don't know when I would ever wear this, maybe when I'm out when I want attention (what? lol). The fuchsia colour just glams your makeup up so wearing a glammy outfit is a must when wearing this lip shade.
If I ever wanted to wear this to school, I would probably focus the colour more on the center of my lips and blend it out. You know, that Korean lip trend thing.

The texture, it's not sticky at all! It's very comfortable on the lips and stays for a long time. Application is fairly easy. It may apply kinda streaky but blotting your lips after will make it blend together a bit. Even though they have a shiny finish, it make dry out your lips and show the crack on your lips so make sure you exfoliate and apply lip balm.

Because of the shiny texture, it transfers VERY easily. After 4-5 hours, it will fade and the shininess of the cream will fade also so touch ups are necessary.

- Full on pigmentation!
- $6-8
- Healthy looking shine
- Lightweight and comfortable
- Does not settle in lines
- 4-5 hour wear
- Flattering fuchsia!

- Scent smells like burnt plastic
- Transfers
- Applies streaky
- Gets in my teeth

All in all, I am very happy with this lip product other than the nasty smell. I will probably try out more of the shades in this line and I really recommend this product to everyone unless you hate smelly products.
Hopefully this review helped you guys. Do not be afraid to wear bold colours! I used to not wear bright colours at all but after purchasing this, I feel a bit more confident in wearing brighter colours.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. I will see you guys later!

Lillian Hong

This is not sponsored. I bought the product with my own moolaaa and I was not contacted by any company to write this review. Everything is my honest opinion since I like to be real. And if any of you guys are actually reading this, yoooo.

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  1. Your skin looks so flawless! Love the colour of the lip cream :)

    1. Thank you but my skin has been breaking out a lot recently! The winter weather makes my skin horrible for some reason. :( I kinda made sure it didn't show up so don't be fooled by the pictures!

  2. Wow, that pigmentation is on point. And I didn't know they were that affordable. Definitely need invest
    And I just gotta say that, you really rock those monolids better than anyone I've seen so far.

    1. You should! And thanks, haha!! I have tried the double eyelids stickers and have to say, I'm proud of my monolids since I looked horrific with double eyelids LOL NEVER AGAIN

  3. the pigmentation is soo amazing!! this is on my Christmas wish list!! <333

  4. I think you look absolutely gorgeous with this color on, you should definitely rock it more often.
    I agree that to school that Korean gradient lips are best. I'm very into that trend lately, still learning how to apply it nicely.
    I'm just so disappointed that it smells bad! I've had some really bad smelling lipsticks in the past and I just couldn't apply them since it just smells like chemicals, and plastic and it's just nasty... I don't really like it when it has scent too but when it's a bed smell it's even worse. I've also noticed that almost everything dries out my lips, wish I knew of some tricks to prevent that from happening.


    1. I always will have a problem with lip colours drying out my lips. It could also be the texture of the lip product you used. Mattes always dry out my lips even though they're my favourite finishes. :/
      Dry applying a balm 10 minutes prior to applying the lip colour or a lip primer! I heard Sally Hansen has a good one :)

  5. YOU.HAVE THE CUTESTTTTTTT LIPS EVER!!! Did anyone ever tell you that?

    Btw I really love the colour on your lips! I might want to snag this for myself. :D And there's something about NYX lippie products and the smell.. I have the megashine lipgloss I believe and it's so disgusting but I guess I got used to it since I do like the product itself. Thanks for the review!

    1. LOL I have gotten some compliments on my lips from my other lip reviews. :) I really don't see it though!
      I have other NYX lip products but nothing smells as bad as the Xtreme lip creams!!

  6. I love NYX lip colors but agree they could work on the scents a bit more! I always buy hot pinks but never reach for them, I feel inspired now haha ^-^

    Jordan | Boho Vanity