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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
Today's review is going to be on the Etude House's Dear My Blooming Eyes in BR401 Miss You Again and Again Gold Brown provided by, an online Korean makeup store based in Toronto, Canada. So far, Momomango ships only to the US and Canada so sorry to the readers who don't live in the US and Canada!
The box art
The first thing you will notice is the cute and extravagant packaging! This is Korean makeup at it's best! You will never find cute packaging like this in the US. Even the box is very cute so I will not be throwing away the box. The whole theme is princessy and Cinderella-ish which I expect from Etude House.
Momomango currently sells 5 shades of the Dear My Blooming Eyes palettes ranging from shimmer and mattes. Most of them contain shimmer but a few contain a couple of mattes. Keep in mind that Korean women mostly wear shimmery eyeshadow so it's not very common for Korean women to wear only mattes.
The palette has a good sized mirror making it great for travel. Each palette comes with one double ended sponge tip applicator and one single ended applicator. They are fairly good quality and I enjoy using sponge tips. Seriously do not understand why people just throw away applicators.
Contains a shimmery pale beige, a shimmery deep cool toned brown, a shimmery bronzey copper, and a shimmery light gold.
w/ flash
natural lighting
The texture of the shadows are soooo buttery and soft, pretty comparable to other high end shadows but the pigmentation is so-so. I'm happy with the pigmentation of the deep brown and the copper but the other two shadows are meh. All of the shadows are buildable but the gold shade is very disappointing since it's pretty much just gold glitter which I'm bummed out about since I was looking forward to the gold. The shimmer is very noticeable outdoors but indoors the shadows look metallic.
The shimmer in the shadows are flecks of glitter and applying it with a brush will cause a lot of fall outs. Using the sponge tip applicators causes less fall outs but it's still annoying having to clean it off. Also, the shades don't have the best staying power by itself so using a primer is a must when using these shadows.

I find that a lot of Korean eyeshadows don't have a lot of pigmentation and not a wide range of colours but they definitely make it up with the adorable packaging.

Here is a little makeup look I did with the eyeshadows. The awkward posing though...

- CUTE CUTE CUTE packaging
- Buttery texture
- Pretty shades
- Some shades have decent pigmentation
- Great quality applicators
- Travel friendly

- Some shades lack in pigmentation
- Glitter fall out
- Limited amount of colours

And now a review of Momomango! Everything about this store is perfect: customer service is a dream. The person I talked to, Andrew, is an absolute sweetheart and they reply back within 24 hours. Finding your way around the website it easy. They are verified unlike many other online stores so it's completely safe to order off of there. They also include freebies with every purchase which is very nice!
The only complaint I have is that the eyeshadow palette wasn't bubble wrapped which is a pet peeve of mine since it is very possible for makeup to come broken. I was very fortunate to have my package come completely safe and undamaged. I just hope compacts like eyeshadows or powders come bubble wrapped in the future. Other than that, everything is perfect!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this review. I know many of you guys are interested in Korean makeup so I hope this helped you guys out! More reviews will be coming very soon so look out for that! Thank you guys for reading!

Merry Christmas!
Lily Hong

This is sponsored by but everything I say is my honest opinion and I always review things harshly even if I was sent a product for free. I like to be real here.

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  1. The packaging is really cute, as always. Maybe its 80-90% the reason why we buy these cute things? Haha
    Thanks for the review. I think I'd go for the matte one instead to get bolder colours

    1. You're welcome! Yup, I wouldn't care if any of the Etude House makeup didn't work, I would still buy it for the packaging ^ u ^

  2. I love the packaging <3 how cute it is <3
    Etude House is a very affordable brand in Korea and it has quite a few good makeup product.
    But I hate ordering online cause its sooo much cheaper in Korea >_<

    X Denise

    1. I didn't know that it was cheaper in Korea! But I guess it's better to just get it online than having to fly to Korea to get it, hah :)

  3. cute packaging as always Etude House products signature

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    Please, let me know! ;)

  4. ahaha I also LOVE the packaging!!
    omg your palette is super shimmery and pretty~~
    cute selca :D
    please check out my review/blog? I reviewed the Bashful Orange palette~
    Charrmyn [Click!~]
    xxox Charmaine

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