Holika Holika Moisture Petit BB Cream {REVIEW}

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello everyone! image Hope you lovely people had a great imageChristmasimage and getting ready for the new year that is upon us!
Today I will be reviewing Holika Holika's Moisture Petit BB Cream kindly sponsored again by Momomango.com. There are 5 different kinds of Petit BB Creams in the line catering to one of the needs you need: Clearing Petit BB Cream which has more coverage to cover up acne, Essential Petit BB cream which I'm not exactly sure what it does haha, Shimmering BB Cream which has pearly finish, Watery Petit BB Cream which moisturizes the skin like the Moisture Petit BB cream. I'm not exactly sure how the other four work but I will be telling you my opinions on the Moisture one. :)

Kitty cat on the packaging! =^^=
I was drawn into this BB cream because it is a BB cream suited for dry skinned people like me. My skin has been horribly dry because of the winter season and I always have a problem wearing foundation in the winter time because my dry skin is very noticeable when I wear foundation. Every single foundation in my collection has failed to cater to my needs even if I exfoliated my skin before applying the foundation so I was hoping this BB cream could help me out with that. And I was also looking for a new holy grail BB cream that was affordable and this being less than $10, I couldn't resist!

before (left) & after (right)
The BB cream only comes in one shade which is unfortunate for people with a deeper skin tone but I was lucky it suited my skin although it slightly whitens my skin but not by much.
The BB cream itself is sort of thick yet lightweight and it blends very easily and leaves a dewy skin-like finish. It also leaves the skin kinda tacky but I don't really mind that and powder easily fixes that problem if it bothers you. I LOOVE the natural finish it leaves on your face. Perfect for the girls who want to have that natural perfect looking skin. It still shows some of my dry flakes but definitely not as much as some of my other BB creams which I'm happy about. My skin has been getting less dry flakes so I don't know if it's because of this BB cream or maybe because the weather is getting less chilly.

I'm very surprised with the coverage of this BB cream!image Whenever I use this, I find myself using less concealer to cover up my dark circles since it does a good job at evening my skin as you can tell by the picture. I would say this has medium coverage but you can build it up without it looking cakey.
There is a light floral scent in the BB cream which I didn't even notice at all until I sniffed it just to make sure there was no scent.

- Affordable!!!
- Perfect for my dry skin
- Buildable
- Very moisturizing
- Natural skin finish
- Very good coverage!
- Cat on the packaging (yes that is a justifiable like)
- Several types of BB creams to cater to your liking

- Comes in only one shade

Overall, I believe I have found my holy grail BB cream. I would not recommend this to people with oily skin or people with a deeper skin tone. It's so hard to find Asian BB creams for people with deeper skin tones. :( For the oily skins out there, I heard the Essential Petit BB Cream is better suitable for oily skinned people but don't quote me on that since I didn't try it out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! My next few posts will be more fashion-esque since it's been a while since I've done an outfit post. By the way, how did you guys like those Pokemon emoticons? Super cute right??
Have a great and safe New Years!

Lily Hong

The product mentioned was kindly sponsored by Momomango but all my thoughts are real and honest because I don't see the point in lying to others for the benefit of myself. Like who the hell does that? If you do that, repent now. Lol does anyone actually read this?

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  1. thank you for the reviews! I haven't tried any holika products but I'll probably choose this as my first!~ Your skin look so amazing! you don't need any bb or concealer at all cuz you have such a porcelain skin to begin with ^_~

    1. You're welcome! Ahhh don't even get me started! Your skin is much nicer than mine!!! Seriously, if you saw me in real life you would see how desperately I need foundation haha!

  2. This looks like great coverage! :) It sounds good.

  3. My skin is dry all year round, so I think when I've run out of cake face products I'll try this one! I tend to always get dry and flakey patches on my face whenever I wear foundation/bbcream. Maybe I should start using a primer too?
    Thanks for the review

    1. It's kinda hard to find the perfect primer for dry skin! A lot of the primers I've used are usually for oily skins since it leaves a matte finish. I don't think a primer would help the dry flakes to no appear, I find primers just help make your foundation longer.

  4. Thank you for the review. I haven't heard of the product, but think the color looks good on you, even though there is only one shade of it. I'm Asian as well, and have similar skin color as you. This product should work for me.

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

    1. I hope it does! My skin colour is around NC20 to NC25 in MAC shades so hopefully this fits you!

  5. Great review lily! I think I will have try this because I really want to get into bb creams more. I usually mix my pale bb cream with a foundation to match my skin, but to be honest it is really annoying >:( Happy New Years <3

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

    1. Hope you do! Yeah, they need to make BB creams for every shade in Korea because the American BB creams just don't cut it

  6. Thanks for the lovely review! I haven't tried out any holika holika stuff but I can get a feeling they are pretty good so thanks ! ^__^

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great review! I reckon the coverage looks pretty good too. Would you like to follow for a follow?

    zxuantan.blogspot.com :)