Friday, July 05, 2013

If you guys watch makeup tutorials on Youtube, then you've probably heard this word before: "neutral". For some odd reason, people use that word as a replacement for "natural". Maybe they confuse the two words together but sometimes I hear it used in the same sentence.
It's been bothering me for the longest time ever. In art terms, neutral means not having a warm or cool undertone. Having a cool undertone means having a sort of blue, red, or pink undertone. Warm meaning having a yellow, peachy, or golden undertone. So using "neutral" as a replacement for "natural" is
You can tell here by this incredibly horrible picture I have here. I used the same red colour over different undertone shades.
I swear, it drives me crazy when I hear people say "I love NEUTRAL eye looks" or when I read titles saying "a NEUTRAL makeup look". I'm just like "are you kidding me?" I'm probably the girl getting down votes on Youtube comments for correcting beauty "gurus" for misusing the word. And it makes me laugh getting reply comments saying "omgz read a dictionary. Neutral is the same as natural."
Let us take a moment of silence for how incredibly sexy Mr. Darcy is in Pride & Prejudice...

Hopefully some of you guys don't get offended for me correcting you. This is for education purposes, I guess. I know when I correct people's grammar people go crazy and butthurt.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I was kind of lazy when drawing. Hope you guys don't mind the crap I drew. More posts will be up soon!


Disclaimer: All photos were created by me except the gifs which are from Tumblr. If you guys want to use my pictures, please ask me for permission and source them. Thank you!

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  1. Yeahh..bad grammar and incorrect use of words really gets to me too. Good to know I'm not alone XD

  2. Mister Darcyyyy... oh I loved this movie in my teens, wishing for my first boyfriend to be like him. (didnt turn out exactly like it. well.)
    I think neutral eyemakeup sounds pretty crazy oO

  3. You are such an amazing artist!! >3< Your pictures are so cute!! Thank you for educating me x.x;; Now I don't feel so ignorant. You should do a neutral eye makeup tutorial :Dc I'd love to see one ^-^

  4. haha your drawings are so cute! I always thought they were different things but somehow those two words always gets mixed up!