$175 Brush Set Review. Is It Worth It?

Monday, July 01, 2013

Hi everyone!
How have you all been? For some of you guys it might be winter time but here my summer has just started. I've been incredibly lazy and pretty much abandoned my blog and Youtube channel. Blame Animal Crossing New Leaf. If any of you guys have it, let's exchange friend codes!

Anyways, I was contacted by ePacificMall to review their brush set. I'm supposed to make a video (which I will) but some of you guys don't watch my videos so I'm doing this post. This brush set is a whopping $175!! I usually would never splurge that much for makeup brushes even though I am a makeup brush fanatic. I love brushes more than I actually love makeup.
So the question is, is it worth the $175?
Here is my first problem. The person who contacted me asked me which colour I would like. I could choose between brown, black and pink. Being such a girly girl I am, I chose pink. I received the black brush set! I shouldn't be too greedy though since colour doesn't play a big role but what the big issue I have is that the brush set looks NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like what it looks like in the pictures.
The brushset I received look exactly like the ELF Studio brushes. I think the ELF Studio brushes are better quality than the ones I received. I did not receive a foundation brush or an actual usable eyeshadow brush. I did receive a similar fan brush and a few other stuff. I'm just soooo disappointed.

Hey, guess what? I found the actual brushes from the pictures online for $25! You're saving $150 if you buy on ebay. WTF!!!

Now how do the actual brushes work? Let's see.
I swear that small fan brush is exactly like the ELF Studio fan brush. These brushes are pretty good though I had trouble using the bigger fan brush. It's sort of awkward for me to use it since I'm not that knowledgeable on how to use it. I decided to use is for loose powders since it doesn't pick up pressed powder that well since it's not very dense. I haven't used these brushes for contouring or highlighting yet. I think it'll be fine for highlighting since it's not very dense but contouring wouldn't be that great since it doesn't pick up pressed powder well and it'll apply very lightly unless you like a subtle contour.
I swear...you are wayy better off with buying the ELF Studio line. The powder brush on the left is a decent size. Not too big and not too small. It's a decent density also but I still like to use my ELF flat top powder brush for powder instead. The huge issue I have is that this one sheds but it's not a lot but when I was using this, I would always have 3 or 4 strands left on my face.
The other two brushes are pathetic. I have no idea why these were included. They're supposed to be your blush brush and contour brush, I believe but they are so thin it's kind of useless. I do like brushes that don't apply blush on too much. I like a light blush application but it's just sooo thin that it's kind of annoying to use.
Heh. I kid you not, I pretty much got eight different kinds of concealer brushes in this kit. I'm all for concealer brushes since that's how I like to apply my concealer but I should only be getting 2 max of concealer brushes in a kit. Not freaking 8. I believe some of these are supposed to be your 'eyeshadow' brushes as well. There is noooo way you can apply eyeshadows with these kinds of brushes as well as a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
Okay, maybe I kinda went overboard. These are usable for eyeshadows, like the highly pigmented ones but there will be fallout with a flat brush like these ones. I think these would be great to apply glitter and pigments on your eyelids as well.
As for concealing, these do as good as a job as other concealer brushes I've tried. The only thing is, why do I need eight of these when they're pretty much the exact same? Being 2mm shorter isn't gonna be a huge difference.
This is a sort of pencil brush from this kit. I looked at it and was happy that there might be one usable brush for eyeshadow and then when I used it, I was disappointed again. They really had a good thing going on with this. The only mistake is that they used the same bristles that they used for the concealer brushes. It's just WAAAYYYY too stiff to use this on the eyes. If they used the same bristles they used for the powder brush, it would be fine.
I decided to use this for concealer. Odd right? It actually does a decent job around the nose area. Blending? Not so much but that's fine with me.
I could never have enough eyeliner brushes. I love eyeliner brushes and angled eyeliner brushes for my eyebrows. That's a tool I use everyday no matter what. They're probably my favourite brushes out of this whole set although they don't stay put together after one use. It's kind of annoying but it's not a huge deal.
The SUPER thin eyeliner brush second to the left is REALLY flimsy. I usually don't use an eyeliner brush that thin for my liner so I was thinking about a nail brush but it's just WAY too flimsy.
I'm kinda glad that they included two long handled sponge tip applicators since I do like using those. They have a good quality to them. They're pretty dense and VERY different from the God awful sponge tip applicators that come with some ELF palettes. I hate those so much... They seem like sponge tip applicators that come in high end eyeshadow palettes, you know? Is it possible to clean those sponge tip applicators though?
That brush/comb is awful. I use those a lot for my eyebrows but the brush sheds like no other. It's so annoying! And it's too scratchy and stiff that it messes up my eyebrows. It pretty much removes all the eyebrow powder work I did.

- Fan brushes are good for lightly powdering
- Sponge tip applicators are good quality!
- Comes with a lot of concealer brushes (just wait for my Not so likes..)
- Some of the eyeliner brushes are good

Not so likes:
- Sheds like your mom in the summer
- ELF Studio brushes are better quality
- Comes with no actual eyeshadow brush
- No foundation brush!
- Some brushes are way too stiff
- Some brushes are way too thin
- This whole brush set is a mess
- Save your money
- Buy shoes instead of this

Whew! That was a pretty long negative review! I would say more negative things but I'm keeping this PG. I haven't done a lot of negative reviews in a while but when I do have negative things to say, I love it. Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Save your money. Please.

Thanks for ePacificMall for sending me this brush set. Sorry about saying so many bad stuff about it but I have to say what I have to say. I speak the truth.
YOLO that's the mudda f***in motto
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Lily Hong

Disclaimer: I was sent this to review but I always give my honest opinions. I ain't no sell out. :)

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  1. What a disappointment, I hate when people slap huge prices on beauty products that aren't worth the money, and I don't think I know anyone who uses sponge applicators either...thanks for the honest review- hopefully people do research before buying this~

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

    1. You're very welcome! I find sponge tip applicators a lot better than eyeshadow brushes (for me at least) but it still would have been nice to get at least one fluffy eyeshadow brush.

  2. Wow, that was a harsh review (but soo much fun to read!) I think it's not that common in the blogging area to make that honest reviews although I would very much appreciate it. So thank you for that! Wow, I would never buy brushes vor 175$ (not even 50$) thats just a ridiculous price, no matter how good the quality. I recently found that you can find a lot of stuff from "high brands" like zara and others at ebay for same quality but a different price, which is, actually, a shame.

    1. You're welcome Sam! Yeah! After that oasap giveaway I did, I find myself finding a whole bunch of brand name stuff for a whole lot cheaper on ebay (although I have to be careful that it's not fake). Thanks for introducing me to that Sam! :D

  3. wow it seems like such a scam! great great review :)


    1. Thanks! A huge scam! I am so glad that I never bought this brush set, lol.

  4. Wow. Thanks for the review. This is AWESOME, as it is very honest. From the pictures I can see that it's not a quality set, and charging $150 is just criminal.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

    1. It really isn't good quality. I wouldn't even pay $10 for this set. I wouldn't waste my money.

  5. I can't believe people would actually pay that much for brushes - holy bejeebus! Totally ridiculous. Especially since they don't live up to much!

    1. I really hope people don't pay for these brushes! $175? You're better off with the Sigma brushes!

  6. I was looking for a good brush set and thanks for the honest review! Now I know how to choose mine.


    1. You are very welcome! Yes, please endorse in some quality brushes. If you need help with picking brushes, I can totally help you. :)

  7. Lol whut. With that money I could buy some real nice Real Technique brushes haha - thumbs up to not having paid anything for it though!

    1. I could probably buy hundreds of Real Technique brushes with that money! Seriously, Real Technique is the bomb. Just buy those brushes since they are WAY more affordable and higher quality than these pieces of craps on a stick.

  8. Wow, that was a harsh review (but soo much fun to read!) I think it's not that common in the blogging area to make that honest reviews although I would very much appreciate it. So thank you for that!

    1. You're very welcome! I try to be real around here :)