Review | EOS / DollyEye Crayon Blue

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's been too long since I've done a circle lens review. This probably might be my last since I'm pretty much done with circle lenses since I've accepted the fact that I am never going to wear them out in public and how they pretty much block out all the whites in my eyes because my eyes are so small. I will try more in the future but not right now since I need to give my chinky eyes a break.
I've had these lenses for a while but I have yet to open them since they are just tooooo pretty! The vials from Dollyeye are just soo incredibly cute!

- 14.8mm
- Lasts 12 months
- Base curve: 8.6/8.7mm

Natural window lighting

I really do enjoy these lenses! They are so bright and beautiful! Usually, blue lenses don't come out the kind of blue I want. I like the icy coloured blue but I had some GEO Angel blue lenses and they came out a dark indigo on my eyes... But these come out incredibly beautiful! And I like how it doesn't have a huge black rim around the lenses since that usually makes me look like an iguana.
Although these are 14.8mm, they don't seem to have that much of an enlarging effect but they definitely don't make my eyes look smaller like the NEO lenses.

Comfort: /5
I feel like EOS/Dollyeye makes the most comfortable circle lenses ever! They don't feel as thick as some other lenses even though they still last for one year. I still feel them on my eyes but these don't feel as dry as some other circle lenses I've tried. Definitely prefer these over GEO any day.

Enlargement: /5
I really could care less about enlargement but I don't like lenses that make my eyes look smaller than it already is. These definitely give the perfect size to my eyes without making me look like a bug eyed freak.

Design: /5
The design isn't that natural but it isn't overwhelming. It looks like your eyes are made of crystals. That's the best way I can describe how these lenses look. The colour is just perfect as well. As I already mentioned, there are SOOOO many blue lenses that just don't work for dark brown eyed girls like me but the blue colour of this is just perfect!

Overall: /5
I believe this is the best review I've given on any of my circle lenses reviews ever! I seriously am in love with these lenses and I will wear them as long as I can! I'm surprised these lenses aren't as hyped as many of the other lenses because these are (in my opinion) the prettiest lenses I own! Definitely prefer these over my GEO Grang Grang lenses.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you are a circle lens lover, I really recommend these lenses. I feel like they look incredibly beautiful and make your eyes look like freaking diamonds!

Some updates: I went to an Arctic Monkeys concert in Ventura last night and AHHHHH! IT WAS AMAZING! Alex Turner is so fine. I almost died though since I got separated from my friends and I got caught in a middle of a group of these guys that were going crazy and I got knocked to the ground and almost got trampled over but it was worth it. If you haven't heard of Arctic Monkeys, you need to go listen now after reading this post, okay?

Tomorrow is Friday! Can't wait for the weekend. Memorial Day is on Monday so give thanks to the veterans that served/are currently serving for your country. I really respect the army and there are a lot of sexy soldiers out there.
Have a great weekend guys! 

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored these lenses. I bought this with my own (-cough-parents) money and I have given my honest opinion and review on this product. Trust me on this!

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  1. The color is soo bright and stunning!
    And I need to try EOS lenses, GEO just doesn't feel as comfy anymore.

    1. Never liked GEO that much since the lenses feel like hard plastic. EOS definitely feels very thin and a lot more comfortable!

  2. Whoa, both you and these lenses look stunning! I'm looking at getting a new pair of lenses so thanks for the review!!

    1. Thank you! These will probably look stunning on you as well :D

  3. Oh wow, I love how it looks on you! I've been meaning to get a pair. I sometimes wear a 14.2mm, so I'm surprised that 14.8mm doesn't actually look creepy.
    Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks! I think anything below 15mm is perfect for my small eyes. You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed this review!

  4. you look so pretty with blue lens! It made you look so chic and high-end! loves! ^_~

  5. Whaa, the lenses look so nice! I really like the pattern and they're so pigmented. Thanks for sharing, when I next purchase lenses, I will probably go for these :)

    1. Thank you and you're very welcome! If you do buy these, hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :D

  6. I stopped wearing lenses since they damaged my eyes... I need glasses now, never needed they before <.<" Just as a side note, please be careful! On the other hand I REALLY like these lenses on you!! Just stunning and yay for fullface picture! You should show yourself a lot more here girl :)

    1. Oh no! Hope you're better! I kinda sense my eyes getting worse from circle lenses. That's why I only wear them for tutorials. Now I'm a bit more cautious now that you told me that.
      And thank you!

  7. These circle lenses are so pretty!!! They really make your eyes sparkle~ I can always rely on EOS for comfortable circle lenses!


  8. These lenses looks super great on you and your skin seems so nice omg :O

  9. wow you look stunning here!
    everything looks so luminous about your fotd pic :P
    i have purchased circle lenses quite a few times but i just gravitate towards the browns and honey's haha x