REVIEW: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? It's finally spring break for me! I have the entire week off. I'm going to the beach with my friends but I will not forget to blog since I actually have time to blog now! It's finally time for me to review the Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner that I've had for quite a while now..

If you all know, I pretty much only use liquid eyeliner since pencil eyeliner smudges too much on my eyes and does not work for my eye shape and gel eyeliner transfers throughout the day. I'm always willing to try different liquid eyeliners and now I'm starting to branch into the drugstore eyeliners.
First, I really like the sharp tip of this liquid liner. It helps give precise lines and you can manage how thin and thick you want your line to be. I'm not a huge fan of FELT tip liners though since the felt tip loses it's strength and becomes very flimsy. I noticed this getting flimsy after a week of use but I think the flimsy-ness kinda helps me when I do my wing liner because I usually do it in one stroke and some liquid liner tips are too stiff for me to do the perfect wing in just one stroke so I guess the flimsy tip helps a bit.
Though the flimsy tip doesn't help me draw an eye... lol.
As you can tell by the swatches, it is very black! Sometimes it doesn't come out as black but I think if you store your eyeliner upside down with the tip on the bottom, all the liner "juice" will come straight to the tip helping your line be very pigmented. I like how you can control how thin and thick you want your line to be.
The formula isn't as watery as other liquid liners so it dries fairly quick compared to other liquid liners I've tried. So if I'm in a rush to get to school, I don't have to worry that there's liquid liner dripping down my face after I quickly put this on.
The only problem I have which is a very important thing to mention is that this is definitely not waterproof or smudgeproof. It never mentioned on the packaging that this liner is supposed to be waterproof or smudgeproof but it is what we all look for in an eyeliner, am I right??
Throughout the day, I do notice the liner fading and I have little creases on my lid and the liner disappears into my creases. Also, it creates a shadow like thing on my under eye so this does transfer..

hope my eye doesn't scare y'all

- VERY pigmented
- Easy to control
- Thin tip
- Thin and sleek packaging

- NOT waterproof
- NOT smudgeproof
- Transfers to my undereye
- Fades throughout the day

Personally, I prefer a liquid liner that doesn't move at all and is waterproof so I will not be repurchasing. I'll still use it up though since I like how easy it is to use but I'll just have to be aware I have to clean up my eye throughout the day. I definitely will NOT use this on the hotter days since it'll probably just evaporate off my eye.

Hope this review helped you guys! Holy crap, I just realized this is my 100th post. OMG!
Thanks again for checking out my review! Don't forget to check out my online store!


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  1. This is my favorite drugstore liquid liner! With all liquid liners it sometimes turns out streaky so I usually go over it with a gel liner and it stays all day and its perfect and really black!

    1. It doesn't come out streaky for me. You should store it upside down. It really comes out a lot nicer. :)

  2. I dislike felt-tip liners as well! But I think i should try your method of storing it tip down because my felt-tip liners actually dry out and so i've resorted to using my brush-tip!
    I love how it this eyeliner is a lot dark and I think I may have a look for it in Australia :) thanks for the review hun!

    1. It does come out nicer stored upside down. :)
      You're welcome! :D

  3. You know, Maybelline always makes so-so products. I think the fact that this liner smudges would really bother me. However, I do like felt tips.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle

  4. I was thinking about trying this next!
    LOL that's a nice drawing ;)

  5. Haven't tried this but will do if I pass by Maybelline's counter! congrats on hitting 100th~ ^_~

    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoy this liner more than me. :)

  6. Thanks for the informative review~ I like reading your blog, its very interesting! :)

    1. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. :D