Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've been going through a somewhat "mid-teenage" crisis. I realized more than 15 years of my childhood has gone by and I only have less than three years before I turn into an adult. A huge part of my childhood has been Disney movies and I decided to dedicate this post to my Top 20 Disney Movies of all time. It was supposed to be ten but it's too hard to not mention more of the awesome Disney movies out there! 

Before I start, I will not be mentioning any Pixar movies, I mean come on, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE A FAVOURITE PIXAR MOVIE??? And everything I choose is just my opinion. So please don't get mad if I don't mention your favourite Disney movies. 

So let us begin!

20. Fantasia
It surprises me how some people have not even heard of Fantasia. What this whole movie is about is Disney takes some classical music and animate what the song sort of feels like. It's kind of hard to explain but this movie is beautiful, in my opinion. Some people might find it boring but I quite like it. If you enjoy classical music and great animation, you will enjoy this movie. It's something to add to your bucket list.

19. Hunchback of Notre Dame
This is such an underrated movie. Is it because the main character isn't your typical beautiful Disney character? I think Quasimodo is actually adorable. :) This movie is so freaking epic. Even the beginning is epic with the most intense symphony ever. And Demi Moore and Kevin Kline is part of the cast! Please give this movie a chance! Such an awesome movie with probably the best classical soundtrack. I still think it's unfair that Quasimodo didn't get the girl in the end. He did get a girl in the second movie but everyone knows no one gives a crap about sequels except for Toy Story. Is it weird how Claude Frollo is my favourite character or the movie? 

18. Beauty & the Beast
This is the only Disney princess movie in my list. Surprising? I think yes. I don't know, I'm just not a huge fan of Disney princesses because I find a lot of them to be, slutty. Yes, I thought Disney princesses were sluts even before I knew what the word meant. But I like Belle. She fell in love with the beast even though he wasn't attractive (I still get haunted by the fact that she fell in love with an animal). I still think the beast was a lot cuter when he was the beast. I don't know...I felt like she got a downgrade when he turned human.

17. Treasure Planet
It amazes me how this is one of Disney's forgotten movies. To be honest, I never fully watched this movie until my sister forced me to watch the full movie and I loved it! It's sort of a sci-fi-ish movie and I'm not that into it but this movie...oh my Todd, this movie is just amazing! There are no movies like this and the soundtrack is great too but not my favourite but it's still great. And the main character, Jim Hawkins, is one of the cutest Disney guy characters ever. Yes, Disney characters are attractive to me! And he just reminds of Leonardo DiCaprio for some odd reason. Am I the only one?

16. 101 Dalmatians
This movie would be a lot higher up my list but Cruella de Vil scares the living sh*t out of me! I remember that scene when she was chasing the dogs in her car before she fell off the cliff or something and when her eyes were all crazy, that sh*t gave me nightmares my entire childhood. The soundtrack is amazing too. I love the piano music from the early 1900s. As you can tell, I'm very fond of music from Disney movies. If you haven't seen this movie, you were probably just born or are crazy. This is one of the classics that you are just destined to watch. 

15. Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland was actually my NUMBER ONE Disney movie as a child but I think as I grew, I realized how annoying Alice was and I guess that's why I started to not like this movie as much. It's still a great movie but it sort of has no plot and it's kinda trippy. Actually, the book (which came before the movie) was written by Lewis Carroll and he said that this book was based on how he felt when he was on drugs. Crazy, right? It's weird that my history teacher can impersonate Mad Hatter CRAZY WELL. Even though this movie is not my number one anymore, I still cherish this movie deeply to my heart.

14. Lilo & Stitch
Gah, I loved this movie. Stitch is probably THE cutest alien ever. This is probably my favourite Disney movie that actually came out when I was a child. I remember always watching the series when I came back from school but of course, the series couldn't beat the actual movie. I love how Lilo beats up that bitchy ginger girl and Stitch is freaking adorable as f*ck. Probably the only movie where I love EVERY SINGLE character. Even the mean bald black guy! 

13. Brother Bear
One of the movies that just makes me cry just from watching a five second clip. ANOTHER underrated movie. This movie kind of reminds me of Beauty & the Beast in a parallel universe. The soundtrack of Brother Bear is freaking amazing because of Phil Collins. GAAAH I JUST LOVE PHIL COLLINS. Another must see if you haven't watched it. 

12. Peter Pan
Before I start, why are Peter Pan collars called Peter Pan collars? His collar looks NOTHING like the Peter Pan collars! Anyways, this is a movie probably everyone in the whole world watched at least once. I feel like I can relate to Peter a lot because I don't want to grow up! I want to stay a child forever! Was I the only one that hated Tinker Bell growing up? I always thought she was a bitch to Wendy. I don't know, all the girls in elementary were like "omgz Tinker Bell is like, my favourite, like, character ever!!!!!!!!!" and I was all like "dafuq ****** is my favourite (will be revealed in number 1)."

11. Pinocchio 
Voldemort envies Pinocchio. Another classic that everyone watched when growing up. Am I the only one that thought the fairy lady looked a little too similar to Cinderella? No? Just me? Okay... I always thought this movie was bad because they said the word "ass" in it. Then again, I was five years old.. 

10. Fox & Hound
Another god damn tear jerker. When the lady left Tod! :'c I freaking cry every time... Can we all agree now that baby Tod was the CUTEST BABY EVER AAHHHH! I heard many people haven't watched this movie and all I have to say is "what the actual f*ck." This movie is basically about a wild fox that gets taken in by a kind lady whose neighbor is a hunter and blahblahblah. Just watch it yourself. You won't regret it I promise.

9. Meet the Robinsons
Amazing how some people forget this movie is a Disney one. I don't even know how many times I've watched this movie. Wilbur is probably my favourite because he's so darn cute. I'm sorry if you find my attractiveness of Disney characters creepy. Goob was pretty hot too when he grew up (I'm jk). I love how comedic this movie is and you get lots of laughs when watching this. I'm pretty sure a lot of people haven't seen this so ADD THIS TO YOUR BUCKET LIST.

8. The Aristocats
This is probably very biased but I love this movie just because, it's all about cats! That's all this movie is about, cats. Basically, it's about a mom cat and her three kittens and they live in their pampered mansion and then the evil butler kicks them out since he hates them and they have to find their way home. Along the way, they meet the mom's love interest and yeah. It's a fun movie to watch. And I just freaking love cats so much. Gah.

7. Wreck-It Ralph
I only watched this movie yesterday and it's already in my top 10! That should tell you how great this movie is. Apart from the awesome soundtrack, this is just the damn cutest movie ever. The animation is great and it's about one of my favourite things ever: video games! Although I'm pretty outraged that Pokemon wasn't featured in this movie but Skrillex was featured. Oh well, we can't have everything in life, right?

6. Ratatouille 
 Before y'all wanna bite my face off, I know I said I wouldn't mention any Pixar movies but when I heard this was one of the least popular Pixar movies, I wanted to cry. This is absolutely my favourite Pixar movie ever and I just had to mention it! I mean, who doesn't love a movie about food!!! The moral of this movie is inspiring: Nothing is impossible. Also, this movie has the greatest song ever! 

5. Lion King
If Lion King isn't one of your top five Disney movies, you're a liar. EVERYONE LOVES LION KING. Such a great cast, incredible soundtrack, and probably the greatest villain of all time. I swear, Mufasa's death is THE saddest death in Disney history. Isn't it weird how Disney is supposed to be family friendly but in pretty much every movie, someone dies. And Mufasa's voice gives me the chills. It's so epic. This is probably the only movie with a sequel I actually like. If you haven't, watch Lion King 2. Another great movie.

4. Pocahontas
Can we all agree at how hot Pocahontas is? If I had to choose a cartoon girl crush, it'd be Pocahontas. Even though this movie is no where historically accurate, it's still a great movie and will always be one of the favourites of all time. I wish there was a ride at Disneyland based on this movie. Even if it's a damn log ride, Pocahontas deserves a spot at Disneyland! I'm still pissed off that Pocahontas didn't marry John Smith. THEY WERE SO PERFECT! UUUGHHHHHH.

3. Oliver and Company
Please tell me you have all seen this movie and love it as much as I do. I mean, how can you not love a movie with Billy Joel as one of the main characters??? And if you don't know who he is, I might as well shoot myself in the head. Another one of Disney's forgotten movies but I will never forget this movie.

2. Mulan
The favourite of all Asians and feminists in the world, Mulan taught us that even if we are women, we can do whatever men can do. My sister and I know this movie word by word. We could probably act it out. I'm not that into the soundtrack of this movie but the plot is great. This movie helped me pass a history test on China, lol.

1. Tarzan
Wasn't expecting this, huh? What is there to say, freaking amazing soundtrack by Phil Collins, amazing story, HOT MAN IN A LOINCLOTH, etc. It's sad how Jane is so underrated. She's so awesome and possibly my favourite female character right after Pocahontas. But ugh, Tarzan, why are you so hot? And when Tarzan was a baby, ugh so freaking cute. So yeah, Tarzan is my favourite Disney movie of all time.

Honorable mentions: Robin Hood, Tangled, Emperor's New Groove, Nightmare Before Christmas, Cinderella.

Hope you guys all enjoy this post. Tell me your top 10 Disney movies! In the meantime, goodbye!

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  1. I haven't heard of some of the films you listed but I love Lion King, it kinda sad when the dad dies, it makes me feel teary and Ratatouille is really a sweet film, although certain parts make me hungry! Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog! I look forward to future posts! :P