Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is around the corner. I don't know about you, but I am definitely NOT excited. I hate it when the weather gets warmer because everyone starts showing skin and I don't really like showing skin since I look weird in shorts and short sleeves so I like covering up as much as possible. Besides that, I DO like Spring fashion and here are some essentials for Spring 2013.

I like bandeaus. I think they're pretty cute but it's not something I would wear because of three reasons: I'm not comfortable wearing pretty much a bra only, I don't have the boobs, and my parents would never let me wear them which I totally understand. I was at the mall the other day and I saw these not developed little 12 year olds buying bandeaus!! What?? Who lets their little girls buy these? I think if you're in high school at least, you can wear bandeaus. Don't wear them to school though because you're totally going to get in trouble. But if you do wear bandeaus in public, at least cover up with a jacket or cardigan and something high waisted pants.
Circle skirts! Yes! Possibly the cutest clothing item you can have in your closet. I think circle skirts give you a nice shape to your body and make your legs and waist look smaller. A black circle skirts will pretty much go with anything in your closet but if you really want to get one that matches spring, get one in a pastel or bright colour.
Lace will match with any season. Lace anything is perfect except for these lace leggings I saw which were kind of weird but I had a strange urge to buy it so I did. Heh. But yeah, you can never go wrong with lace. Definitely a staple to have in your closet.

Pastel! I just love pastel anything but I really like pastel shorts, especially mint green and cotton candy pink high waisted shorts. I found some really cute pastel pink denim pants so I will but DIYing those into shorts for this spring!
Muscle tees. Possibly the only way I could pull off wearing a bandeau is by pairing it up with a muscle tee with wide sleeve holes. I really like the muscle tees with wide sleeve holes because they are NO WHERE near my pits which get really sweaty and I get sweat stains around there... And muscle tees are very easy to make. Look up a tutorial on Youtube and you're good to go!
I have a strange obsession with nude shoes and I think they'll be perfect for Spring! I would prefer to wear nude heels though but these nude studded flats are sooo cute! Curse America for not having a Topshop! You can pair off anything with nude shoes. And they say nude shoes make you look slimmer. Hmm...
It's honestly been eight years since I've worn overalls and I never thought this would be back in fashion. Although they are coming back in a shorter form. If you (for some reason) have some overalls in your closet, cut off the legs! I personally will not be wearing overall shorts ever again.
Shawls are a must have for spring. I love how it flows when you walk. Makes it look like a fashionable cape. I would love to wear a shawl with a concho hat. That'll look pretty cute but I have still yet to find the perfect concho hat! Grrr...
'MURICA! F*CK YEAH! Nah, I really don't care about the USA but a lot of people have been wearing the USAmerican flag on all of their clothes: sweaters,shirts,tees, shorts, bandanas, etc. I personally find it funny when this one foreign exchange student at our school totally bashes on the US and the next day she wears an American flag shorts. I don't know.. everyone was like wtf? I again will not be rocking the American flag style since I will look too patriotic and I don't want to end up looking like this:
Those are some of my picks for Spring 2013. Hope you guys have an idea of what you'll probably be seeing a whole lot of this spring. If you have any other Spring essentials that I haven't mentioned, leave them in the comments! I'd love to hear about it!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll talk to you later!

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  1. Love this post! xox


  2. I'm prety sure you'll find some nude stud flats online! I love Topshop but the prices are absolutely not reasonable. Plus, sometimes they sell some China stuff for 50$ more than the normal price, you never really know :/ Besides that I looove the clothes there!

    And totally agree with you on the bandeaus! Needless to say that we never have the weather for bandeaus... I wonder who wears them in public? I've seen it but I would feel just so uncomfortable. Maybe in vacation when I forgot my bikini top :'D

    1. I'm now looking for some nude stud flats now ^^ Yeah, Urban Outfitters is the same. I can find a lot of the clothes at the thrift shop for $50 less...
      The only girls that wear bandeaus that I've seen are the sluts at my school...heh

  3. I love spring clothes and pastel colours too!
    Nice post :)

  4. haha love your spring picks! if only i had the kind of body for your spring picks i would already have all of those in my wardrobe...but i dont :( still working on it!

    I guess you can say i'm guilty for having the america sweater and short overalls LOL and i think it's because i like the blend of bold colours

    would you say a bandeaus with a lace top over be okay to wear? I'm like you and prefer to cover up as much as possible but i guess there can be summer/spring exceptions lol

    1. I've seen a lot of people wear bandeaus with a lace top :D It looks very pretty!

  5. Love this post! I don't have the body for a peek-a-boo bandeau sadly, but I think it's such a cute style. I also completely agree with your opinion of them! xx - Boho Vanity

    1. This is why I hate the warmer seasons since I don't have the body to wear most of the styles... ><

  6. I wear my bandeaus with muscle tees; I could never just go out in one! The only exception would be like for a photoshoot. But I doubt even then, I don't have the body to just wear one alone! I just bought some oversize tshirts from goodwill though and turned them into muscle tees. And I desperately want a circle skirt, too!