BEST OF 2012: MILANI Baked Blush in Luminoso

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hi everyone!And Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate around this time)! Yeah yeah, it's been a loonngg long time since I've blogged but the honest truth is, I just haven't felt like blogging lately. I had no ideas of what to do for the past few months so thank you all for sticking with me! I thought I would come back with only 10 followers.

In the beginning of my makeup "journey", I was always scared of wearing blush since growing up I always saw girls wearing WAAYY too much blush that it looked like someone slapped them with a brick. I saw this at Target and I thought "WOW! What a pretty colour!" so I just had to buy it! So this is the first blush I ever wore and is the one I wear practically everyday.

This blush is like a peachy coralish pink colour. I think this colour will look great on anyone! The blushes from Milani are VERYVERY pigmented so you have to be careful to blot the excess on your arm. The finish is very glowy because of the micro glitters and just brightens up your face!

left: blended right: unblended
w/ flash
As you can tell, it gives a subtle highlight to your face. Sorry if you can't really see the colour, I don't like to put on too much. The only problem I have is that it doesn't last that long (as do a lot of blushes) so a kinda "trick" I do to make my blush last a bit longer is I put of foundation and THEN I put on blush and bronzer and AFTER that I put on my powder so the blush sticks on to the liquid texture of the foundation.

- Beautiful peachy pink colour!
- Gives a nice glow to your face
- You don't really need to highlight your face afterwards
- Affordable! (around $7)
- Pigmented!
- Any skin colour can pull this colour off
- Cute gold packaging

- Doesn't last long by itself (apply blush right after you put on foundation!)
- Hard to find Milani products

So all in all, this is my top blush and will always be my #1 unless something else pops up which I doubt.
In the US, you can find Milani products at all drugstores but some might not carry it. If you live outside of the US, check out Cherry Culture!

Hope this helped you guys out! Hope you had a great Christmas!

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  1. aww the blush is a very gorgeous peachy color <3 I was told coral/peachy colored blushes look more natural than pink tones and although the colour looks subtle on your cheek, i can see it XD nice review hun <3

    1. I think it does look a lot more natural than pink ^^ I think it's because us asians naturally have that yellow undertone so peachy colours work better.
      Thanks Saera! ^^ Merry Christmas! :D

  2. oooh the shade is so pretty! I have so much great reviews on milani's baked blush!! Great review! thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas! ^_~

    1. You're very welcome! Glad you like it :D Merry Christmas to you too :)

  3. I always see these blushes at walgreens or walmart, never decided to try them but it looks gorgeous on you!

    sdjfkldsjfs how have you been??? I haven't stalked your blog in ages~ happy holidays

    1. Thanks Lucy! I've been great! You need to blog more :( I miss your reviews! Merry Christmas!

  4. Ahhh I'm lusting after this blush :) It looks so lovely!
    Glad to see you're back Lily!

  5. I've always wanted to try Milani blushes!! Definitely will now.

  6. this looks gorgeous! you have such beautiful clear skin!


  7. I've never tried Milani blush before, but this one is seriously gorgeous! It looks amazing on you, and I'm fair too so I'm hoping if I can find it I'll give it a try! xx

  8. it's such a nice natural peachy colour, not as thrilling as pink! i love the subtle glow it has, it pops up so beautifully on your fair skin!! <3

  9. what a nice shade!! love this peachy pink colour <3