Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream [Review]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hi everyone! How have you all been? Hope you didn't have to wait so long for this post. I'm trying my best to keep my blog and Youtube updated!
Today, I'll be reviewing the Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB cream provided by The BB Cream ShopWhat drew me to this BB cream is the beautiful packaging! Just look at how beautiful it is! Even the box and the BB cream inside the bottle looks so fancy! But alas, the packaging is actually just hard plastic which I don't mind at all. Another plus is the pump!

This BB cream is more targeted for the people with aging and wrinkled skin but I still think us girls that don't have wrinkles can still wear this!
The white in the BB cream works sort of like a primer, it fills and smoothes out the wrinkles. The BB cream itself is VERY lightweight but it's sort of hard for me to blend out with my fingers which I like to use when wearing BB cream so I have to use a brush to properly blend out this BB cream.
My skin is very dry and I find this BB cream to be the perfect texture ever! It's sort of like a gel consistency. It's not too drying for my skin even though it still shows the dryness around my nose like most foundations and it doesn't really give much of a dewy finish like most BB creams. This has a sort of natural satin finish and it leaves my skin feeling sooo smooth! I wouldn't know if this BB cream would work well for people with oily skin but judging from customer reviews, this doesn't work well for people with oily skin.
Be aware that this BB cream has a perfumed rosy scent to it which I don't really care much about.
Left: w/out BB cream  Right: w/ BB cream
Coverage is light to medium. As you can see, it lights and covers up my acne scars decently but you can still see my nasty dark circles.
The only problem I have is the really bad greyish cast it has. I definitely have to wait for this to oxidise so I don't look like a zombie. Maybe No.23 would have been better for me.

- BEAUTIFUL packaging!
- Comes with a pump
- Light and gel like texture!
- Not very drying (except for around my nose)
- Natural satin finish
- Leaves my skin feeling sooo smooth!
- Light to medium coverage

- Scent might be a bit bothersome to some people
- Shows the dryness around my nose (as do other foundations)
- Grayish cast!!!!
- Limited shades (only two)

Hopefully this review is helpful for you guys! If you are thinking of buying this, check out The BB Cream Shop! They're super nice and helpful!
- Lily

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  1. the packaging makes it look so expensive and classic!
    it looks quite flawless though! great review ^^
    Krissy xoxo

    1. Thanks! I know! The packaging is sooo beautiful!

  2. That packaging is gorgeouussss!I have oily skin though so I probably wouldn't be able to use this :( I wish my BB cream had a cap. It keeps getting all over my makeup bag.

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? :) I wish they would make BB creams for people with dry skin...

  3. The packaging is really cute. I love it!

  4. I agree with everyone else, the packaging is gorgeous! I have dry skin too and that's great to hear that it's good for it :) The formula looks like a charm to use :)

    1. I love how lightweight the formula is! But it's sort of hard to blend out with fingers :c

  5. Nice review, wooow nice packaging!
    I don't like products with scents /wrinkles nose

    1. Yeah, the scent kinda smells like an elderly lady, which I love! :D

  6. It's strange to hear that a product targeted towards aging skin will actually accentuate dry patches. It does make your skin look so luminous and healthy though. The packaging is also very pretty.


    1. Maybe my skin is just SUPER dry because I find that happens a lot to my skin. :/

  7. I love the packaging! I am always afraid to try BB creams because I never know how they will look on my skin. It looks really nice on you but your face is perfect already! xx

    - Boho Vanity

    1. Why, thank you :3 BB Creams are amazing! Gotta give it a try! Except for the ones in our drugstores...they honestly suck ><

  8. I have a thing for stuffs with pretty packaging! Thanks for the review! ^___^ Have a nice daaay~

  9. I'm still searching for the perfect BB cream :/ That packaging is beautiful!

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