GEO Grang Grang Choco Review

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Diameter : 14.2mm
Life Span : 1 Year
Base Curve : 8.6
Water Content : 38%
Hi everyone! How have you all been? I've seriously been very bad on updating this blog and my Youtube channel. That must change and will change! I've been testing out a bunch of new stuff so get ready for some new upcoming reviews!
Today's review is gonna be on the GEO Grang Grang lenses in Choco sponsored by Lens Village!
I received these lenses from (yes yes another sponsored post) and these are honestly probably my favourite lenses now! A lot of people have reviewed the Big Grang Grang lenses but as you know, I have really small eyes and if I wear huge lenses over 15mm, I'll look like those possessed monsters with no white in their eyes.
Left: w/ makeup & lens Right: w/out makeup and lens
Without lenses
With lenses
Design  / 5
I really like the design! Some people might not like it, but I prefer natural brown eyes over the crazy designs other circle lenses have! Some circle lenses look weird unless you have really thick eyeliner and falsies on but I can honestly walk out with these on without any eye makeup and it'll still look nice!

Enlargement .5 / 5
These won't give you a bunch of enlargement but it definitely does make your eyes a bit bigger! I personally like that it's not so enlarging. Up close, you can definitely see how big it makes my eyes look but from far away, it looks really natural.

Comfort  / 5
If you don't know, GEO lenses are my least favourite brang. A lot of the ones I've had made my eyes sooo irritated but the Grang Grang ones are really nice! They do dry on you after a couple of hours but I don't wear these for more than 3 hours and you shouldn't anyways.

Overall .5 / 5
As I said, these are my new favourite lenses! I personally would love it more if it wasn't so dark on my eyes but I still like them.

As for the company.... as you all should know, GEO lenses have those stickers on their vials to show that they're authentic GEO lenses. My vials didn't have any of the stickers and also, the vial design was totally different than a lot of the other vials I've seen on other people's reviews. So I was really scared to put them on my eyes thinking that they were fake. I emailed Lens Village about them and I didn't get an email back. Then I decided to email the GEO HQ in Korea and they helped me out.
Not so sure if I'll recommend shopping at but of course, if you have already shopped there and totally love their shop, then continue shopping there! Don't let me change your opinions but personally, I wouldn't shop from them. I may sound a bit harsh but it seriously freaked me out thinking that these lenses were fake!

Anyways, I hope you liked this review! Kind of a bad review on the store but the lenses itself are great! I'll see you guys later!
- Lily

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  1. Well, although posts are sponsored you are obliged to your readers to write the truth - and when the customer service is that bad, that they didn't even answer you (although they sponsor you!!) I think it's totally okay to write this! I hate stores/people who never give responses or feedback on anything, it's a total no-go ><

    As for the lens itself I would have loved some pictures of you wearing the lens because I can barely see the effect on the pictures you posted, which is a shame! :) *voting for full-face-pictures, yay!*

    1. I'll try next time! It's just that I look terrible when I try to take pictures of myself. o_o But next time, I'll definitely take a full face picture. :)

  2. I have the lighter version of theseeee. I really like them but they feel terrible on my eyes. These look so natural and big. Super cuteee

    1. I saw your review on them! Sad that they feel uncomfortable on you. :/

  3. Replies
    1. They are! Kinda wish I got the lighter version though :/

  4. Eek I've been lusting after those exact pair because they look so natural!
    I'm still hunting for a really comfortable one with my prescription though.

    And Ikr, about the big lens thing, there is like no white in my eyes. :P

    1. You should definitely get these pairs then! But preferably from a more reliable store. :3

  5. Your eyes look so pretty, definitely the more natural lenses I've seen a lot of girls wear. Love! xx

    1. Thank you so much! Why do you like my eyes so much?? LOL :D

  6. This is one of my favorite lens too!! Great review ^_~

  7. Lovely blog and your header is absolutely gorgeous! I've never test those circle lenses but I'm sure they're quite weird and cool :-)

    1. Why, thank you! ^^ Circle lenses do look weird at first, and I still think they look weird on me but if have bigger eyes than me, they'll look a lot better.

  8. I've been meaning to get my hands on these! They are gorgeous great review bubs!

  9. The design do look very natural! It's kinda dodgy that the vials didn't come with authenticity stickers and that the company didn't get back to your email though.


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