REVIEW | Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set ON SALE RIGHT NOW!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Okay, so I lied about my next post being a foundation review. I just wanted to get this review up as soon as possible because unfortunately, Tokidoki is going to be leaving Sephora so everything is practically on clearance sale.

I freaking love Tokidoki brushes. I wish I had more but they are always sold out and I wish I got the 24 Karat set but I was too late. -sigh- Anyways, since Tokidoki is having a clearance sale at Sephora, this brush set is now $21 NOW $14! DA FUQ???(originally $35). The deal was good before but it's even better now since you're getting a discount! And these brushes are freaking cute. Look at the designs! But the main reason why I love these brushes is because they're synthetic and anti-bacterial so no animals were harmed. I'm trying to fill my brush collection with more synthetic hair brushes because I read an article recently about how animals and cute little bunnies are used for testing makeup and so now I'm gonna try to fill my makeup collection with makeup that is animal cruelty free.

Top: Sigma E55
Bottom: Tokidoki Mozzarella Eyeshadow Brush
I'll just be comparing these brushes to Sigma brushes since most of my eye brush collection is filled with Sigma brushes (which I totally regret since I hate Sigma brushes). Now of course the Tokidoki brush wins handsdown because I am a sucker for packaging but it doesn't win just because the packaging is a lot cuter, it wins because it's a whole hell of a lot better than the Sigma E55!
The Mozzarella eyeshadow brush is bit more denser, a lot more stiffer but still VERY soft and fluffy. The E55 is soft but sheds soooooooo much it drives me crazy! And it's not as dense as the Tokidoki brush.
One thing to keep in mind is that the Tokidoki brush is slightly bigger than the E55 but it's not a big deal for me.

Top: Sigma E40 (from the Make Me Classy/Essential Kit
Middle: Sigma E35 (from the Premium Kit)
Tokidoki Adios Amigos Crease Brush

Again, Tokidoki wins again. And I'm not being prejudice just because the packaging is a lot cuter. I have a lot of brushes in my collection since I am a brush whore so I have quite a bit of blending/crease brushes and none of them could fit my eye shape well.
The Adio Amigos brush is soooooooooooooo soft and blends eyeshadow very well! It's the perfect size for my eye shape (keep in mind I have a sort of hooded, monolid eyes).
I always thought the E40 is just tooooo big and wide for my eyes.
The E35 is better than the E40 in my opinion in size but it's too dense for me for a blending brush. And I don't know why, but the ferrule (metal part) of the brush is turning black. I find a lot of my brushes from the Premium kit have these weird black spots on the ferrule.
The Tokidoki brush has just the right amount of density and softness to be a GREAT blending brush. Also because it is synthetic, you can use it for concealer and it will give a great airbrushes finish but I prefer it for eyeshadow.

Top: Sigma E65
Bottom: Tokidoki Donutella Angled Eyeliner Brush
Now this is my FAVOURITE brush out of this whole set. The name is cute, the packaging is cute, the colour is freaking cute but it's also the best eyeliner brush in my collection and I have a heck of a lot of eyeliner brushes in my collection.
The Donutella brush is a bit shorter than the E65 so it's sharper and a LOT stiffer (but still soft) and for me, it's a bit easier for me to do winged eyeliner looks with gel eyeliner.
The E65 is probably one of the few Sigma brushes I still use. The E65 is synthetic so I guess it's still animal cruelty free. It's not as stiff or thin as the Tokidoki brush which makes it great for filling in eyebrows.

- Soft and fluffy!!
- Great for its price (but right now it's a whole lot cheaper!)
- The blending brush fits my eye shape! :oooooooo

 Not so likes: 
- Tokidoki won't be at Sephora anymore :c

So if you want this brush set WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, you should get it now before it gets sold out because it won't be at Sephora anymore! I think you should order it online because they're getting rid of it at Sephora stores but they still have a bunch online. Order here:

Hope this review helped! Sorry this was really rushly typed. I wanted to get this up ASAP!

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  1. I love tokidoki too because of their design, they had recently a collaboration collection together with hello kitty :x I don't like the kitty but it looked soo cool in the collab! :D I thought you love Sigma brushes because you had a review about the kabuki brush, I guess.. but.. maybe I just got confused and the review was bad? can't remember o.o"

    Anyway, is the thing at the end of the TK brushes heavy? Because it looks really heavy and I'm sure that would bother me with a brush. but oh my, the packaging!! <3 <3

    1. I LOOOOOVE my Sigma flat top kabuki but I honestly hate most of the Sigma brushes. I only got them because soo many Youtube beauty 'gurus' were raving about them. I can do a full review for you if you want :) But honestly, I think Sigma rips people off because Sedona Lace sells the exact same brushes for a bit cheaper.
      I only like the synthetic haired Sigma brushes because the natural haired brushes smell like a freaking petting zoo.

      Hmm... I just realized that the Tokidoki brushes are pretty heavy where the cute little heads are. :/

  2. Woah! Now its on sale for 14 bucks! :o
    That's like, 5 dollars per brush plus uber cuteness!

    1. They're $14 now????? Wow! I should stock up on them! I had to pay the full price for them... -____-

  3. I just went and bought these off the sephora site today! Can't believe tokidoki isn't going to be carried by Sephora anymore :/ I really liked the brand and how cute it was >.> I've been putting off buying something from them for awhile and now I'm finally getting to it!

    I really like the eyeliner brush (main reason why I bought the set :3) it looks pretty nice and I don't want to spend 16$ on just an eyeliner brush so it was a pretty good deal >.< I'm gonna be showing these off once I get them :'D so cute <333 I remember seeing these in some magazine a few years ago when they first came out and they were almost $40~ glad I got them for $14 :P

    1. Hope you like your set! :3 I know.. Tokidoki has like the cutest packaging ever. :c Sad they won't be at Sephora anymore.

  4. They are so cute!! I would never use them though because I wouldn't want to ruin them!

    1. I know right?? It took me about a week to actually use it since it was just sooo cute but it cleans very well :) The white bristles don't get stained or anything

  5. Haha i agree with u ! I have a set too and absolutely love them. <3 And i swear it does work good not just the packaging

    1. They're amazing, aren't they? :3 The cute packaging is like the cherry on top.

  6. These brushes are adorable! They almost look like cute pencils ^_^

    1. I know right?? The handle actually does feel like a pencil but a lot sturdier c:

  7. I have been wanting these brushes since ages ago but I couldn't get them since Sephora doesn't ship internationally and these aren't available in my local Sephora the last time I checked T^T


    1. Try eBay or Amazon! I checked on Amazon and it's $14 :3