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Monday, November 04, 2013

Hi everyone! How have you all been doing? Just finished watching the Olympic finals USA vs Japan and USA WON!!!!!! But Japan was freaking amazing though, gotta give them credit for an epic game.
Anyways, today I'm finally going to do my review on the L'Oreal Lumi foundation.
I know in different countries, this foundation is known as Lumi Magique which I think is a better name. Anyways, this foundation caught my eye because of the name LUMI which means this foundation must give a luminous finish. If you know me, I don't like to have a matte finish on my face because I think matte foundations look too cakey and heavy on my face.
This foundation comes with a fair amount of shades but I believe the regular L'oreal True Match foundation has a BUNCH of shades. I was pretty close to buying the regular True Match foundation but the reason I got the Lumi foundation over the regular True Match was because the Lumi foundation has a pump! YESSS! A drugstore foundation that has a pump !
I chose the colour in N1-2 (Soft Ivory) which is the lightest for the Neutral shades but I am a warm undertone person but the shades were not light enough for my skin so I had to choose the neutral shades but it still blends nicely with my skin tone. It doesn't match my skin exactly so I like to mix my BB cream with this.

This foundation is pretty light weight. I find it a bit similar to Nars Sheer Glow but I only had a sample of that foundation so I'm not exactly sure if it's an exact dupe. First of all, I have very dry skin and I always put on moisturizer before I put on my foundation or BB cream. When I put on this foundation, it emphasizes the dryness around my nose and forehead. It may be different if you normal or oily skin.

Coverage is good for a lightweight foundation. It covered up some redness I have on my forehead since I mostly get acne on my forehead. You can layer it up but if you have dry skin like me, try not to layer up too much foundation or it will emphasize the dryness on your face.
I've noticed a lot of drugstore foundations that prove they give a luminous glow on your skin just has a bunch of glitters in the foundation. I didn't notice this foundation having any glitters but it does give a natural finish and glow to the skin. Since it is summer, make sure to lightly powder your face or you will look like an oily mess a few hours later.
- Gives a luminous glow to the skin
- Lightweight
- Has SPF 18!
- Light coverage
- Packaging looks nice. :3
- Shades come in different undertones

- Emphasizes the dryness on my skin even WITH moisturizer
- If you don't powder, you will look greasy
- Shades don't come light enough for my undertone
- Pretty expensive for drugstore ($12-14)

I do like this foundation but I probably won't repurchase if I run out. I'm just going to stick with my Asian BB creams (not American "BB creams" because they suck!).
Hope this review helped you out!
- Lily

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  1. Thanks for the review!
    You're right, it's called Lumi Magique here :)
    But the Lo'real true match foundation has a pump here too :O

    1. You guys are lucky that the regular true match foundation has a pump :/ I think America is the only one that doesn't have a pump

  2. lovely post! i've been looking to get a new liquid foundation as the one i normally use got discontinued, and i'm desperatley looking for one with a pump! :)

    1. Thanks! Hope you find the one you like c:

  3. the finish looks natural on your skin :} i usually use asian brand foundations since i feel like the quality is pretty good. i find with drugstore, there's always problems of dryness or excess oil appearing more quicker ><

    Joyce @

    1. I loove using Asian brand foundations since they only have the right shade in my skin tone c:

  4. It looks really nice on the pictures! I'm with oily-ish skin but I think I might actually try it. Not to mention that I've been wanting it for some time now. Thank you for your review :)

    1. You're welcome! :3 Hope it works out for you!

  5. Looks great:) Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Hi Lily, what Asian bb creams would you recommend for oily skin? I live in America so would need to be able to purchase them online.

    1. I can't really recommend many BB creams for oily skins since I have dry skin myself but I do get an oily T-zone. If I had to choose I would say the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream is great for oily skins so I've heard or Skin79's The Oriental BB Cream Plus.