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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi everyone! How have you all been? I am so excited to tell you all that my blog has reached 200 followers! This wouldn't have happened without all of your support. Sadly, I won't be hosting a giveaway for my 200 followers but I think maybe when I hit 250+ I will host one since that'll be the halfway point from 500 followers.
Today I will be reviewing the Lioele Pop Cherry Tint that I got sent by Colorful Circle is an online store based in South Korea that sells circle lenses and a bunch of Korean makeup and skin care. The owner was very nice and I got to practice some of my horrible Korean out. ^^

If you heard of the Benefit Benetint, this product is very similar to that! It's a tint that leaves a beautiful cherry stain on your lips or cheeks. The applicator is the same: it has a sort of nail polish brush. But lemme tell you, the Lioele one is $13 and Benetint is $30. What would you choose?
I heard that a lot of ulzzangs use this to give that gradient stain on their lips so I was super excited to try this!

There are also different colours so if you don't want a cherry tint, you can also check out the orange and pink tint.
Top: one drop
Bottom: blended out
Don't be scared by the redness! Once blended out, this will give a pinky to rosey stain (depends on how many layers you use). I tried this on my cheeks and the colour lasted the whole day! But if you don't blend it really quickly, it will be really streaky so right when you apply this on your cheeks, make sure to blend right away! Or you will have this awkward red patch on your cheek.
On my lips it lasts long until I eat and drink. I don't use a bunch of layers but I think if you put more layers, it will last a bit longer. I don't notice this drying my lips but I would still recommend wearing a lip balm before application.
Naked lips (sorry for out of focus)
1 - 2 Layers (focusing more in the center)
- Gives a natural cherry tint!
- Colour is buildable
- Comes in orange and pink.
- A great dupe for Benetint for a lot cheaper!
- The stain on cheeks lasts forever
- Not sticky
- Blends very easily!
- I don't see any drying but I still recommend wearing lip balm before wearing this

Not so loves:
- It tastes weird on lips. I think it's the rose water that's in it?
- Lasting power on lips.... unless you never eat, the colour will fade.
- Can be streaky on cheeks if not blended properly.

Besides the horrible bitter taste, I will still wear this on my lips for that "ulzzang" gradient look. And I see myself wearing this a lot in this upcoming Autumn. I will probably never wear this on my cheeks though. I think I would recommend this or any other cherry tint like Benetint for people who are scared to pull off red lips. I think these cherry tint stains are a great way to get started on trying out red lips, if that makes sense. ^^

Hope this review helped you guys out! Thanks so much to for this review. Check out their store if you want to try out Korean cosmetics!
Yes, this review was sponsored but just because I am getting products sent for free doesn't change my mind about how I feel about these products. I rarely do sponsored reviews anyways so I hope you guys believe me when I say this is my honest opinion!

Also, I'm starting school this week which means I might not be able to blog as much. I still think I'll be able to blog once a week but I won't guarantee it. Only because I really need to start studying more since my grades last year weren't that great. Hope you understand!
See you later!
- Lily

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  1. You're starting school this week? Eek have fun returning back to the horrible school life :P

    I like how it looks quite natural on the lips!
    I'll defs check out the website, I love korean products! ^_^

    1. bleh, i guess school's okay if there are hot guys ;D

      yup! one layer looks very natural on your lips and just brightens up your whole face :D

  2. It looks really nice! I like natural looking sort things like this but afraid I'll put it out onto my cheeks by accident and make my lips look long and huge aaa

    Have fun with school! I'm starting the weekafter this week ack!

    1. I think if you try a primer on your face, it will evenly spread on your cheeks but I'm not sure ^^

      bleeehhhh two more days until i start school ><

  3. I just bought the Tony Moly Apple red liptint off Ebay and I am so excited to get it! I agree, this really does look like a dupe for the Benetint lipstain. Your lips look really nice with the tint!

    If you wouldn't mind, please follow my blog :)

    1. I heard the Tony Moly one is SUPER pigmented!

      I'll check it out c:

  4. I really like how it gives you just a bit of color! This is probably a must try for me because I don't like my lips to be "bam, in your face!" I want them a bit more subtle but with a color to them still (:

    1. It's very pretty c: I like this a lot better than red lipsticks since red lips can be a bit overwhelming ahaha.

  5. This product is really so so similar to the Benetint. I am very tempted to go get the orange one....


    1. I'm hoping to buy the orange one next! Because of you, I'm obsessed with orange! :D

  6. Sucks it doesn't last :/ Been looking for a good stain for fall... I'm loving the look of dark berry stains!

    1. Oh yes, dark berry lips for Fall :D I've been eyeing this matte purplish red lipstick at Sephora for Fall c:

  7. I think it can be used only on lips. Guess for cheeks its not gonna workout!
    'NO-MAKEUP' Makeup - Fashion Panache

    1. I only use it for lips since it's a bit streaky on cheeks :/

  8. Great review, this looks great! I must try it out! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  9. Such a cute color!

  10. looks lovely, can't wait to give it a try too! Love your blog btw, i'm new to blogging would love for you to check out my blog :)