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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hi everyone! How have you all been doing? I gave my cat a bath today because he really needed it and it was a total fail. I couldn't even keep him in the bath tub for more than 10 seconds. And I'm trying to convince my parents to get us a dog since I've always wanted one. So if you guys have any tips on how to convince your parents to get a dog, please tell me!
NYX Spring Fling Palette

I already have a full review on this on my blog so click here if you want to check it out. I know I got send this for review but basically, this palette looks really pretty in the pan but the colours are not really attractive on my eyes. The colours look pretty tacky because of the shimmers. But the formula is nice and soft but has a bit of fallout.
The blush is nice but the hot pink colour is kind of hard to blend out. Soooooo, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone at all.
Sorry the picture is out of focus
NYX Powder Blush in Nutmeg

I really like this blush but the colour I got it in is pretty bad. I don't know what I was thinking getting a brown coloured blush. There's a WHOLE lot of colours in the line so I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to get a brown blush. Maybe I can use this as an eyeshadow? If I get a new powder blush from NYX, I want to get it in the colour Amber or Cinnamon.
Garnier BB Cream

I recieved this from a giveaway by Closet Voyage, who is amazing! Check out her blog! Anyways, I wear BB creams whenever I wear makeup because BB creams are freaking amazing. It has good coverage without being too heavy. I was SOOO excited about America coming out with BB creams but they totally got it all wrong! They think BB creams are tinted moisturizers... I even saw Covergirl relabel their tinted moisturizer as a BB cream.
This Garnier BB cream is probably the worst "BB cream" I have ever tried. It was no coverage whatsoever and it just makes my face looks like a greasy mess. It makes my face look heavy but I don't know how it does that without any coverage.
Maybelline Falsies & Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

I also have a full review on the Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara here. This mascara didn't do anything for my lashes. It didn't hold my curls well and I would have just been well off with my bare lashes.
The Maybelline Falsies was just horrible for my lashes! Something in the formula made my eyes very irritated and the formula was sooooooo wet and it smudged crazy and clumped up my lashes sooo badly. It takes forever to dry. Maybe if I got the waterproof version, it would be better?
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk

I don't have anything against the Color Tattoos by Maybelline and I love my Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze and Tough as Taupe but the one in Pomegranate Punk is just unflattering for my eyes. And it dried pretty quickly. I think I didn't close the lid all the way because my Bad To The Bronze is older than my Pomegranate Punk and it's still very creamy.

Hope this post helped you out. Just because some of these things didn't work out for me, doesn't mean it won't work out for you (except for the American BB creams. They just suck!).
I'll be having a lot of posts and videos coming up so look forward to that!

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  1. The colors in the spring fling are pretty as colors but I agree, on eyes it would look pretty tacky :/

    America has the wrong idea about BB cream >.< I was talking to one of my white friends the other day and she was saying how "bb cream is really light, you wear it when you don't want to put on real foundation..." I was like o_o you are majorly wrong...BB cream works just like foundation does.

    I do like the Maybelline falsies as a drugstore brand :/ sucks that the formula makes your eyes itch >.<

    1. America is giving people the wrong intention on BB creams. -_____- They seriously need to fix the formula up.

  2. I hate the Garnier BB cream too -.- ew just no.

    Too bad abt the nyx palette... points for packaging though!!

    I was debating over whether to get the Falsies or not, but I always hesitated cuz it has a wet formula and we, monolidders don't like wet formulas :P

    oh and thought I should let you know, still no mail. *sigh*

    1. The Garnier BB is seriously just crap in a bottle. At least it smells nice lol.

      I heard the Falsies is waterproof is really good for us monolidders :3

      I think I'm just gonna send another package because this is taking WAAAAYYY too long.

  3. omg i tried the Garnier BB cream too and that was just terrible. It did NOTHING for my skin so i was forced to buy an etude house BB cream and mix it with my foundation to get my colouring right =__=" and i really hope that your parents do let you get a puppy...LOL i wish my parents would let me :( but i don't have the time for it :(

    1. I love how we're all hating on the Garnier BB cream ^^ I would buy an Etude House BB cream over Garnier ANY DAY.
      I doubt my parents will get me a puppy.. I'll probably have to wait after college! :/

  4. I like this post, it's a good idea! :D Think I'll save that for some time later for my own blog, thanks! I still have hope that in some centuries the BB creams around the world are all same quality! ;D

    1. Can't wait for your post on it ^^ Although I'm still not getting updates on my dashboard -___-
      Hopefully America and other countries besides Asia fix up their BB creams lol because they're BEYOND CRAP.

  5. Bummer. The pomegranate color is pretty! I love Falsies mascara. I always get waterproof and get no irritation so I would try that. I think the curl of the brush helps my lashes curl upward better without using a eyelash curler. Perhaps wipes some of the excess formula off before applying?

    I know your distaste for American BB creams already haha

    1. It is pretty! Just not for me. :/
      I think I'm gonna try the Falsies waterproof since a lot of people like it!